More sportsgrounds to get lighting

Glimmertwins 4 January 2008 7

In a busy start to the year, Sports Minister Andrew Barr has announced that the ACT Government will install lighting at 11 sporting fields this year as part of new ground maintenance measures developed during the drought.

The Government has developed a $2 million package to maintain the most frequently used sporting grounds.

The strategy has meant other fields are not maintained.

Sports Minister Andrew Barr says the decision about which grounds to light was made in consultation with users.

The grounds include Gowrie, Mawson, Curtin East, Lyneham, Dickson, Reid and O’Connor.

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7 Responses to More sportsgrounds to get lighting
vandam vandam 9:45 am 06 Jan 08

Ferret, You got me wrong. I love my sport and if I had kids, they would be playing sport, and no doubt I’d be one thoses whinging about having to drive far away to do training at night.

But my point is, whilst we are on water restrictions, our hospitals over crowded, crime going through the roof, etc etc, shouldn’t the priority for this money fix that first?

In this day, we don’t have the luxury of being able to have all sportsgrounds operational. thats a fact of life that we all have to deal with.

JC – your right, there does need to be a balance, but surely the life essentials should be satisfactory first, before money can be spent on those things like sportsgrounds and sculptures!

JC JC 11:47 pm 05 Jan 08

Well said Ferret, the thing is we need a balance between everything including these so called luxuries. Obviously some of these guys have never played Sim City, see you need to balance everything there to keep the people happy. Same too here. You know even sculptures on freeways are needed to, just to keep the place looking nice.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 1:01 pm 05 Jan 08

VD – your ignorance of organised sport in the ACT is obvious.

The $2m is not just for lights – it is also to guarantee long term maintenance of sporting facilities into the future. As noted before, if it wasn’t for the rain, just about ALL organised sport would have been cut back dramatically or cancelled – and we don’t need a nation of sarcastic fat bastards such as yourself.

Most lit sportsgrounds in winter are booked 3-5 nights a week – juniors from 4-7, seniors are not permitted to train until after 7pm due to the lack of ovals due to the number of closures over the last 5 years.

Many of the lighting systems are barely adequate for training and inadequate for competition – upgrades may allow some competitions and matches to be run mid week (thinking of masters soccer here) relieving the congestion at facilities on weekends.

I think its much better policy that sculptures next to freeways, and PMS XI flower displays.

Want to save hospital bills? Bring on voluntary euthanasia.

And just for your info, the lighting is paid for in ground reciepts from hirers –

vandam vandam 8:41 am 05 Jan 08

Whilst there may be some sarcasim in my comment, When our health system is in the state it is, schools closing, no Police etc etc, I wonder why we are spending money on sportground lighting. How many sports are played at night? I would say most grounds used at night are for the purpose of training, with the exception of Austag or touch. But as I drive past grounds that already have lighting, I see them unoccupied on a regular basis.
I think the Govt should get the the priorities in life fixed first, before spending money on luxuries!

Thumper Thumper 9:43 am 04 Jan 08

Mr Ferret,

I read a media release somewhere. Give me a second and i’ll try to find it.

I agree, it’s a good move, but I still don’t wish to see more and more ovals lacking maintenance as the cost to bring them back up to standard is immense.

Holt and charnwood ovals are just two I can think of at present whereby there has been no maintenance, except for occasional mowing, and they look terrible.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 9:38 am 04 Jan 08


I’m not sure if this is another sarcastic remark from you- you seem pretty good at them.

I reckon its a good bit of policy by the ACT Govt. After closing a lot of the lesser used ovals, improved lighting on the better quality fields will allow sports to continue training and playing in coming years.

Less than 4 months ago, it was being suggested that unless we had rain, cricket seasons may be cancelled, and all football codes would be limited to one night a week training at up to 70% of all ovals would be shut down to save water.

Is there a press release re: this?

vandam vandam 8:15 am 04 Jan 08

Glad to see our money is going where it is needed!!!!

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