Mix 106.3 continues to dominate Canberra airwaves

Lachlan Roberts 2 October 2019 81
Kristen and Nige

Canberrans continue to tune into Kristen and Nige’s breakfast show. Photo: Supplied.

Mix 106.3 has continued its dominance over the Canberra airwaves, with more Canberrans tuning into their breakfast, morning, afternoon and drive shows than any other station.

In GFK’s third survey of 2019, Mix 106.3 topped the charts with 17.1 per cent of the local audience, followed by sister station Hit 104.7 (15.4 per cent). Triple J with 12.7 per cent of listeners has usurped ABC Canberra (11.5 per cent) from its usual third spot on the ratings.

ABC Classic (7.6 per cent), Radio National (6.6 per cent), 2CA (6.5 per cent), 2CC (5.5 per cent) and ABC News (4.5 per cent) all followed.

Kristen and Nige’s breakfast show has maintained its hold on morning listeners, with 17.3 per cent of the audience tuning into their show, followed by ABC Canberra’s Dan Bourchier (15.2 per cent), Hit 104.7 (at 14.6 per cent, down 2.4 percentage points on the last survey) and Triple J’s Ben and Liam (14 per cent, up 2.7 per cent).

Canberra FM Radio general manager Craig Wagstaff said he could not be prouder of the team’s success.

“A legendary effort with Mix 106.3’s Kristen and Nige, number one for the third consecutive survey, a feat made even more extraordinary as it is the show’s first year,” Mr Wagstaff said.

“We are again thrilled and humbled to be number one and number two. These results have continued our strong performance across 2019 and are driven by our passionate, diverse and collaborative team, community support and that of our business partners.”

Weekend radio listeners continue to tune into Mix 106.3 (16.1 per cent, up 1.7 per cent), Hit 104.7 (13.7 per cent, a drop of 3.3 per cent) and ABC Canberra (11.6 per cent, up 1.4 per cent).

2CC saw a big spike in listeners to its Ray Hadley morning show, now up to 9 per cent of local listeners thanks to a 3.9 per cent increase, while Triple J’s weekday drive slot (4:00 pm-7:00 pm) also enjoyed a surge of listeners, now up to 16.5 per cent with a jump of 3.8 per cent.

2CA and 2CC general manager of Michael Jones said the strong results reflect the strength of radio in Canberra.

“Canberra is tuned in to the radio and these results for 2CA and 2CC confirm that they love what they’re hearing,” Mr Jones said. “The strong results for 2CC reflect the strength of the world class radio that 2CC delivers to Canberrans with Australia’s top rating talk presenters.

“The recent addition of Alan Jones to the Breakfast timeslot is already starting to deliver ratings.”

Click here to see the full survey results.

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81 Responses to Mix 106.3 continues to dominate Canberra airwaves
Scotty Jeffery Scotty Jeffery 10:27 pm 02 Oct 19

Canberra radio stations are dead set horrendous! Love going to Sydney just to listen to other songs and decent radio hosts! (Nige is ok, the rest are rubbish)

    Geoff Rey Geoff Rey 11:04 pm 02 Oct 19

    You aren't quite right there. Nige is an absolute legend

    Michael Wescombe Michael Wescombe 9:46 pm 03 Oct 19

    been a while since I seen a rant son...😂😂

Jennifer Crawford Jennifer Crawford 10:27 pm 02 Oct 19

Too much talking and ads on the radio these days.

It’s hard to find a station playing a song most of the time!

Jacki Knight Jacki Knight 10:27 pm 02 Oct 19

I just wish they'd shut up the yakking and play more music.

Stephen Harden Stephen Harden 10:46 pm 02 Oct 19

Nige used to top the ratings on 104.7... With Scotty... Then they got the ass why???... So surprise surprise that he's back on top of the ratings again.

Wing Nut Wing Nut 11:14 pm 02 Oct 19

2ST plays infinitely better music than any station in Canberra.

AbbDon Helen AbbDon Helen 11:43 pm 02 Oct 19

My favourite ... 2CA ... turned off Mix 106 because it never plays enough music

John Moulis John Moulis 3:46 am 03 Oct 19

Sydney shock jocks on 2CC now outrating the Devil's Radio (ABC Canberra 666) making 2CC the top talk station in Canberra. A disaster in left wing Canberra where in years gone by the ABC was The Bible.

    Geoff Koop Geoff Koop 9:34 am 06 Oct 19

    Chris Coleman surely he's taking the piss with this?

    Simon Gallagher Simon Gallagher 9:41 am 08 Oct 19

    But he always uses such logical arguments.

    Matt Garven Matt Garven 9:50 am 08 Oct 19

    Simon Gallagher And he also loves to sing. 🤣🤣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIuJNJ4s2Uw

Reece Mccusker Reece Mccusker 5:48 am 03 Oct 19

I have not listened to Canberra radio since 104 sacked Scotty on his holidays... JJJ no ads yeww!

Sarah Jones Sarah Jones 6:35 am 03 Oct 19

2CA for me

Steven Lee Steven Lee 6:38 am 03 Oct 19

Kristin, Nige, Wilko, Mick Molloy, Jane Kennedy all have too much inane, unfunny dribble. Keep the chat short and play the music.

    Wilko Neil Wilko Neil 7:19 am 03 Oct 19

    Yeah they should just get rid of all of them. But I guess if you’re the type of person who just wants music there is about 5 great music streaming services. But still agree, shut up and press play.

Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 6:51 am 03 Oct 19

I'm surprised Roar FM didn't even get a look in.

David Brown David Brown 8:11 am 03 Oct 19

I have stopped listening to ABC breakfast. Dan Bourchier must be the second most boring announcer in the world.

Neil Chandler Neil Chandler 8:20 am 03 Oct 19

87.8 UC FM plays nothing BUT music, and more than just the same 20 songs! But you can only listen on the Northside... as you approach the city, the frequency gets drowned out by a "test broadcast" of Canberra visitor information radio that plays nothing but ads. Dont understand the value of visitor radio transmitting over the best radio station in town! There are so many other unused frequencies!

    Stas Idowu Stas Idowu 3:48 pm 03 Oct 19

    hahaha what's with that stupid test broadcast

    James Stephen James Stephen 9:54 pm 05 Oct 19

    Neil Chandler because community radio has always been 88.0 in just about every town in the country, perhaps the UC should have been looking at their frequency instead of its listeners complaining about an airwave that’s been around since radio started broadcasting

Iain Chisholm Iain Chisholm 9:28 am 03 Oct 19

I use the radio app so I can listen to Sydney stations as they have more to choose from.

Simon Abbey Simon Abbey 10:19 am 03 Oct 19

Triple J, you can't beat it!

Robert Chisholm Robert Chisholm 10:20 am 03 Oct 19

Don’t tell the. Their relief breakfast programming sucks, they can’t take criticism and block you. I now use Amazon Alexa as my alarm radio and can choose it to wake me to any better quality radio station. Canberra lacks quality choice.

Sam Best-mcmahon Sam Best-mcmahon 10:55 am 03 Oct 19

Bring back Scotty and Nige

Frank Hengst Frank Hengst 12:00 pm 03 Oct 19

Rock101 Vancouver for me. Gave up on Canberra radio years ago.

Gammy Colbert Gammy Colbert 3:42 pm 03 Oct 19

Listen to 1053 ABC because they play music. Tuned out of 106.3 a while ago because of their political dribble and opinionated non stop chatter.

Samm Duck Samm Duck 4:42 pm 03 Oct 19

Maybe I’m the only one but I think Ned and Josh are good

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