Members and Non Members pricing ?

XO_VSOP 30 July 2010 13

I was out and about at a north side social club last night for some trivia fun, my group also decided to enjoy a counter meal or two, after digesting what the menu had to offer and glancing at the price list I was intrigued by the fact the pricing had two options one for members and one for non member, with a markup of up to $3 for the non member.

I was more humored than alarmed, just wanting to know if this is common in other social clubs around Canberra?

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13 Responses to Members and Non Members pricing ?
georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 1:29 pm 31 Jul 10

It’s only a few bucks, and means that visitors subsidise members (if only a little). Membership to these clubs is typically pretty cheap, so its worth joining if you are going to go there regularly.

Fluges Fluges 10:15 am 31 Jul 10

This is not just a common practice in Canberra, it’s a common practice in clubs all around Australia.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 6:30 am 31 Jul 10

A local north Canberra football club that I’ve been known to frequent has $12 members meal (lunch and dinner) specials Sunday – Wednesday inclusive. Just your basic stuff, Chicken Schnitzel, Battered Fish & Chips, Sausages and Mash, Rump Steak and a couple of others.

Alan Shore Alan Shore 12:06 am 31 Jul 10

The RUC in Barton has member/non-member pricing on its menu. I can’t remember what the difference was, but I remember thinking it was quite steep. I do have Scottish ancestry.

Whatever the price, member or non-member, it’s not worth the bits of melted plastic in your steak; thanks a lot RUC. And where have my $8 jugs of Coopers gone?

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 3:28 pm 30 Jul 10

Without a skerrick of a doubt, the club in question reserves its tenderest steaks, crispest chips and freshest salads for the non-members, and that is why you pay more. It’s not fair on the members, who have to make do with the re-heated microwaved pizza slices, but once they’ve got your membership money, you’re no longer an attractive target.

buzz819 buzz819 2:33 pm 30 Jul 10

With most clubs around Canberra I think the most you will pay for membership is $7 a year, if you buy two meals you’ve nearly saved that much already.

One of the clubs I goto has Members specials, which are the same as whats on the Menu only cheaper, and I think I paid $7 for a 5 year membership there…

Fiona Fiona 1:59 pm 30 Jul 10

Workers clubs in the newcastle area do it. Havne’t been to enough clubs in the ACT to have noticed it here.

liability liability 1:28 pm 30 Jul 10

I’ve seen it at a couple of clubs, but can’t remember which ones.

On a similar note, many of the better pubs in Canberra have VIP cards [for want of a better name] that give regular customers a discount. A couple of the pubs I frequent give about 20% off regular prices [food and drink] and have special card holder deals, such as $3 schooners during lunch time. They don’t advertise these cards, but they have them.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 1:16 pm 30 Jul 10

It encourages you to join up – and if it’s more than 10 bucks a year I’d be astounded.

AND (and this is the big and) the more members on its books, the stronger the argument the club has when it applies for more pokies.

Either way it’s a very common thing – even the Coogee Bay Hotel does it – so it’s not restricted to clubs…

trix trix 12:46 pm 30 Jul 10

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s a private members’ club so if you’re not a member, then how will you be funding the amenity otherwise?

(And can I just say that I have no idea of what the point of these “private” clubs actually is. For people who like to say, “Let’s go to MY CLUB for a slab of crappy meat, sauce out of a tin and everything fried on the side”? Any pub can supply the same thing.)

JessicaNumber JessicaNumber 12:46 pm 30 Jul 10

That’s membership for you! Are you motivated to join?

lobster lobster 12:42 pm 30 Jul 10

We came second last night!

I have only ever seen this at that club. But I have heard of it at other places.

The restuarant normally doesn’t even ask for your card though.
he bar downstairs does – There is a price difference for the drinks too.

landcat landcat 12:37 pm 30 Jul 10

Reveal the name! Let’s picket!!

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