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Melbourne Cup Holiday

By Kramer - 29 July 2007 28

According to the ABC, Andrew Barr announced the ACT’s newest public holiday at the Labor Party Conference. Great! Another day off work, but should we (Canberra) really be celebrating Melbourne’s biggest party? Should we be encouraging gambling (we know Jon Stanhope is)? Isn’t there something better for us to celebrate, with our own public holiday? Maybe Scott 24 Hour Recovery Day on Monday 15 October – I’ll be taking the day off work anyway…

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Melbourne Cup Holiday
Mr_Shab 11:26 am 30 Jul 07

Whatever Dave does Danman, you can bet it’s more worthy than what you or I do. He obviously doesn’t have time to grow a brain.

caf 11:21 am 30 Jul 07

This was discussed here when it was mooted back in April.

DarkLadyWolfMother 9:56 am 30 Jul 07

I work for a private company and we tend to take exactly the amount of time away from work to watch the cup and work out who won. The rest of the day is work as usual.

So I’d be happy with another day off. Though personally I think we should just take the holidays we already have and redistribute them more evenly throughout the year.

Danman 9:28 am 30 Jul 07

So what do you do for a crust BigDave ?

Suck golfballs through hoses ?

Methinks BigDave doth protest too much

Thumper 9:16 am 30 Jul 07

Unbelievably ridiculous….

As much as I love having a day off this is just plain, well, ridiculous.

Maelinar 8:56 am 30 Jul 07

If BigDave were to have an indian name, it would be Wanker-Who-Speaks.

BigDave 12:36 am 30 Jul 07

Oh, the poor public servants! Paid huge amounts of taxpayers money to sit on their arses. How terrible it’ll cost them that extra day! My heart bleeds…

Pandy 10:12 pm 29 Jul 07

The Feds (liberal or labor) will never allow it.

Mr Evil 8:25 pm 29 Jul 07

I’m surprised the new public holiday isn’t set down to mark the release date of David Hicks, since Stanhope was such a champion of his cause!

Deano 6:15 pm 29 Jul 07

Actually, for most public servants it won’t be an extra day off because their workplace agreements stipulate a set number of public holidays. At the moment, the ACT has one less public holidays than most regions (no show day) and they get an extra day off at Christmas. By gazetting this as an official public holiday it will cost public servants their extra day at Christmas.

shiny flu 5:56 pm 29 Jul 07

Who cares what it’s for… it’s another day off!

boomacat 5:18 pm 29 Jul 07

Seems like a decent choice if you’re going to make another public holiday, does anyone actually do any work on Melbourne Cup day anyway? Usually turns out to be a day long lunch in my experience.

terubo 4:30 pm 29 Jul 07

Great! Now I can get down to the racecourse to meet Nikki, Kelly & frenchie who adorned one of Kerces’ photos last year.

And their mate, the lawyer wot can’t spel.

S4anta 4:25 pm 29 Jul 07

As far as I am concerned, celebrating melbourne cup is about as relevant as celebrating the Queens Birthday. Its a day off, hang out with your family and mates and be happy that our country is run a despot with scant regard for his fellow aussies, and put a bet down, or learn to. May as well make the day educational none the less.

GnT 3:56 pm 29 Jul 07

How ridiculous! If we really do need another public holiday (someone explain to me why) why are we celebrating a horse race in Melbourne???

That said, I will be enjoying my day off like everyone else. November’s a great month for a holiday!

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