Mike Taylor and the Temporary Accommodation Allowance

johnboy 30 October 2006 14

AAP, via News, informs us that the Secretary of the Department of Transport and Regional Services is still claiming the Temporary Accommodation Allowance of $340 a week six years after taking the job here in Canberra and despite his stonking income which was $400,000 in 2004.

Mr Taylor bristled at the investigation.

“All of my remuneration arrangements are in accord with the prime minister’s determinations,” he said.

Apparently this is the only payment of its type in the Department. But is quite legit under the guidelines.

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14 Responses to Mike Taylor and the Temporary Accommodation Allowance
terubo terubo 7:45 am 01 Nov 06

It’s how these upstanding citizens get to the top. Cunning, guile, avarice and ambition.

ant ant 10:14 pm 31 Oct 06

It’s amazing, they get salaries that to us, are huge. And yet they will plunge their snouts into these sorts of things, for every last little cent they can get.
I see it quite a lot. It still astonishes me.

aich jay aich jay 6:02 pm 31 Oct 06

I love Senate Estimates!

Whitey Whitey 3:42 pm 31 Oct 06

Vic Bitterman sums it up nicely – however I would say he is only one of the many who get away with such public purse plundering.

smokey2 smokey2 9:15 am 31 Oct 06

I am working with a large number of South of the border refugees like myself and the ATO and Centrelink don’t even give you a tax break on coming North to the ACT to look for work let alone some help with relocation expences.
No wonder their is a labour shortage in Canberra.

Chris S Chris S 8:30 am 31 Oct 06

Max Moore-Wilton did the same caper when he was head of PM&C – he was Sydney-based, claiming all sorts of allowances for years.

When he first took on the PM&C job, he also retained his previous one, claiming he could do both.

Just another scab at the higher ranks of the APS.

Thumper Thumper 7:59 am 31 Oct 06


Troughs snouted!

Send that one to the pool room.

terubo terubo 7:34 am 31 Oct 06

Confucius says, those with nose in trough, make bed in pig-pen.

jr jr 11:21 pm 30 Oct 06

What are the odds he is doing a Foskey and living in Government housing?

futto futto 11:15 pm 30 Oct 06

Its not that much money relative to his income. It’s just a poorly worded bonus/perk/whatever.

I’m sure they will just cancel it and give him the money under something else. Maybe a helicoper to work and back. Wait, if he gets that then EVERYONE will want a helicoper to work….

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:05 pm 30 Oct 06

What a filthy, public purse sucking scumbag

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 5:57 pm 30 Oct 06

Unprofessional, immoral, unethical. I can’t wait to see DOTARS’ next annual report:

Outcome 1: Loopholes exploited
Outcome 2: Troughs snouted
Outcome 3: Realities lost touch with

simbo simbo 5:38 pm 30 Oct 06

Legit, just thorougly, thorougly unethical.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:28 pm 30 Oct 06

“But is quite legit under the guidelines.”

Well if that’s the case, then the guidelines need a serious rewriting!

I wonder who he’s pissed off in his department????

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