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More 40 zones for city streets?

By johnboy - 13 August 2012 19

bunda street

Chief Minister Gallagher is asking what you’d think about having expanded 40kmph zones in town centres:

Following the successful introduction of the reduced 40 km/h speed limit in Gungahlin and Woden earlier this year, the ACT Government is now introducing similar measures into precincts in Civic and the Belconnen and Tuggeranong town centres, to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users,” the Chief Minister said.

“We are now seeking community and business input into the proposed boundaries of these reduced speed limit precincts.

“Reducing speed limits is important where there is a concentrated mix of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. Research indicates that the introduction of a 40km/h speed limit can significantly reduce the risk of death for vulnerable road users. For example, a 10km/h decrease in speed can reduce the risk of death for pedestrians and cyclists by over 50 percent.

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
More 40 zones for city streets?
gooterz 11:46 pm 13 Aug 12

Why not have 40km/h at designated places not districts.

The government will take at least 40 attempts to get the speed signs installed..

How about fixing Eastern valley way.. 80 60 80 70 60 40… what a joke!

Why does Chan st need 2 speed humps?

Why do we need speed humps at all? If the government did their job the motorists would be much further seperated from the pedrestrians.. Bunda street would be service trucks only. Civic bus interchange is an accident waiting to happen at any speed. the Buses are too crowded and obsecure seeing both ways.

Everyone of these area’s has traffic lights with crossings. This will only encourage people to walk infront of slow moving cars.. whats the point in that?

“To provide feedback on the precinct boundaries:
•complete the online feedback form
•write to Roads ACT, Locked Bag 2000, Civic Square, ACT 2608.

Consultation closes 5 pm Friday 21 September 2012.

Henry82 11:37 pm 13 Aug 12

50 is fine, just needs enforcement

damien haas 11:14 pm 13 Aug 12

I’d like to see any analysis, sets of data or evidence collected during the period of this trial, before we set off and decrease productivity yet again.

Think i will write a letter…

Martlark 9:16 pm 13 Aug 12

I’m surprised that Emu Bank in Belconnen is not in the 40km/h zone. It gets plenty of pedestrian traffic and has many entrances to shops that make 60 km/h quite dangerous.

Sic 9:12 pm 13 Aug 12

Are you genuinely expected as a local that drives on a road daily to double check the speed signs every single day? Hell forget about paying attention to driving, forget about paying attention to hazards, lets just stare at our bloody speedo’s while only looking up briefly to confirm you’re doing this weeks speed limit.

rosscoact 8:48 pm 13 Aug 12

LOL, I didn’t even realise that Gunners was 40kph and I drive in the town centre there every couple of days. i don’t think anyone will really notice

Spykler 8:18 pm 13 Aug 12

40! WTF??- trying driving a Porsche at anything under 60- it’s not pleasant. 50 km/h is just manageable thanks very much.

Innovation 12:52 pm 13 Aug 12

I doubt anyone driving sensibly would get much over 40 in these areas anyway.

The gap in the City map around Alinga St seems a bit pointless though? Do they expect the buses to still get up to 60 clicks on that short stretch before they hit the interchange?

Personally, I think they could do more. As far as Civic is concerned:
1. Either police the pedestrian red light runners and jaywalkers on Northbourne Avenue between Vernon Circle and Barry Drive or slow the traffic down in this area to 40km/h. How can they ignore all the near misses on that stretch and still quote how much greater is the risk of pedestrian injury over 40km/h? With all of the red lights and pedestrians I have trouble getting over 40km/h through there anyway.

2. Make roads like Bunda St one way. There isn’t really much need for cars to have to go through there and it would make it a lot easier for pedestrians to cross if the traffic only went one way and there was only one lane.

3. Make London Circuit single lane except for turning lanes at the lights. It wouldn’t really slow traffic down all that much and it would make it much easier for pedestrians to cross.

As for other areas, there are plenty of 50 and 60k areas where most people would have trouble getting over 40. I always find it ironic that they put speed limits in at schools but don’t limit speeds near local shops and some aged persons areas where there is a lot of high or disabled pedestrian traffic.

And for those people who think this is excessive, ask yourself how much time these changes would really add to any trip.

Holden Caulfield 12:44 pm 13 Aug 12

Snave81 said :

…Does London Circuit and Marcus Clarke St really need to be 40km/h 24 hours a day?…

I would agree with that, seems a little too cautious.

But to suggest otherwise means we’d both be working under the foolish assumption that there’ll never be any roadworks on said roads, necessitating a 40km/h temporary limit anyway.

Holden Caulfield 12:41 pm 13 Aug 12

It’s a great and acceptable idea in theory. I just wonder if they’ll find a way to cock it up.

FWIW, they already do a similar thing in parts of Melbourne (and possibly elsewhere too) and it seems to work okay.

Snave81 12:04 pm 13 Aug 12

Looking at the maps for the proposed 40km/h zones (,_civic,_tuggeranong), a few too many streets have been captured in some areas. Does London Circuit and Marcus Clarke St really need to be 40km/h 24 hours a day? I would have thought the separeted cycles lanes to go in on Marcus Clarke St and the new traffic lights at the Rudd St intersection would do more for safety than going from 50km/h to 40km/h.

Martlark 11:53 am 13 Aug 12

I’m all for this. 60 k is way too fast for pedestrian areas. Esp. considering that most drivers believe the limit is actually 10k over the posted. So 40 would mean 50 which is almost survivable.

Mysteryman 11:41 am 13 Aug 12

“An evaluation of the speed limit reductions in the Gungahlin and Woden town centres found significant improvements to cyclist and pedestrian safety with the introduction of the 40km/h speed limit and community support for the speed limit,” the Chief Minister concluded.

I call BS on that. “Assumed significant improvements to cyclist and pedestrian safety” is probably more accurate.

Regardless, as long as they keep the 40km/h limits to a handful of streets, I don’t mind. Most of those smaller, central streets are too crowded to allow for anything over 40km/h anyway.

housebound 10:01 am 13 Aug 12

bundah said :

I can’t help feeling that it’s a fait accompli and all the talk of community input is merely a facade but what the hell call me cynical.

Exactly why there is no point in providing said ‘community input’.

At any rate, I rarely can go much faster than 40km around the malls, so I am not sure what a speed limit sign would achieve other than more speeding fines for the odd time you manage to get a run of green lights and no traffic. Under ACT law, the roads are all 50km/hour unless marked otherwise.

bundah 9:40 am 13 Aug 12

I can’t help feeling that it’s a fait accompli and all the talk of community input is merely a facade but what the hell call me cynical.

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