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Multicultural Communities Forum breaks away from Multicultural Council.

By johnboy 15 December 2005 13

ABC Online is reporting on a sudden twist in the murky world of ethnic politics as a the Multicultural Communities Forum splits from the Multicultural Council.

The reasoning for the move is a touch incoherent:

“There were allegations of being told they couldn’t join, they were not allowed to join a series of combinations of things,”

I hope the beings can join now.

What’s Your opinion?

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13 Responses to
Multicultural Communities Forum breaks away from Multicultural Council.
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Nik_the_Pig 5:16 pm 16 Dec 05

Can’t recall 100% but I believe according to my last EOI (expression of interest) I am “culturally aware”

Maelinar 3:54 pm 16 Dec 05

NTP, read any given selection critiera 5 for any public service job, and if you want the job, you’ll be multiculturally diverse as well…

Nik_the_Pig 3:24 pm 16 Dec 05

I believe in multiculturalism, and endorse it. – Maelinar

JB can we put this in the random bylines?

Maelinar 2:53 pm 16 Dec 05

Apologies Roland, my intent was directed at the group, not multiculturalism as a concept.

I believe in multiculturalism, and endorse it.

Roland GRNS 2:47 pm 16 Dec 05

Obviously it’s a failure of any reporesentative groups if a large number of teh groups it represents are unhappy with how it’s been run.

It’s a failure of the goevrnance of that organisation. The fact that it is the CACt multicultural council we are talking about is ironic, but it’s not a failure of multiculturalism per se – it’s a failure of THAT GROUPto represent its consituency, keep their trust, and (it seems) follow its own rules.

colsim 12:56 pm 16 Dec 05

I agree Mael totally that it should be a completely representative body (though I have to confess, I don’t know exactly who they are or what they do), just saying these things tend to be political/factional as often as not (rather than racial) and shenanigans about who gets to be members and who doesn’t sounds a bit like this kind of game playing.

But who knows, really?

For 30 members/groups to pick up stumps does sound like there’s a pretty serious problem, whatever it is.

Maelinar 12:40 pm 16 Dec 05

I’ll say it then, it’s a failing of multiculturalism.

How the fuck can you say a multicultural organisation shutting the doors on another group be a matter of a political or complex community issue ?

The onus is on THEM, as the multicultural representative body, to continue to attempt to include every other community within their radius of influence.

I just don’t accept that a multi-cultural group can be picky. Being picky is for slappers who shop at Manuka and only wear clothes that have ‘dior’ somewhere in the label.

Any multicultural organisation involved in this kind of activity should be hanging their collective minus one’s heads in shame by now.

colsim 12:35 pm 16 Dec 05

Friday indeed, huzzah.

Fear not Thumper, I wasn’t putting you in the (woven) basket of those talking about the failure of multiculturalism, it just sounded like you were saying it was a failing.

Sounds (unfortunately) like pretty much every representative organisation I’ve ever seen, on one level or another.

Thumper 11:11 am 16 Dec 05

I didn’t say it was a failure of multiculturalism, just that in this case it would appear that ceretain groups hold sway over decisions thus the equality and transparency of the process is non existant.

A bit like George Orwell’s Animal farm, ‘All animals are equal, but some are more equal thatn others’

Anyway, its Friday!!!!

colsim 10:42 am 16 Dec 05

I’d say (without knowing the ins and outs and not having heard the full story) that it’s more an example of a complex community organisation losing the plot rather than any failing of multiculturalism Thumper.

Bit of a difference.

T_Bone 9:08 am 16 Dec 05

Sounds like a Monty Python sketch to me.


Thumper 8:05 am 16 Dec 05

Also seems to indicate that multiculturalism as we know it now, is in fact only for a select group of cultures.

therefore, bicultural, or tricultural. (Hey, did I invent two new words?)

terubo 7:48 am 16 Dec 05

Seems to indicate that someone on the Council is on the take…

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