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National gallery revamped

johnboy 13 December 2006 9

The ABC has a snippet on $90 million (that’s real money) to be spend revamping the National Gallery here in Canberra and giving it a decent front door.

“You enter [under the proposed plan] on the ground floor and to the right will be the new installation of the Aboriginal memorial, so when you come in you will honour the Aboriginal people and that great work of art

Can you hear the sound off in the distance? It’s the sound of sections of the art community starting to complain. You could show them a plan of the gallery as it is and they’d complain. You could implement all their suggestions and they’d complain you’d done it all wrong.

Radford is a brave man, there’s no question about that.

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9 Responses to National gallery revamped
gurunik gurunik 11:19 pm 13 Dec 06

i reckon the melbourne art gallery still has more & better content. and i’m stuffed if i’ll consider race when determining whether something looks interesting.

Pandy Pandy 10:55 pm 13 Dec 06

No more fracking dot paintings! I dont give a shit about Aboriginal art.

And I refuse to go to the restauarant with its monkey heads from the north affront in the water spoiling my din dins.

Thumper Thumper 2:29 pm 13 Dec 06

Okay, so I was anticipating the chorus of gnashing teeth and wailing vocal chords as well….

simto simto 2:20 pm 13 Dec 06

It’s not actually the art commmunity, it’s the architecture community (who are a particularly wanky subsection of the arts community, alargely because, well, they build buildings and more people see them).

And remember, this is the federal incompetents doing this, not the local incompetents.

And I’m guessing that Fort Knox’s numbers are in 1937 dollars – inflation has been a real bitch since then…

johnboy johnboy 2:16 pm 13 Dec 06

“And it’s the arts community that I was directing the ’stuff them’ comment to. Afterall, why should they complain when such an amount is being spent on the building?”

Well they haven’t, yet.

I was just trying to get ahead of the pack.

terubo terubo 2:15 pm 13 Dec 06

At least the original architect Madigan (sp?) seems to back whatever the latest plans are.
-Unless I misheard him.

Thumper Thumper 2:13 pm 13 Dec 06

It’s a national institution that is seriously in need of a refurbishment. The front entrance was a stuff up from the start as it originally wasn’t supposed to be the front entrance. (Don’t ask me how or why, I can’t remember the details)

Apart from that, it’s Federal money. $90m is small change Federally.

And it’s the arts community that I was directing the ‘stuff them’ comment to. Afterall, why should they complain when such an amount is being spent on the building?

Maelinar Maelinar 1:42 pm 13 Dec 06

Sounds like a spectacular wankathon to me, $90m is a budget for a small country, not a building (or even a set of buildings) in Canberra.

Let’s do some comparisons:

This will purchase roughly 90 houses in Yarralumla (factoring in an average of $1m/house)

That equates to about 300 3br good quality DLUG houses in the outskirts, roughly the amount of houses within a small suburb.

I may consider making it my mission in life to steal this door, as it apparently is worth more than the door to Fort Knox, as the entire complex cost only $560,000 to build (Wiki).

Thumper Thumper 11:44 am 13 Dec 06

Stuff them, I like the NGA…

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