The best gym meal delivery services in Canberra

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GMD one of the best gym meal delivery services in Canberra. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

No matter how many hours are spent at the gym, workout enthusiasts know that what really counts is nutrition. After all, what’s the point of a 5am gym session only to waste it on a stodgy office lunch or takeaway dinner. Whether you wish to trim down or bulk up, what you really need to prioritise is a little clean eating. And, while shifting towards a more wholesome approach to food has benefits, it does take effort.

Before the ingredients so much as hit the pan, there is a bit of work to be done. First, meal planning and shopping, next preparation and weighing, then cooking, portioning, and storing. While the time-rich may take to this with ease, most of us are likely to sigh at the thought and our busy schedules often lead us to the brink of food temptation; here convenience trumps every time.

So challenging is this status quo, that the ready-made gym meal industry integrated into the everyday without us even noticing. Combining elite level nutrition with flavourful convenience, demand for their services has flourished. Offering tailored meals delivered straight to your door, they make it easier to stay on track. Looking for some ready-made gym meals delivered? We have hunted high and low to find the finest in Canberra.

What makes a great gym meal delivery service?

The best gym meal delivery services support workout goals through fuelling the body and satisfying the soul. Before you add to cart, we think the following attributes separate the best providers from the rest:

  • Designed for an active lifestyle. Above everything else, leading gym meal delivery services position client health first. Whether clients focus on gaining muscle mass, shredding, or weight maintenance, they provide the fuel that is needed. Here, services should focus on nutrient dense, macro-balanced meals, full to the brim with whole ingredients. Think lean proteins, legumes, leafy greens and more. Understanding the link between nutrition and performance is key, so ensure your suppliers credentials are up to task.
  • Tailored to you. Gone are the days of a one size fits all approach to work out boosting gym meals. Today, it is all about tailoring meals to you – finding the right combination of nutritional components to support your goals. Be it calorie control, muscle gain, weight loss, or simply more energy they have it covered. And, as a bonus, dietary needs are met without countless hours spent prepping, weighing, cooking, and portioning meals.
  • Expertly crafted. Any gym enthusiast knows that a crucial component to any good workout is nutrition. And those serious about reaching workout goals should expect nothing less than a meal supplier that feels the same. To assess, look for companies who engage a panel of health experts on their team. Think along the lines of fitness professionals, nutritionists, dietitians, and of course chefs. This culinary input means that each meal is crafted with and end goal in mind.
  • Quality every time. As the adage goes, quality in – quality out. So, when it comes to fuelling the body, few things are as important as quality. When thinking of quality, two factors should be top of mind. Firstly, a service that embraces locally sourced seasonal whole foods, and uses as much of this as they can. Secondly, the confidence knowing that all meals are meticulously handled to ensure food safety. Importantly, these high standards must be consistent, from the first meal well into your regular order cycle. What’s more, nutritional information, allergens, and clear instructions should all be a given.
  • Value. While most customers are happy to pay for convenience, what they expect in return is value. Hence, consider available offers and assess which provide the most for your hard earnt dollar. Look for things like reasonable delivery fees, bundled deals, volume discounts, or seasonal savings.
  • All round great experience. The best ready-made gym meal delivery services know a thing or two about customer service. They do all that they can to ensure their clients end-to-end experience is simple, easy, and convenient. Whether it be ordering via mobile, receiving a single meal – or an entire week’s worth – things couldn’t be easier. And should a little mishap occur, they are quick to act and remedy the situation.

The gym meal delivery services in Canberra

Riotact’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on Riotact and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.


Proud Canberran’s and GMD founders, Hesh Sandi and Michael Tonna, started what was Gym Meals Direct, with the gym goer in mind. As their namesake suggests, GMD originated as a provider dedicated to outcomes-based workout nutrition. Today, their phenomenal growth has seen the business diversify, addressing the need for convenient and healthy meal solutions for the time poor wishing to eat better.

Whilst their client base had broadened, their founding mindset remains. And with this comes a five-star reputation for delicious, well portioned, quality ready-to-eat meals delivered straight to the door. Whether you are a professional athlete or fitness enthusiast; GMD’s pre-packaged fresh meals are designed for convenience, whilst fuelling the body to thrive. Boasting over sixty main meal options, along with breakfast and snacks, they offer one of the most extensive menus in the market.

With the workout warrior front and centre, GMD offers meal solutions to build muscle, burn fat, and optimise performance. Moreover, clients can easily tailor meal plans, creating custom solutions geared to calorie requirements. As the official nutrition partner for the Canberra Raiders and partner for both men’s and women’s Brumbies, GMD’s nutritional credentials in this space are well and truly established.

For those seeking vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free alternatives, GMD has it covered. And, with dishes available in various sizes from just $8.50 per meal there really is something for everyone. Ordering with GMD is simple and seamless. With local orders closing midnight each Thursday, meals are delivered the following Sunday and Monday throughout the region. For made-from-scratch meals that your support your hard earnt gym hours, for look no further than GMD.

Jay N shared this glowing review on Google, “Delicious and wide selection of healthy meals to choose from. They are extremely helpful in tracking macros and calorie intake. Even the small sizes are surprisingly filling and tremendously helped with my fitness/diet journey. GMD is always updating their menu which I appreciate a lot as I prefer variety in the meals in the eat throughout the week. They are well priced and delivery communication is always accurate.”

Food 4 Fitness

Food 4 Fitness are all about making eating healthy gym food effortless and satisfying. Designed by chefs in consultation with dieticians, their healthy gym meals prioritise premium proteins, low GI carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats to support workout goals.

Key to their approach is accessibility, which is why Food 4 Fitness are committed to providing affordable meals matched to fitness goals. With a contract-free weekly order rotation, they provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Madison Parbery had this to say on Google, “I have tried many food delivery services and Food4Fitness has completely exceeded my expectations. The taste, quality, delivery and variety is incredible....”

Workout Meals

In 2012, owners Tomi and Dean founded Workout Meals after noticing a need for ready-made fresh calorie-controlled work out meals for those centred on fitness goals.

Today, Workout Meals offers an ever-changing range of tasty, fresh, ready-made gym meals and snacks to support low calorie, high protein, low carb, keto, and other dietary needs. With an in-house nutritionist and support program they are worth exploring,

In a testimonial provided by Jacinda A, “I’ve happily been enjoying workout meals quality and variety for the last two years and I absolutely love them! I wouldn’t recommend anything else.”

My Muscle Chef

From humble beginnings over ten years ago, My Muscle Chef has grown to be one of Australia’s most popular ready-made gym meal delivery services. Their focus is on smart nutrition, pairing high-quality meals with great taste and convenience.

With over 100 meals, snacks, and soups, the team at My Muscle Chef have created personalised meal plans that support a range of workout goals. From muscle gain and calorie control through to weight loss they have it covered.

Thomas Coe-Hanns shared this on Google, “After trying other diets and being hungry and not being able to stick with it, the weight loss program has been super easy to stick with as everything tastes great and keeps you full as well as providing the appropriate nutrition for all my training needs.”


As their name suggests, Macros are all about saying yes to fresh wholefood ingredients designed by dietitians and delivered to your door. Their focus in on macro-optimised nutrition, with loads of flavour and options for every goal.

Offering a range of plans devoted to weight loss, sculpting, building muscle mass, or maintaining peak performance, they have most workout goals covered. And, with options for the family and those seeking a plant-based solution Macros are a good choice.

Mike shared this review, “I have to say that thanks to the plan for building mass, I have been able to grow some muscle. With the meals I have been able to consume enough protein and carbs to get closer to achieving my training goals.”

Looking for other meal solutions? Perhaps our article on the best food delivery services or the best gym meals in Canberra will help.

Your experience with gym meal delivery services in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the gym meal delivery services listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gym meal delivery services worth it?

Gym meal delivery services are particularly beneficial for those on specific nutritional plans geared toward workout or health outcomes. That said, anyone looking to change their eating habits, or those short on time may find that delivered gym meals offer a great solution.

Do delivered gym meals arrive fresh or frozen?

Gym meal delivery services today offer the full spectrum of meal options from ready-made fresh through to frozen meals that only need a quick heat before they are served.

How long do ready-made delivered gym meals last?

A meals shelf life so to speak, is usually based on whether it is fresh or frozen; how it is packed and sealed; and whether any preservatives are used. As an example, preservative free fresh meals contained in modified atmosphere packaging can last between 5-7 days when refrigerated. If in doubt, check with your provider and review the expiry date and heating instructions on packaging.

How much do delivered gym meals cost?

Delivered ready-made gym meal costs vary by provider. Costs are typically based on the type of food selected, the quantity, and delivery location. As a rough guide, the average cost of a single meal, be it lunch or dinner, ranges from below $10 to upwards of $15 excluding delivery.

Do gym meal delivery services offer gluten or dairy free options?

Most providers offer extensive nutritionist devised menus with a range of options suited to any manner of dietary need. Gluten free and dairy free options are common, as are vegan, vegetarian, and alike. For more information, please consult your gym meal delivery provider.

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