Mt Ginn speedway

willo 18 July 2009 33

I have recently being trying to find info on the Mt Ginn speedway that used to operate in canberra, but have drawn an almost complete blank

Does anyone have any info/ memories of this facility that they would like to share?

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33 Responses to Mt Ginn speedway
Peter Van Der Kley Peter Van Der Kley 12:07 pm 15 Jul 17

Hi, I Raced an FB Holden then a EH at Mt Ginn, back in 1976, Raced there for about 5 years, I have a few pictures, Also raced at Tralee speedway. on the half mile track, not the one with the timber walls.
I raced against Terry Robbie, Dirk Buurveld, Sid Swanston, Alida Swanston drove my car in the ladies races against Pam Butler and other ladies.These were great times in my life, I have 49 sashes, and 8 trophies from there. Peter

SteveHaines SteveHaines 8:42 pm 12 Apr 15

I steve haines as a kid with my family watched the races then the class 2s started to race out their so my father built a standard 10 to race his no was 19 when I was12 iraced go karts and won a couple of titles and then we build the first Hillman imp to race in the area and won a lot of titles I have photos of the cars that raced out their

deemac deemac 10:49 am 19 Feb 11

I have just been scanning some of my father’s old slides from 1960 and there are 4 slides of Mt Ginn race track – I vaguely remember going along sometimes – but I was only 10 at the time. Happy to share the slides if your interested.

vk1et vk1et 12:24 pm 02 May 10

I have found the ‘outline’ of the Mt Ginn Speedway on an old Canberra map.

transposed to GoogleEarth

billyboy61 billyboy61 5:24 pm 29 Dec 09

Hey Willo, as a 10 year old i used to tag along with my older brothers to Mt Ginn raceway, it was an awsome time in canberra then, it used to draw a huge crowd on sunday mornings and was really exciting for a youngster and for the oldies as well i suspect, now 38 years later i can still remember individual cars and drivers, Jimmy Brookes the plumber used to race brer rabbitt which i spent many idle summer days helping sand back in readyness for the slick paint job it then recieved, the pulford brothers were big as well with some mean stock cars mainly in deep purple tones, you could probably ring terry or peter pulford, they still motor based businesses in canberra, not hard to find at all. Dave Wignall is still around as well, im sure they should have images that we could all appreciate. There used to be a hill climb at the back of mt ginn, does anybody remember this track that used to wind up and around the mountain near mt ginn ?

willo willo 4:02 pm 22 Jul 09

thanks for the tips i’ll give the national library a go….the virtual library didnt help…..yes i have been told a lot of bits and pieces and even complete cars were left at the track when it closed will trot out there sometime and see if i can sort out where it is and see what i can uncover….

Qaxter Qaxter 8:13 am 20 Jul 09

Willo if you are keen I reckon you would be able to get a fair bit of information on race results etc from the National Library. They have the Canberra Times copies from that era. Also there are remnants of the track and the racing located on the site which is in the clearing behind the now vacant Canberry Fair / Heratige Village site.

I remember riding up there as a kid late 60s early 70s to watch the events which included my favorite at the time smash up derbys, spectacular stuff with the heavy and hard cars of the day.

Wandering around with a metal detector would produce some amusing artifacts and the keen observer will find bits and pieces from the Mt Ginn days.

I also remember recovering an engine and gearbox from an old XM falcon with my dad that was abandoned in a ditch. We got the parts in the mid 80s which Dad successfully used to get his old Ford restoration completed. That Pursuit 170 had pistons from two motors and several gears from what we recovered.

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 7:35 am 20 Jul 09
willo willo 7:33 pm 19 Jul 09

yes i think motorcycles are still using marchmont but the cars are in a bit of a catch22 ….the insurance company wants them to construct a spectator fence……but the site is heritage listed and the trust wont allow a catch fence to be built…..i hope they sort something out ….i have unfinished business at marchmont……

ace666 ace666 7:22 pm 19 Jul 09

yes it was marchmont a very good track too. I believe it is still being used by various groups.
the mc sportsmans of A.C.T ran an open bike meeting. Gough Witlam, the new prime minister at the time came to present the trophies. not a security gaurd in site

willo willo 6:49 pm 19 Jul 09

link dont work….

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 6:46 pm 19 Jul 09

I remember going to Mt Ginn a few times as a kid, and yes, it was where Motel F1 now is.

If you are after details on the old Canberra, then check the ACT Historical library. It is located upstairs at the Woden public library. See linky dink for their web site.

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 6:27 pm 19 Jul 09

The track at tralee use to get used by dirtbike riders. I remember we use to ride from greenleigh to googong dam then out to tralee. I never actually knew it was a speedway track. I remember access for cars was out off the monero highway and maybe about 6-7 years a go they had a big attempt of blocking it off to stop cars from getting through.

cranky cranky 5:19 pm 19 Jul 09

Tralee Speedway was the greatest rainmaker known to the world, Indians icluded.

Whatever night it was on it was virtually guarranteed to pour down.

It must have been a deciding factor in the fairly constant churn of ownership over the years.

willo willo 5:11 pm 19 Jul 09

yes….something like that tralee was know as tralee speedway, fraser park raceway and pepsi powerdome at different times… of the promotors during the fraser park days was wayne olive who currently races a quick mazda rx7 in super production

Trunking symbols Trunking symbols 5:05 pm 19 Jul 09

Slightly OT – I remember Tralee speedway changed its name with great fanfare to Pepsi Powerdome then abruptly closed down altogether a year later. Possibly 1992 or ’93?

willo willo 3:47 pm 19 Jul 09

yass? was that at marchmont raceway? a long dirt track with a dogleg in the back straight….located in the centre of the horsetrack…it was still operating a few years back but is not running atm due to insurance dramas…..i only raced there once myself and rolled my old torana 1st time through the dogleg….

ace666 ace666 3:40 pm 19 Jul 09

Mt Ginn closed about 1975-76, the sporties then ran short circuit meetings at yass for awhile.

willo willo 3:30 pm 19 Jul 09

thanks to all for your comments so far and to ace666 for the description of the track…… it was oil based? would have been a fast track i’d say. does anyone remember when it closed? i can remember both the very first and very last meetings at tralee but have no memory at all of mt ginn……anyone got any photos of it?

ant ant 10:54 am 19 Jul 09

This topic is bringing it all back, I remembered the sign veyr well, but couldn’t fathom where it was. We must have seen it on our walks, and I went to bendora riding school for years.

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