Medical care for arthritis in Canberra?

blimkybill 10 January 2013 6

I think I am probably developing osteoarthritis, and it is getting to the point where it intereferes with my life.

So I want some sound medical care and advice.

When I went to my GP he did no diagnosis at all, offered me a script and a sample pack of anti-inflammatories, and waved goodbye.

ny suggestions on where to go for more comprehensive and informative care?

I am willing to go to both a doctor and some kind of allied professional too if that will help.

Thanks in advance.

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6 Responses to Medical care for arthritis in Canberra?
mouldy mouldy 1:26 pm 13 Jan 13

The best evidence for managing OA is physiotherapy, regular low impact exercise and lots of strength work. Simple XR will confirm the clinical suspicion of OA.

veronicamars veronicamars 6:46 pm 10 Jan 13

It is worth going to a physiotherapist. My physiotherapist has given me great advice about exercises which help. Ask about getting an xray if you want to have the osteoarthritis diagnosed. Knowledge is just as important as medication for managing your condition.

baldilocks baldilocks 5:36 pm 10 Jan 13

Sincere sympathies from a fellow OA sufferer. I’ve been on anti inflammatory drugs now for some 12 years (Celebrex) and they do help. Depending on the nature of your OA I would also consider surgery. I’ve had two lots of OA surgery & I am now the proud owner of a metal shoulder (6 years) and had 27 bits of metal inserted in one foot last year to fuse 3 joints together. The shoulder and foot are not perfect still give some trouble, but they are miles better than where I was previously with said joints (waking up at night with the pain & unable to walk down and get the newspaper in the morning)). I’ve essentially got no/very little cartilage left in most of my joints – both knees, hip and hands are all difficult and painful and will have to be faced at some stage. From my own experiences and research, it is quite amazing what surgery and the use of artificial joints can do these days to help with the OA.

Best of luck.

ScienceRules ScienceRules 3:42 pm 10 Jan 13

Hi Blimky,

As a fellow sufferer I wish I had some good news for you. Sadly, OA is generally not reversible and is really only treatable with anti inflammitories and pain relief.

I would suggest that if your GP prescribed these to you then he did actually make a diagnosis though!

You could consider joining Arthritis ACT (just google them). They have a monthly support group meeting at the Hellenic Club for OA folk as well as other info on living with the condition.

You might also have your bloods done to check for rheumatoid inflammatory markers which is an entirely different kettle of carp!


Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:11 pm 10 Jan 13

I suggest you see how you go with the new script (what was precribed btw) and, you know the drill, if pain persists see your doctor. Or at least a GP that will listen to you in greater detail.

Back in the day, when my fingers were so sore it was hard to button up a shirt, my GP sent me off for an x-ray and when that confirmed I wasn’t being a sook he referred me to a specialist; Dr Khoo.

Dr Khoo is quite good and my pain is managed very well now, for the most part.

MERC600 MERC600 2:47 pm 10 Jan 13

I suffer from some bloody long named rheumatica thing. I go to a Doc Brook (rheumatoligist) at the new medical joint in Deakin, where the ( sob sob ) old pub used to be .

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