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johnboy 24 November 2006 16

The Canberra Times this morning was breathlessly reporting on developments at the Industrial Relations Commission which is charged with investigating allegations against the Canberra Liberal’s Richard Mulcahy and his time running the Hotel’s Association. The story even made page five of the Financial Review today.

Basically Mr. Mulcahy has succeeded in having the damaging report suppressed for now and is assuring the media that, having read it, it’s full of crap and intended just to harm him and his other mates who run the Liberal Party. We’re advised to take his word for it as he wouldn’t want our pretty little heads worried by the contents of the mendacious, ALP motivated, report.

The ABC has picked up the story and intriguingly have Our Brave Leader denying he has had any involvement in the report. Now that one thinks back he has seem rather well informed about the process.

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16 Responses to More Mulcahy
simbo simbo 7:25 am 26 Nov 06

Well, we’ve had Liberal governments before – but the secret of Kate’s success (and the one thing that the current opposition seems determined to avoid) is that in many ways, she took on the smaller-l values of the liberal party.

taylor taylor 11:16 pm 25 Nov 06

smurf those are all good points. i took an interst in rhodium from a leasing point of view and learnt a lot of the back story.

honestly though, do you reckon if they put down the guns, they could win? seriously?

smurf-alert smurf-alert 11:01 pm 25 Nov 06

To many schools… probably, tell that to a large portion of the population who has has a kid at one of them. Its amazing that in opposition Dunne has gone backwards in my mind – she can proclaim to be working an issue, but when nobody listens to your whining does it matter?

‘Rhodium shit’, dodgy – sure. How many people would actually know what rhodium is/does? not many – not much of an issue. Why can’t Mulcahy lay a glove when almost everyones property rates and taxes have been jacked up? If you think pushing rhodium issues has worked, well, congrats. I honestly think no-one other than regular readers of this site (not me) have noticed.

Seselja – eye on the ball – yeh right. If he has his eye on the ball it doesn’t really matter – I think he is playing by himself – without a crowd.

taylor taylor 10:30 pm 25 Nov 06

just to back track a tick. jimbo, regurgitating the Canberra Times or WIN news does not make it fact. The Libs went to the last election without promising not to close schools, Labor didnt. How can Vicki Dunne stand against schools closures when everyone with half a brain nkows that we have too many? Mulcahy was the one who picked the rhodium shit would be dodgy nearly 12 months ago, and Seselja seems to be the only one with his eye on the game rather than appearing on the front page of the CT for all the wrong reasons.

To label the those three with ‘the worst’ tag is just ignorance. I agree they all need to get thier shit togther, but to put those three below the rest is just a joke.

Here is hoping that things work out for them, becuase it cant possibly get worse than this.

simbo simbo 10:47 pm 24 Nov 06

The 9% was only for new entrants to parliament, and was reversed once it had beome a non-issue. So the superannuation has returned to “exceptionally generous” status for those who manage to stay in the job for 8 years or longer (which basically means, any senator who can get re-elected once).

shauno shauno 6:52 pm 24 Nov 06

Not anymore its not. That was a dumb by Howard in supporting Latham bringing the super back to 9% Although I believe its back up a little now.

seepi seepi 6:31 pm 24 Nov 06

And the superannuation is pretty good.

ozmreeee ozmreeee 5:40 pm 24 Nov 06

Not that I’m a great defender of pollies, but Shrub (little Bush) = $306K … Sol Trujillo = $8m …. I’m thinking that Shrub’s perks don’t come to anywhere near the same as the leader of the three stooges amigos.

shauno shauno 5:34 pm 24 Nov 06

Base wage is $118k plus 160% for Howard and 87.5% for Costello and 106% i think for deputy PM.

Base wage for members of Congress in the States is around US$161K or $209K Aussie so base wage is 77% higher in the US.

snahon snahon 4:44 pm 24 Nov 06

Thats a salary.

How many ‘perks’ do they get. Furthermore, Once they leave politics, think of the business opportunities (and significantly increased income) they are offered…

shauno shauno 4:37 pm 24 Nov 06

Yea but the thing with Turnbull is he doesn’t have to because he has something like $100M. But yes ego is a big part of it to.

I can’t believe though but its true that Howard only makes $306k and Costello $221K

mlm mlm 4:12 pm 24 Nov 06

shauno I’d put a fair weight on ego rather than salary driving most to become politicians.

Just look at the federal level, Malcolm Turnbull would be making bucketloads more money doing something other than being a politician.

shauno shauno 3:25 pm 24 Nov 06

I lost faith in the newcomer Mulcahy just as soon as he came up with the idea that the pedestrian malls in civic don’t work and he would rather see roads.

shauno shauno 3:23 pm 24 Nov 06

Yeah its a problem isn’t it.

And one deep seated coarse of all this, Is to do with the parliamentary salaries. Its not much money to attract the really talented people. But its enough to attract dimwits who haven’t got hope in hell of getting over 100k in other jobs.

jimbocool jimbocool 3:18 pm 24 Nov 06

what rubbish, pjlake11. Dunne, Seslja and Mulcahy are hopeless. Dunne has comprehensively ballsed up a response to the school closures – she even had to cancel her ‘community consultation’ meetings through lack of interest. Seselja is a lightweight, relying far too much on the Epicentre affair (where the real work is being done by Snow) and Mulcahy has failed to land a glove on Stanhope as shadow treasurer despite the appalling budget and Stanhope’s disomfort with the portfolio.

Mind you, I don’t disagree that Stanhope et al are laughing all the way to the polls – it’s just that Dunne, Seselja and Mulcahy are the worst of the liberal bunch – not the best as you suggest.

pjlake11 pjlake11 2:24 pm 24 Nov 06

Lets look at this equation mathematically

Smyth, Pratt and friends don’t like newcomer Mulcahy (eek he has drive, talent and ambition)
Labour Minister does a report on AHA but no charges actually surface
Big Bill and camp talk about it publicly and apparently privately for months but ‘want to pull together as a team’
Mulcahy gets sacked as deputy for ‘issues’ Big Bill never actually elaborates on
AHA report with no concrete charges or allegations
Mulcahy out leaving the 4 most dim-witted Liberal MLA’s in control
No competition to Stanhope
= Happy Stanhope, happy Fosky, happy dim-witted MLA’s
= Unhappy Canberra and Mulcahy career in ruins for no reason

Leaked email, Mulcahy loses Deputy spot

Big Bill and others know ‘nothing’

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