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Motorists Motoring Policies

By johnboy 12 September 2012 47


The Motorists have unleashed ten separate motoring and transport policies.

Let’s get through them then.

    1. Roads and alternative transport

    The Motorist Party recognises the automobile: car, truck, four wheel drive, bus or motorcycle, as the primary mode of transport as it is the most convenient method for ACT residents.

    2. Public transport

    The Motorist Party recognises the need for an effective Transport System to service the Canberra community.
    Given that even though over 90% of citizens presently use cars as their transport, we believe that an effective Public Transport System must exist.

    3. Speed limits, enforcement and penalties

    Currently, fixed speed cameras are responsible for raising large amounts of revenue but they only tend to slow motorists down for 50 metres before it is apparent they speed up again, effectively having little or no positive effect on road safety.

    4. Parking

    The Motorist Party is well aware of things, which are of greatest concern to Canberra motorists and parking is high on their list. The community feels that existing parking spaces are disappearing and that nothing is being created as a replacement, let alone increasing spaces.

    5. Fuel prices and competition

    The Motorist Party have concerns regarding the domination of the fuel market in the ACT by Woolworths and Coles operated service stations. Our current situation sees Woolworths and Coles holding around a 70% slice of our local fuel market.Taking into account the lack of competition in our fuel market we would continue to eliminate Woolworths and Coles from bidding on all fuel retail sites sold in the ACT in the future.

    6. Driver licences

    Licence holders who lose their licence through disqualification or non-payment of fines will have to undertake a full licence test to regain their licence. The Motorist Party want to enforce the point that if you drive badly enough to lose your licence a revisit of the rules is necessary. This would also help to lower the level of unpaid fines, which is an on-going problem.

    7. Motor sport

    It is the goal of the Motorist Party to build a motor sport and driver training centre. It will contain a state of the art driver training facility, which will include driving simulators, skid pan and a road skills driver training area free from other motorists. All drivers being issued L plates would be required to do a short training session and minor car control test before being issued with a learner permit.

    8. Recreational motorcycles and 4WD

    The Motorist Party will strongly advocate for the introduction of a restricted registration system for recreational motorcycles, similar to that, which is available in Victoria.

    The Motorist Party will work with Government, industry and community groups to promote and enhance the enjoyment and objectives of four wheel drive enthusiasts.

    9. Cyclists

    The Motorist Party acknowledges the environmental, social and health benefits of commuter and recreational cycling.

    The Motorist Party will support cost effective and sustainable cycling initiatives, which can demonstrate proven benefits to the majority of the ACT community.

    10. Compulsory third party insurance

    The Motorist Party aim to establish the best possible situation for ACT drivers.

    And on top of that:

    — Even though over 90% of Canberrans drive a car, 4WD, truck or bus, people will not stop using the comfort and convenience of their car and change to buses until there is an effective route system and the buses run on time.

    — The Motorist Party propose using the latest Information Technology so that the Community, through their mobile phones, can download the bus route systems and frequency and also show when the next bus will arrive in their location.

    — The Motorist Party propose that Government buses be free to ride during restricted hours, 5 days a week for a trial period of 6 months.

    — The Motorist Party will support the thorough examination of a Mass Transit System, provided that the Community supports it and the Government can afford it.

    — Whilst ever cars are Canberrans favoured mode of transport, adequate parking is essential, especially near places of work, shopping centres and housing developments.

    — We do not support small housing blocks and skinny streets where parking is a problem along with the difficulties this causes with traffic flow.

    — Parking in the Parliamentary Triangle (PT) for Public Servants, Visitors and Tourists must be improved. We will support the building of a multi-level parking complex, outside the PT, supported by a mini-bus service ferrying passengers in and out of the PT.

What’s Your opinion?

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Motorists Motoring Policies
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CoffinRX2 2:15 am 14 Sep 12

Get us a SIVS

OpenYourMind 9:50 pm 13 Sep 12

p1 said :

OpenYourMind said :

As for your comment that a driverless car takes up just as much space on the road, the reason this is incorrect has been demonstrated by Volvo driverless tech where cars link together in a close convoy.

I hope the person programming that software does a good job when planning for a f%#&off big jumping under the wheels of the first in the convoy. But I guess vehicle to vehicle comms mean that all the cars stomp the brakes at the same time rather then the old dude at the back not knowing until he sees the brake lights on the car in front.

Your car is already running a bunch of code. If your car is relatively new it’s probably making decisions on which corner to apply brakes (stability control), when to deploy an airbag, when to apply the brakes in an emergency (brake assist), throttle positions, traction control etc.

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