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Meal Delivery Service in Canberra?

By studesmac - 27 July 2013 23

No pun intended but I’m looking for feedback on the level of interest in a meal delivery service for Canberra households and workplaces.

The concept is straightforward:  via an online store we we will offer a changing selection of main meals, starters, desserts, catering packs for delivery direct to homes/workplaces.  Meals are fresh (not frozen), made locally, chef-prepared (without being too cheffy), tasty and wholesome – typically the kind of meals you would like to/should eat but perhaps lack the time, interest or skill to prepare yourself.  No contracts or minimum period requirements.  We operate from a commercial kitchen with a food safety plan and refrigerated delivery vehicles.  Locally owned – not a franchise.

What we would like to know:  would Canberrans use such a service, how often, how many menu choices, at what cost, and any other comments – yay or nay

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23 Responses to
Meal Delivery Service in Canberra?
s396 7:22 pm 27 Jul 13


bearlikesbeer 7:04 pm 27 Jul 13

I’m too fat and difficult to appreciate Lite n Easy.

Roundhead89 5:44 pm 27 Jul 13

There is a gourmet Italian restaurant called Domino’s which does pizza and offers a delivery service. Unlike the more snooty restaurants, they still have Hawaiian pizzas.

scorpio63 4:13 pm 27 Jul 13

apologies for the typo “their” staff

scorpio63 4:10 pm 27 Jul 13

The Riverina have had this operating for a number of years successfully.

Always ensure that your trays and/or packaging materials are cleaned thoroughly using commercial cleaners and never leave meats and seafood products out for too long during change of weather. Many businesses who are starting off make this mistake when they have not trained up there staff on those two issues.

Best wishes on the success of your Business; don’t forget the leftovers for the Yellow Van to collect!

MERC600 3:11 pm 27 Jul 13

Would certainly have a look ,, as I’m going to also have a look also at that diet mob That Madam Cholet has mentioned; the bext time I see their add on the telly.

bigred 12:50 pm 27 Jul 13

A great big hearty stew or lamb shanks with vegetables for say six On a fortnightly basis for say $120-150 and I would pay attention

Masquara 12:29 pm 27 Jul 13

Benita is talking through her hat. You can’t get a wholesome meat meal delivered in LA for five bucks!!! Large plate of healthy salad in LA from a takeaway bar, sans delivery: $15-$17. Add delivery cost to that at the US minimum wage, then triple that delivery component for Australian standards.

Canberrans should expect to pay $20-$25 for a single healthy homecooked meal delivered in Canberra. Cheaper presumably for a regular delivery contracted for a few weeks ahead.

poetix 12:18 pm 27 Jul 13

No, not for me, I’d rather just eat avocado on toast with a side of wine.

Something about this idea strikes me as really sad; are we really that busy?

When I’m out of avocado and bread I’d rather go out, anyway, and have some fun.

Madam Cholet 11:51 am 27 Jul 13

$5 is not going to get a fresh meal prepared and delivered. I believe that those diet companies deliver a weeks worth of meals for around $100 or slightly more. They include morning and arvo snacks and what not, and I am advised that they are quite tasty and enough for one person. I would expect they are frozen.

Good idea, but in Canberra it’s going to be hard to make it work unless you focus on overworked Hugh ranking public servants who don’t know how to work their kitchen appliances.

During the day I would expect that most people appreciate the 15 minutes they might spend away from their desk preparing or procuring their lunch. Not sure if many workplaces would have adequate kitchen facilities – a small micro, coffee machine and bar fridge is as good as it gets in our place.

Here’s my idea – healthy food for kids birthday parties. I can’t tell you how much my heart sinks when I encounter caramel slice laid out for 4 year olds at a Sunday morning party.

Felix the Cat 10:32 am 27 Jul 13

benita_449 said :

Yes please – 3-4 times a week. 5-10 menu choices. Mostly mains for me. $5-10 each (depending on type and quality of meat – less for random cuts or chicken, more for steak etc)
Used these in L.A. and am surprised it hasn’t arrived in Canberra yet due to the large number of transient and young professionals.

Um…seriously, you are only prepared to pay $5? You can’t even get a frozen meal from Colesworth or a crappy pizza from Dominoes for thst sort of money, let alone a freshly cooked meal delivered to your house.

Wily_Bear 10:06 am 27 Jul 13

If such a service proved cost effective for a family, I would use it three to four times a week on an ongoing basis. Much would depend on delivery times being outside usual working hours, and at least twenty different mains. I would be prepared to pay around $40.00 per day for three main meal serves, no desserts or starters

bearlikesbeer 9:57 am 27 Jul 13

My wife travels a lot, so I do a lot of cooking for one. Cooking for one is expensive, and requires that I eat a lot of my own leftovers. Restaurants have “minimum order” limits for delivery, and no one I know delivers a plate of roast beef and vegies. It would be nice to have some single-serve options in the fridge that are low-cost, and not junk food.

A takeaway curry or casserole (that I can heat up for dinner) costs me around $10 from my local. If a company delivered an equivalent product for around $15 a serve, I’d consider that good value and worthwhile. If it cost any more than that, or delivery required a minimum order of enough food to last me a month, I wouldn’t be interested.

I used the delivery services in the States too, and figured they kept their costs down by producing meals by the thousands with cheap Mexican labour. Not sure how you could price such a service similarly in Canberra.

peitab 9:52 am 27 Jul 13

Great idea! I know there are 2-3 businesses that already offer something like this in Canberra, but they’re quite expensive, have limited choice and limited delivery days. But I’d love to try the kind of offerings you’re proposing – keep us updated if you do decide to go for it!

benita_449 9:06 am 27 Jul 13

Yes please – 3-4 times a week. 5-10 menu choices. Mostly mains for me. $5-10 each (depending on type and quality of meat – less for random cuts or chicken, more for steak etc)
Used these in L.A. and am surprised it hasn’t arrived in Canberra yet due to the large number of transient and young professionals.

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