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Name Help

By CharlieMaii - 9 January 2010 39

So, I want to change my full name.  No reason, I’m not married, I’m not on the run from the law, I just want to change my name.

I’ve got the forms and everything, but here in the ACT it doesn’t actually say on there if you can change your name to whatever you want…

Can anyone clarify this for me? I want to change my first, middle and surname…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

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39 Responses to
Name Help
Holden Caulfield 8:47 pm 09 Jan 10

Poppy Isabelle Staker, then.

georgesgenitals 8:25 pm 09 Jan 10

Mordd said :

Go for Max Power!

Hee hee – beat me to it.

Go out to the ACT govt building in Fyshwick, you can do it there. I understand you can change it to whatever you want as olong as it’s not profane or fraudulent.

CharlieMaii 8:19 pm 09 Jan 10

Haha, thanks guys, all the suggestions for new name would be great, if in fact I was male… I’m a girl haha 🙂

I am simply changing my name because I don’t like what it is now. No other reason than that.

So I can change it to anything I want? Mind you, the name I have chosen isn’t bad, or offensive or anything like that.

astrojax 7:46 pm 09 Jan 10

whiskas? not entirely novel, but you could go for the record – more than a week…

Cameron 7:21 pm 09 Jan 10


Eby 6:20 pm 09 Jan 10

I’m pretty sure you can’t legally change your name to Ned Kelly or Jesus Christ.

T1G3R 6:10 pm 09 Jan 10

one word… McLovin

Mordd 5:12 pm 09 Jan 10

Go for Max Power!

Holden Caulfield 5:05 pm 09 Jan 10

How about Peter Ian Staker?

Devil_n_Disquiz 4:42 pm 09 Jan 10

hmmmm I wonder if ‘Hugh G. Rexshun’ has been taken yet.

sepi 3:42 pm 09 Jan 10

They once let some shonk change his name to ‘licensed Westinghouse agent’ or some such, so the rules must be fairly relaxed. I don’t think you can have swear words.

MrPC 3:35 pm 09 Jan 10

Imagine changing your name to Bill Posters.

You’d walk around town and feel persecuted all day, with all the signs saying Bill Posters will be prosecuted.

bd84 3:01 pm 09 Jan 10

Mr I. Am’Awesome

Interesting that they also provide a service for the illiterate if they spell their child’s name incorrectly when registering the birth lol

gospeedygo 12:54 pm 09 Jan 10

I think the best thing for you would be to change it to Handsome B. Wonderful.

Gobbo 12:08 pm 09 Jan 10

You make me wonder what you are considering changing your name to when you ask such questions.

However, the Births Deaths and marriages Website gives links to the relevant legislation.

The Births Death and Marriages Act states at section 20:

20 Registration of change of name
(1) The registrar-general must register a change of name.
(2) However, the registrar-general must not register a change of name unless satisfied—
(a) of the identity and age of the person whose name is to be changed; and
(b) that the change is not sought for a fraudulent or other improper purpose; and
(c) if the application is under section 19 and relates to a child who is at least 14 years old—that the child consents to the change of name or cannot understand the meaning or implications of the change of name.
(3) Also, the registrar-general may require the applicant to provide any evidence that is necessary to satisfy the registrar-general—
(a) that any particular or information set out in the application is correct; or
(b) of any matter mentioned in subsection (2).
(4) The registrar-general must register a change of name if satisfied that the name of a person whose birth is registered in the ACT has been changed under a law of the Commonwealth or a corresponding law or by order of any court in Australia.
(5) Subject to subsection (4) and section 19 (3), the registrar-general must not register a change of name if, as a result of the change, the name would become a prohibited name.

Now a Prohibited name is defined as follows:

prohibited name means a name that—
(a) is obscene or offensive; or
(b) could not practically be established by repute or usage—
(i) because it is too long; or
(ii) because it consists of or includes symbols without phonetic significance in the English language; or
(iii) for any other reason; or
(c) includes or resembles an official title or rank; or
(d) is misleading because of similarity with the name of a body or organisation; or
(e) is, in the registrar-general’s opinion, undesirable; or
(f) is prohibited by regulation.

Meet that criteria and you should be allowed to go as your new identity.

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