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MEATBEE: What do you do when youre singer pisses off overseas?

By MEATBEE - 25 January 2008 27

Be watching the Australia Day Live concert on Channel 9 (WIN) this Friday 25 to see Ben, Charlie and Chris from MEATBEE backing a Mystery Guest.

On stage at approx 8:45pm, with an approx 20-30 min delay on TV.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
MEATBEE: What do you do when youre singer pisses off overseas?
astrojax 8:00 pm 26 Jan 08

‘holly crap’ – is thatwhatthose red things are? i thought they was berries…

so, stephboyl, just what is australian, then..? surely not grammar… um, who needs a life??

Thumper 4:34 pm 26 Jan 08

I’ve got nothing against a bit of self promotion, but geez, you’re being a bit precious there mate….

stephboyl 1:39 pm 26 Jan 08

Sarcasm is a wonderful thing, I was making reference to the fact that you sound like you considered the actions of this particular band to be not Australian. I don’t care what nationality you are

Vic Bitterman 1:24 pm 26 Jan 08

Considering I am Australian steph, what I posted was indeed very Australian.

stephboyl 11:30 am 26 Jan 08

what is with all you intranet geeks? Oh no something was incorrectly spelled on the internet thats a scandall! whats worse is a local band was doing a bit of promotion, holly crap that is just uncalled for and not australian, get a life!!

Vic Bitterman 7:29 pm 25 Jan 08

If my lead signer pissed overseas, I’d try to work out whatever other sites I could spam with self indulgent promotion.

howdy 5:12 pm 25 Jan 08

Ricki Lee?

That would be funny… : )

Les Lozenger 4:45 pm 25 Jan 08

I know who they are playing with. It’s very funny. VERY FUNNY INDEED !!!!

Mr Evil 3:20 pm 25 Jan 08

Michael Hutchence “allegedly” did something to Kylie’s behind – and look what happened to him!

Mælinar 2:54 pm 25 Jan 08

I’ll volunteer to do anything behind kylie.

astrojax 2:07 pm 25 Jan 08

meatbee are backing kylie??

AndyC 1:01 pm 25 Jan 08

I have it on good authority the Howie Brothers were spotted at Canberra Airport this morning…hmmm…
Meatbee anything to say for yourselves? 🙂

howdy 12:08 pm 25 Jan 08

Nah, If my singer left I’d go ‘screw you then’, I’ll spell how I like in our publicity speels. And I’d be upselt to and when im upset my spelling is attrocious.

jono1 10:56 am 25 Jan 08

What do you do when youre singer pisses off overseas?
You use the correct form of “your”?

howdy 10:05 am 25 Jan 08

The Veronicas? If so you HAVE to wear your Meatbee Veronica’s shirts! No, you have to wear them anyway…

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