Married at First Sight’s Samantha Harvey reveals she’s still wearing her wedding ring

Hannah Sparks 17 March 2021 33
Married at First Sight contestant Samantha Harvey.

Canberra woman Samantha Harvey married Cameron Dunne on Nine Network’s realty show, Married at First Sight. Photo: Nigel Wright.

Canberra’s Samantha Harvey has quickly become a favourite on Nine Network’s latest season of Married at First Sight, not only because of drama with reality television husband Cameron Dunne, but also for her strong nature and ability to tell it like it is.

The 31-year-old single mother entered the show for a second chance at love after being cheated on by her husband of nearly 10 years and the father of her six-year-old and seven-year-old sons.

Now it’s hard for her to pop into a pub or supermarket in the nation’s capital without strangers asking for a photograph, but life was relatively normal for Sam before the show.

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“I was going to the shops in my ugg-boots only a month ago and now I have to make sure I have make-up on!” she tells Region Media.

The successful entrepreneur is known in Canberra for her property development business, Milburn Estate, and online hair product range, Kaikora.

Sam told MAFS viewers early on in the series that she established the property business to escape her ex-husband.

“It was all great at the start,” she said on the show. “It was like the picture-perfect family.

Samantha Harvey and Cameron Dunne at their wedding on Married at First Sight.

Sam and her country bloke husband Cam in Married at First Sight. Photo: Nigel Wright.

“One day, when I had my baby on my hip and my toddler running around I was decluttering and discovered sim cards of lots of different phone numbers. That was pretty much the evidence of my husband cheating on me for more than five years.

“It was so humiliating. I packed a garbage bag, got the kids and was out. I think I had $1.50 left in my account.

“All I could afford at the time was the [worst] house you’ve ever seen in your life.”

In a bid to make that house liveable for her and her two boys, Sam jumped on YouTube and Google to learn how to renovate. This was how her passion for property development grew.

Now during the week, Sam juggles taking care of her boys, packing online hair product orders and managing property sales, but she says she’s always eager to get back on the tools.

“I much prefer being on the tools, but waiting on development applications to come through can sometimes take months,” she says.

“I’m working from home a lot at the moment, but I will be jumping on the tools to do this next one as it’s going to be very hands-on – more of a renovation-style development.”

Before entering the property industry and moving to Canberra, Sam was a country girl living and learning hairdressing in Eden.

“Growing up we had horses, motorbikes, would go waterskiing, camping, fishing and all those kinds of things I still do with my boys,” she says.

Sam still has a property in Eden, where her parents and grandparents live. And when she’s not on the NSW South Coast, she’s camped at the Cotter River with her two bush boys.

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“I put my car into four-wheel drive and we go down to this really isolated part of the Cotter,” she says. “The boys love it and it’s my county fix while I’m living in Canberra.”

At age 17, as soon as she had her P-plates, Sam moved to Canberra to continue her hairdressing apprenticeship with Cataldo’s Salon.

“I found a share house and moved up here,” she says. “It’s funny because I’d never driven in the city, with traffic lights or anything. I didn’t even know how the pedestrian crossings worked because in Eden pedestrians give way to the cars. It was a huge shock. I nearly hit five people to begin with!”

Samantha Harvey and Cameron Dunne on Married at First Sight.

It was rumoured that Cam cheated on Sam with Married at First Sight contestant Coco. Photo: Nigel Wright.

Sam says she wants to meet a bloke with country values, so MAFS husband, Victorian crane operator Cameron Dunne, seemed the perfect fit.

However, while Sam felt something for him straight away, it hasn’t been smooth sailing since then, with the couple disagreeing about morals.

Now it’s rumoured that Cam cheated with another contestant, Coco, who Sam fell out with in the first episode when Coco questioned her relationship with her ex-husband, who was 16 years her senior.

“We had a bit of a scandal in the episode [that aired on] on Wednesday, 3 March,” says Sam. “It opened up a can of worms because things were said by two contestants and then they’re eating their words a couple of weeks later.

“In that situation, I’m very proud of myself and how I handled everything.”

As for Sam and Cam’s relationship since filming finished, the popular TV star says she’s still wearing her wedding ring so we’ll have to wait to find out more.

Original Article published by Hannah Sparks on About Regional.

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33 Responses to Married at First Sight’s Samantha Harvey reveals she’s still wearing her wedding ring
Nina A Kori Nina A Kori 12:50 am 11 Mar 21

This woman is a good one . She deserves someone better than cam i can see that she is serious about marriage and she wants to settle down and have a husband

Toni Simpson Toni Simpson 9:36 pm 07 Mar 21

I hope they work it out.

But coco will put the knife in yet

Luke Molyneux Luke Molyneux 8:15 pm 07 Mar 21

Mitch Callagher. Thoughts?

    Mitch Callagher Mitch Callagher 8:19 pm 07 Mar 21

    Luke Molyneux no comment. 🤣

    Luke Molyneux Luke Molyneux 8:20 pm 07 Mar 21

    Mitch Callagher can’t believe you never got a call back 🤣🙄

    Luke Molyneux Luke Molyneux 8:20 pm 07 Mar 21

    Mitch Callagher I bet they don’t show that on the show 🤣

    Mitch Callagher Mitch Callagher 8:40 pm 07 Mar 21

    Luke Molyneux which bit? 🤣

Birchy Birchy Birchy Birchy 12:58 pm 07 Mar 21

Nick Kyrgios is available lol

Adam Silvester Adam Silvester 12:47 pm 07 Mar 21

Kymberlea Janee remember sam haha

Tiffany Roy Tiffany Roy 11:36 am 07 Mar 21

Who dat?

Margaret Lay Margaret Lay 10:48 am 07 Mar 21

The next Bachelorette!

Josh Whittle Josh Whittle 10:10 am 07 Mar 21

Luke Clarence was she wearing it?

    Douglas Kamenz Douglas Kamenz 10:18 am 07 Mar 21

    Josh Whittle probably the one luke bought her when he fell in love 😂

Antonietta Lavin Antonietta Lavin 9:57 am 07 Mar 21

Don't think these two are a match. He clicks more with Coco 😊

Cole Petrow Cole Petrow 9:51 am 07 Mar 21

Is this the so called "property developer"

    Roberto Manna Roberto Manna 10:00 am 07 Mar 21

    Cole Petrow of course mate haven’t you heard of Milburn Estate? 🤣

    Roberto Manna Roberto Manna 10:07 am 07 Mar 21

    When you do meet her tell her I’m looking for a wife and perks of me is I can help her with contacts in the industry 😂

    Cole Petrow Cole Petrow 10:08 am 07 Mar 21

    Roberto Manna look maybe we can all work something out

    Margaret Lay Margaret Lay 10:47 am 07 Mar 21

    Cole Petrow I do know of business she has developed in Canberra.

    Cole Petrow Cole Petrow 10:49 am 07 Mar 21

    Margaret Lay there's a difference between property developer and business developer

    Adam Silvester Adam Silvester 12:42 pm 07 Mar 21

    Been there done that.... hahahah

    Samantha Jayne Samantha Jayne 1:30 pm 07 Mar 21

    Cole Petrow why don’t I show you a bit of my work mate....... That might shut you up 👌

    Roberto Manna Roberto Manna 1:58 pm 07 Mar 21

    Samantha Jayne I’ll be watching to see if you marriage works out 🤣

Dawn Bowra Dawn Bowra 9:19 am 07 Mar 21

What an inspiration your journey is.

Samantha if you read these comments know that you are enough despite what life throws at you and what unkind people say on social media.

Stick to your “guns” and grow your boys up to have a moral compass.

So proud of you 👏

Dianne Lowe Dianne Lowe 9:01 am 07 Mar 21

She needs to lighten up a bit.

Jasper Roo Jasper Roo 8:51 am 07 Mar 21

Probably because it’s in the contract she signed with the network.

Rooster James Rooster James 8:26 am 07 Mar 21

I find myself struggling to care.

Peter Fogwell Peter Fogwell 8:24 am 07 Mar 21

Sheesh! Wasn't even a real wedding. I think some girls are more into weddings that actually getting a partner.

    Johnny Swift Johnny Swift 2:18 pm 07 Mar 21

    Peter Fogwell 😂 I'm undecided whether or not to ask you to enlighten me. 😂

Christine Fraser Weatherby Christine Fraser Weatherby 8:03 am 07 Mar 21

I thought he was from Canberra, isn't he a DJ

    Ian Wheeler Ian Wheeler 8:07 am 07 Mar 21

    Other one. Bryce.

    Some need to leave cos they look too similar haha .

    Bryce Jarvis Bryce Jarvis 8:49 am 07 Mar 21

    Christine Fraser Weatherby he's from Melbourne

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