Monday Parking Blues

Barcham 13 May 2013 8

Good morning everyone.

Why it’s Monday, you know what that means!

Here is our usual collection of stinkers to amuse those of you who aren’t still giggling over SkyWhale memes.

If you take a picture of some awful parking be sure to send it to us at

Be sure to include ‘parking’ in the subject and tell us what name you would like to be credited with.

1. Dave was the fastest camera in Canberra this week:

Here’s an “ironical” park if ever I’ve seen one.

This ute from “Winna Parker” was taking up two (albeit narrow) spots in the staff car park opp. ANU Chemistry.


2. Madam Cholet had a great haul:

Spotted this Federal Government car whilst walking through town. Clearly in a no stopping zone and not even a spot where any vehicle can stop legally.


The Cholets ended up at the lovely Weston Park on Sunday for a Mothers Day outing.

It seemed like a lot of other Canberrans had the same idea for Mothering Sunday which provided quite a few opportunities for parking crimes. Here are a couple.

These cars were parked in spots clearly signposted as no parking/stopping zones and that’s because they were either side of a pedestrian crossing. I crossed there with Master Cholet and it was quite hard to see what was coming without having to first step out into the road. The bizarre thing was, was that there were more parking spaces about 50 metres up the street. Given that most people were there with children it makes no sense whatsoever that anyone would park so as to endanger said children.



3. Poetix finds that poor parking exists even on Canberra’s trendiest streets:

Top work near Lonsdale Street Roasters. No car parked behind them when I saw it like this.

I can't stop thinking about SkyWhale.

4. CIC Johnboy spotted this car on one of his daily patrols of the city.


5. Richard proves that academics can’t work out this parking thing either:

Saw this person parked outside the Coombes lecture theatre at the ANU on Thursday night.



6. Grunge_hippy doesn’t see problems, Grunge_hippy sees solutions:

Can’t find a park at the Calwell club on raffle night? No problem. Park on the path.

Sorry for the dodgy iPhone photo.


7. Matt the Brat is giving people the benefit of the doubt:

Found this one near Woden Valley Gymnastics. Seems that parking in the yellow stripey spot in a disabled zone is a recurring theme on RA. He’s not even between the lines and no disabled parking permit. Maybe you could collate them all and send to Jeremy Hanson so he can do something about it, because the yellow stripes just seem to confuse people.


8. Emma sings this Parker’s praises:

Yeah, great work mate… Parked half over the ‘Motorbike Only’ space and half over the ‘Pick Up and Set Down Only’ space. Spotted Saturday afternoon on Narellan Pl behind the North Quarter of the Canberra Centre…


9. An anonymous Rioter examines his future employment prospects after a massive week of parking shots:

It’s been an exhausting week. Might have to take up poor parking photography as a full time job







10. Bubzie knows Tuggeranong:

Tuggeranong style!!!


11. Hamish might add indeed:

Hey there. I saw this in Kingston on Friday morning, taxi parked on top of a no parking X in a line if disabled spots. (Directly in from if the disabled sign may I add)


12. Justin lets the image do the talking:


13. RAGD wonders what Doctors drive:

Calwell Shops on the weekend. Parked up on the footpath and also on the spot designated for Medical Practitioners. It could very well be that a Doctor drives this beat up 4WD with the words “Such is life” written on the windscreen. But I am going to guess it belong to one of the Tavern patrons.

They don't they drive Unicorns!

14. Jindy has to love:

Got to love the irony of someone trying to use up two parking spots and then leaving a note like this LOL



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8 Responses to Monday Parking Blues
IrishPete IrishPete 12:44 pm 13 May 13

Reprobate said :

Coincidentally I found this local Gumtree listing that deserves to be shared with MBPP lovers:

The English literacy of the advertiser leaves something to be desired. Surely it’s rare that someone can’t spell car.


magiccar9 magiccar9 11:48 am 13 May 13

#14. Yes sure the person in the white Hyundai needs to learn to squeeze between the lines, but in fairness Jindy needs to learn to look behind them when reversing. It’s not difficult to spot a huge white object directly behind you. If you can’t work out how long you vehicle is with tow bar attached, take it off.
Nothing annoys me more than idiots who use their tow bars as battering-rams when they try to reverse.

Reprobate Reprobate 11:48 am 13 May 13

Coincidentally I found this local Gumtree listing that deserves to be shared with MBPP lovers:

tim_c tim_c 11:42 am 13 May 13

#14 – being a Hyundai, the only thing of any value is the registration plate.

Dilandach Dilandach 11:39 am 13 May 13

5th one of number 9, saw that car this morning. Seems that the guy drives like a dickhead as well as parking like one.

Postalgeek Postalgeek 11:17 am 13 May 13

Assuming the cropped space behind 14 was clear, that’s Park of the Week for me.

Your license plate scuffed my tow bar

Learn to park D***head!

Fixed it for you 🙂

Innovation Innovation 10:59 am 13 May 13

Re No 14. I presume Jindy owns the wagon. I’m surprised you stopped at his number plate. What a goose!

poetix poetix 10:34 am 13 May 13

Spotto #9!

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