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Mount Franklin Walkabout

By Demosthenes - 17 July 2009 37

I just called the Namadgi Visitors Centre to check road status and the road is open *to* Mount Franklin car park – I have never been up in winter so a friend and I want to go for a spin up to Mount Franklin as far as we can get and then go for a wander – apparently it’s only a few kms walk up to Mount Franklin from the car park although Mount Ginini / Gingera are the ones with snow on them?

We just want to see some nice winter outdoors – we’re sick of being stuck inside all the time – and we have a 4WD so we’re quite confident to drive as far as 4WD’s are supposed to go.

Any tips or advice?  Is Mount Franklin Road a good pick for a general Sunday walkabout with possibility of some snow lying around to enjoy?


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37 Responses to
Mount Franklin Walkabout
Demosthenes 9:02 am 20 Jul 09

Hmm can someone tell me how to embed images? Well check out the album anyway – really great drive up and fun all round. Ginini is 1600 metres so I have learned that altitude is the key – no point wasting time at lower altitudes. As soon as we hit about 1400 metres white started appearing, and then a blanket of the stuff up top. We were very fortunate I presume.

Demosthenes 8:59 am 20 Jul 09

Well we had a fantastic time up on Mount Ginini yesterday – fortunately all the roads were open


Mike Bessenger 11:16 am 19 Jul 09

I’d hang off for a couple more weeks, as winter hasn’t really hit yet.

ant 10:57 am 19 Jul 09

I must be incredibly stupid then as I’ve been up there in my little Charade plenty of times. However, perhaps a 4WD is necessary for a certain kind of driver.

Driving down into ACT yesterday, I’m pretty sure I could see where the top of the ski run at Mt Franklin starts, and there was snow on it. It’s the hill to the right (looking across Canberra) of Gingera, which appears to have plenty on it too.

swamiOFswank 8:59 am 19 Jul 09

I’ve been up there a number of times in a very off-the-rack, but relatively new Falcon with no dramas. Probably wouldn’t push my luck after a lot of rain, but it’s been a long time since a lot of rain…

Jivrashia 11:20 pm 18 Jul 09

Call me chicken livered, but I think anyone who has travelled the road to Mt Franklin car park with anything less than a 4WD is either very brave, or someone who likes to run into a brick wall at full sprint just for fun (aka stupid).

ant 10:31 am 18 Jul 09

You shouldn’t really need the 4WD capability, although it’s nice to have. The walk from teh carpark to where the chalet used to be is pleasant, and you’ll see the old ski runs, now growing back over. It’s a pretty area.

Timberwolf65 8:16 am 18 Jul 09

I went up there last Monday, I drive an XR6 and managed to get up there fine, the roads are a little bumpy in places but they were grading the road too, bit churny in places but just take it easy. Very cold but we didn’t see any snow:(

TP 3000 12:05 am 18 Jul 09

I came through from Mount Franklin Road to Cotter Road via Piccadilly Circus in a RFS Tanker in recent months. While (whatever the road is called) is quite rough & bumpy just after where the road becomes unsealed, from Piccadilly Circus, Mount Franklin Road is of an all right standard, we (just) got pass a few family sedans heading up to Bulls Head. But like I said before, that first stretch is the worse bit, but then again I’ve been told stories of Police sedans flying at 100k’s plus along similar grade roads in Perth chasing drug growers.

Demosthenes 9:08 pm 17 Jul 09

my friend has a 4WD and we have a Namadgi map. He has off road experience. So is there much to see from the Mount Franklin carpark on foot?

dvaey 8:25 pm 17 Jul 09

In the old days when I used to go up that way, you’ll see snow quite a way before you reach the top of the mountain. Depending on the snow and the trails you take, in some areas you may need to engage your 4wd mode.

GardeningGirl 5:25 pm 17 Jul 09

” . . . we have a 4WD so we’re quite confident to drive as far as 4WD’s are supposed to go.”

I’m sorry if I’m misunderstanding but it reads more like you’ve bought a 4WD than you have off-road experience with a 4WD?

Hubby the keen bushwalker took me up there once in summer and no 4WD was required then but caution certainly was.

Demosthenes 4:39 pm 17 Jul 09

If this is any indication I guess it is a bit ‘warm’ and not much action up there

Demosthenes 4:36 pm 17 Jul 09

That’s what I mean – surely there are some shaded areas around.. It’s been fine and sunny weather so would it be worth it? There really is heaps of traffic up there? What’s the walk like up from Mount Franklin car park which is apparently as far as one can get (ironically due to ‘snow’ that no one ever sees?)

andym 2:32 pm 17 Jul 09

I would go early before to many people get up there and whilst the temperature is low enough to keep the ground firm (and snow, if there is any). The road can get fairly churned up later in the day and whilst that shouldn’t be a problem in a 4WD it can mean a big cleanup 🙂
Not sure how much snow you will find, it melts fairly quickly in the open areas, but the south facing slopes and gullies should still have plenty.

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