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Name Help

By CharlieMaii 9 January 2010 39

So, I want to change my full name.  No reason, I’m not married, I’m not on the run from the law, I just want to change my name.

I’ve got the forms and everything, but here in the ACT it doesn’t actually say on there if you can change your name to whatever you want…

Can anyone clarify this for me? I want to change my first, middle and surname…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

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Name Help
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CharlieMaii 10:04 pm 16 Jul 10

So after all that, I never did end up changing my name, but I do appreciate everyone’s suggestions, as weird as some of them were. But I will definetly know what to do if I ever decide to do it again, if I get the guts to haha. Thanks guys 🙂

Jeeper 3:40 pm 18 Feb 10

Well what name did you decide on?

milsey2010 3:35 pm 13 Jan 10

get the sex change as well and go for Wayne Kerr.

Hank 3:27 pm 12 Jan 10

Thumper said :

Roger McFisty..


I would go for Receiver of Public Money.

Thumper 11:11 am 12 Jan 10

Roger McFisty..

CharlieMaii 10:26 am 12 Jan 10

Mind you, for all those hoping that it will be something weird or outrageous, BAD LUCK 🙂
Sorry to spoil your fun, but I don’t really think I could get away with some of the names you suggested… My poor old grandmother would have a heart attack if she suddenly had to start calling me Norma Stitts!!! 😀

I have a first, middle, and surname chosen, and you all get to wait till Thursday till I announce what it is!!

CharlieMaii 10:24 am 12 Jan 10

I gotta say guys, I think some of these name suggestions would actually come under the “prohibited” section………

Katietonia, I was actually thinking of doing that, but then I couldn’t be bothered haha

Holden Caulfield, I actually really like the name Poppy Isabelle!! But why “Staker”?

I will announce my new name once I’ve changed it this Thursday 🙂 I’m just gonna let you suffer till then haha

Aurelius 9:20 am 12 Jan 10

I changed my name in the ACT back in 2002(ish).
I changed it back a couple of years later in Queensland.
ACT: $72 and maybe an hour
Qld: $500+ and about 3 months

I don’t believe there are many restrictions on the names you can use. Except there may be limits on using certain protected names, such as “Red Cross”, “Commonwealth of Australia” and “Don Bradman” (We can thank our previous PM for that last one). But you can always ask the BDM office if your proposed name complies.

luther_bendross 9:35 pm 11 Jan 10

Who cares what is is, so long as you fill out the form in Wingdings.

eh_steve 1:08 pm 11 Jan 10

In essence you don’t need to do any paperwork to actually change your name, although it does make life alot easier. Your legal name is simply the name you are exclusively known by. Deed poll is just a recognition of that fact, and doesn’t really add to the legal status of a name.

Mordd 12:47 pm 11 Jan 10

Ok, if you want to do this properly, heres what you should do:

1. Setup website dedicated to project Name Change.
2. Choose charity of your choice to receive donations.
3. Allow nominations of names on website.
4. Whittle down list of nominations to top 10/20 based on votes.
5. Allow people to vote for your new name from the top 10/10 chosen….
in exchange for them making a tax deductible ($2 or more) donation to chosen charity.
6. Go on Radio, Net TV shows etc… milking your 15 minutes of fame.
7. Secretly change name again 5 years down the track after everyone has forgotten about all this to something you actually like, giving you plenty of time to figure that out.

You can mail me my 25% agents fee of any endorsements or payments you get from media etc… when they start coming in. 😛

Steve_Pedestrian 11:43 am 11 Jan 10

You could use Maxine Power…

Jim Jones 9:54 am 11 Jan 10

Peter File

Katietonia 8:44 am 11 Jan 10

Please tell me that you are doing this cause 100000 people actually joined a facebook group you created as a joke 😀

H1NG0 8:34 am 11 Jan 10

+1 for McLovin

Anna Key 10:26 pm 10 Jan 10

I-filed said :

Does anyone remember Sub Paragraph Three – the malcontent and litigious – but amusing – Treasury public servant in the 1970s? He had had a formal name change …

There was someone in an agency where I used to work whose last name (according to the internal phone book) was Abolishfamilycourtandchildsupport. Possibly experienced an unhappy divorce…

Devil_n_Disquiz 4:30 pm 10 Jan 10 female names huh ?? Here is a selection I found 🙂

Amanda Lay
Norma Stitts
Barb Dwyer
Eileen Dover
Brandy D. Cantor
Carrie Oakey
Norma Leigh Lucid
Tanya Hyde

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