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mOoSEHEADS OR Gooseheads????

By ozziechez - 6 June 2010 59

[ED – Maybe the bouncers can just tell who’s likely to go home and cry to mummy? Anyway, waving this one through for entertainment value as much as anything else]

What goes on at this joint??  I have an 18 year old daughter who unfortunately, ocassionally goes into civic to clubs etc. Tonight she came home fairly perplexed as to the treatment of the heroes that stand on doors at this MOOSEHEADS. Quite clearly they pick & choose as to who goes in & out. What I ask are the requirements ? How tarty you can look. how short the dress??  Is there any kind of control on what they do??

Twice now,  she has first time been knocked back & sent to the back of the line. For What??? Does she look like a trouble maker?(I doubt it…).

Or, is she simply not the taste of the wackers they place on the doors of  GOOSEHEADS!!

I say don’t frequent the place.  It’s clearly about time that these so called “bouncers” had a governing body.!!

Big power play for boofheads with egos way too large.   Look at me, I can send you all the way back, but if my mates are in line come on in. Have a look at yourselves boys (nothing special at all)..

No wonder trouble happens in civic,  this kind of rubbish does not help at all.

Time MOOSEHEADS  took a look at their staff..

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
mOoSEHEADS OR Gooseheads????
Alan Shore 2:41 pm 06 Jun 10

Is this a gee up? I’ve never known anyone denied at Moose. Never. Sounds more like ICBM.

Grand Final Day 2008, I was so drunk I fell (jumped) down the steps outside the Canberra Labor Club and landed on my face. Blood everywhere, broken spectacles, clearly concussed as well as intoxicated beyond rationality. No joy getting into Phoenix or Shooters. “You need to clean yourself up, mate.” “Can I go inside and clean myself up?” “Nup.”

But a short walk around the corner, queue up for a while at the Moose: not so much as an ID check before being waved through.

The question, then, is: ozziechez, what on earth is wrong with your daughter?

CanberraCreative 2:40 pm 06 Jun 10

At 20, I should know all about the clubbing scene. Sadly being a boring intellectual, I instead rely on what others tell me. Based on what they say, you would need to be a sucker for punishment. “The drinks are too expensive”, “There’s so many creeps”, ‘I woke up at 2am and didn’t know where I was”. Infact despite girls saying what a terrible time they had, they express relief that they were still able to get “so trashed”. I guess that’s what its all about.

p1 2:24 pm 06 Jun 10

Thoroughly Smashed said :

This is what I saw in the sidebar:

The reality turned out to be a disappointment.

Best post ever 🙂

cegee 2:08 pm 06 Jun 10

lol you should send them a bunch of flowers or something, as your daughter probably would have ended up passed out and felt up by some rat-faced army jerk. mooseheads is a hole. also you might be interested to know its nickname is “four floors of whores.”

johnboy 1:59 pm 06 Jun 10

Actually ozziechez I was trying to allude to something a bit deeper.

Going out clubbing in civic is a moderately dangerous and quite expensive thing to do.

It’s not for kids.

If your daughter can’t/won’t fit the look to get in then the bouncers might well be doing both of you a favour. This is mooseheads we’re talking about, they let me in on the rare occasions I darken its door.

The best way to react to rude door staff is to go somewhere else and spend a lot of money.

If she’s really struggling to deal with the door, and absolutely positively must get in then if she and her friends should turn up at 8pm. They’ll be welcomed in with open arms and given the run of the place.

But I’d advise going some place else. If she just wants to boogy then Monkey Bar is a better, and classier bet in Civic than the moose.

ozziechez 1:46 pm 06 Jun 10

Ed your a jerk maybe your one of them?? Pretty much same mentality!

Thoroughly Smashed 1:11 pm 06 Jun 10

This is what I saw in the sidebar:

The reality turned out to be a disappointment.

Pommy bastard 12:16 pm 06 Jun 10

I’d advise you to contact a human rights lawyer immediately and take out an injunction against the place. Also contact Simon Corbell, and demand an investigation, a judicial review, and new legislation. It may also be worth you getting Amnesty on your side as well as Greenpeace. Do you have any Aboriginal in your family genes? If so, you’re on a winner here.

On the other hand you could look up; “good parenting skills”, “taste”, and “tacky, overpriced, unexciting, Canberra venues” on the net.

gun street girl 11:40 am 06 Jun 10

The bouncers did your daughter a huge favour. I’d be thanking them if I were you.

steveu 11:17 am 06 Jun 10

I agree with the above comments – I think there’s better things she could do with her time than waste it there.

ProudTenant 11:09 am 06 Jun 10

ossiechez, don’t despair. This is a positive!

They only let trashy looking skanks into that place.

Clearly, your daughter does not fall into that category.

I can understand she would be feeling down about their decision, but do try to convince her that she’s better than that disgusting dump.

PBO 11:07 am 06 Jun 10

If you want your daughter to be raped or your son to be bashed then send them to the Moose, how proud parents must be that their children have become bouncers at this establishment.

If the Police did a raid the way they do in Sydney at Mooseheads then it might actually shut down for good or their act might have to clean up.

As a youth buying drugs/alcohol was difficult, all i would have to do is go to the Moose and all my problems would have been solved. Nice to see things have not changed at all.

buzz819 11:05 am 06 Jun 10

A club has the right to refuse entry to any person or persons that they wish. It’s not a public area.

toriness 10:52 am 06 Jun 10

+1 what mr evil said. ozziechez, you should be very very glad that your daughter has been refused entry – that place is a sleazepit!!

i walked past mooseheads last night en route to the taxi rank after having been out for dinner and was astounded to see the line go right around the corner. goes to show there is no accounting for taste.

Mr Evil 10:26 am 06 Jun 10

Now she knows how those humanitarians felt when their ships were diverted on their way to Gaza!

Trust me, your daughter is better off not going into Looseheads – unless she is partial to having every Tom, Antonio and Slobodan grope her at every opportunity. The place just ain’t that good; and really, it is a pity they ever rebuilt the place after it burnt down.

Tell her not to worry, the emotional scars of being barred from entering the Moose heal with time.

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