Mushrooms – a dirty business

WanniAss 31 July 2009 24

The ABC website has an interesting article on the (I assume) little known mushroom war in Canberra. The long established Canberra Mushrooms (who are actually in Yass) vs Majestic Mushrooms, the upstarts.

    Majestic Mushrooms has entered a market tightly held by Canberra Mushrooms for 20 years.

    Canberra Mushrooms is in Yass and the farm supplies 85 per cent of Canberra’s market, and they are planning significant expansion.

    Clint Smithers of Canberra Mushrooms describes the bidding war when the new kid arrived on the block.

    He says they “had a deal with Majestic Mushroom when they first moved in … we gave them all the names of places we don’t supply, that get their mushrooms from Sydney and to go and attack that.”

    “Straight away they tried to attack our customers,” he says “they got a couple, then we just went and took the ones we gave them, so it’s balanced out a bit.”

I knew mushroom growers spent their days in the s**t, but I never knew how dirty it was.

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24 Responses to Mushrooms – a dirty business
PBO PBO 10:33 am 12 Aug 09

88612 and Iceman, do you both know eachother? Your writing styles are very, very similar.

iceman iceman 10:14 am 12 Aug 09

I totally agree with you 88612. Who would start a business and allowing the competitor to dictate who you should sell your product to and who you shouldn’t? Canberra Mushrooms must be kidding themselves! Sounds like they had a monopoly for too long and are worried about Majestic Mushrooms.

Have you seen the latest ABC posting on Wed 12/8 , Majestic Mushrooms have responded with:

“There was never any agreement, arrangement nor understanding to share any clients,” they say.

“Any attempt to do so was by Canberra Mushrooms. We believe that this is a free market and that competition is healthy. The consumer will benefit and competition keeps us striving to produce a quality product at a competitive price.”

Good on you Majestic Mushrooms, my friends and I are right behind you!!

88612 88612 6:56 pm 04 Aug 09

it’s business. i highly doubt there is such thing as a “deal” as to which clients belong to who.

plus, think about it. which new business will sign a deal saying, “yeah sure. i’ll just take the remainder of your clients and not even try to compete with you.”

hence, once again, i highly doubt anything like a “deal” exsists.

astrojax astrojax 6:15 pm 02 Aug 09

i pine for such puns, cat. oyster you and you stir me… [we should go now…]

The cat did it The cat did it 10:19 pm 31 Jul 09

So, according to Canberra Mushrooms, there’s not mushroom in the Canberra market for another supplier?

sorry, couldn’t resist.

Anna Key Anna Key 7:04 pm 31 Jul 09

Maybe Smithers can get Fat Tony to run them out of town.

Deano Deano 2:42 pm 31 Jul 09

Pandy said :

ACCC needs to get involved

Sounds pretty much like an illegal cartel to me. Basically any deal that is designed to prevent competition is against the Trade Practices Act.

Should be an easy open and shut case with the incriminating statement from Mr Smithers.

The ACCC have been very clever with the enforcement of the anti-cartel laws. If you tell them about your involvement in a possible cartel agreement, you will be granted immunity from prosecution – a real world example of the Prisoners Dilemma problem.

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 1:44 pm 31 Jul 09

astrojax said :

stop it carrots. now. ; )

i hadn’t heard this story, but then they keep me in the dark and… i blame the swiss.

There are a few biolumnescent mushies you can get to help you to see…

Jivrashia Jivrashia 1:06 pm 31 Jul 09

seekay said :

Gosh! Competition! Whatever next?

FoodMushroom fight? Although I don’t know how much hurt one can inflict with a handful of mushrooms…

Bluebell said :

Golden news, hopefully the price will come down when there some competition!

You can only have so many dish using mushroom before you become very unpopular in your household…

astrojax astrojax 12:56 pm 31 Jul 09

stop it carrots. now. ; )

i hadn’t heard this story, but then they keep me in the dark and… i blame the swiss.

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 11:12 am 31 Jul 09

I had a mate who worked in this industry.. he was a fungi to hang around with.

Back on topic… This obviously requires an antitrust case in the High Court.. imagine how High the court would get after sampling the product ?

dvaey dvaey 11:06 am 31 Jul 09

What is it with people who target the Canberra market, call themselves ‘Canberra’n, base themselves OUTSIDE canberra, then expect Canberra to bend over backwards for them?

Its competition, plain and simple, and if I was a customer who had to choose between ‘Canberra Mushrooms’ made in Yass, and ‘Majestic Mushrooms’ made in Canberra, Id always buy local. Having said that, if I was in Yass, I would buy from the locally-based ‘Canberra Mushrooms’.

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 10:43 am 31 Jul 09


Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 10:33 am 31 Jul 09

chewy14 said :

Quote from unnamed mushroom insider:

“They better watch out or we’ll put a Cap in their ass.”

A death cap?

ant ant 10:20 am 31 Jul 09

The price of mushrooms went sharply upwards some years ago, and never came down again. I still think $8 – $10 a kilo is rather a lot.

Whatsup Whatsup 9:59 am 31 Jul 09

Postalgeek said :

Great. Now the police have to contend with roving gangs of smurfs and elves looking to bash each other.

LOL +1

Bluebell Bluebell 9:51 am 31 Jul 09

Golden news, hopefully the price will come down when there some competition!

pptvb pptvb 9:46 am 31 Jul 09

Danman said :

Pandy – why ?

“Almost” sounds like collusion
Not allowed unless you are a fuel company.

Danman Danman 9:40 am 31 Jul 09

Pandy – why ?

Postalgeek Postalgeek 9:39 am 31 Jul 09

Great. Now the police have to contend with roving gangs of smurfs and elves looking to bash each other.

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