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Beyond the expected

Network Facilities Tax

By goose 13 May 2009 31

I just received a letter from Telstra informing me that they are going to start charging me $2.10 per month extra on my home phone line due to the ACT Governement having imposed a Network Facilities Tax back in 2007.

Why hit me for it now?

Thank’s again Stanhopless, as if Tesltra wasn’t bad enough already.

Your opinion is sought on the ACT Government Network Facilities tax that has come back to bite us.

[ED – Get rid of phone line, get wireless dongle from tellco of your choice, install Engin or Skype = Savings]

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Network Facilities Tax
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Noodles 2:40 pm 14 May 09

Can anyone suggest solutions for people who are on a sub exchange and therefore can’t get naked ADSL?

I have to stick to ADSL1, as the only providers of ADSL2+ for people on the Gungahlin sub exchange are Telstra and TransACT (who I note pass on a $3.30 Utilities Network Facilities Tax). Wireless broadband is not an option for the reasons provided by eyeLikeCarrots – I game and download.

Or is it just a case of “sucks to be me” and I’ll just have to cop the $2.10 extra charge on a line I never use?

hellspice 12:56 pm 14 May 09

hel$tra is evil

peterh 12:05 pm 14 May 09

caf said :

…oh and a desktop PC? How 90s 😉

I work with what i have on my desk….

caf 11:46 am 14 May 09

…oh and a desktop PC? How 90s 😉

caf 11:45 am 14 May 09

The comment was in the context of keeping your VOIP phone up during a powerfail, which wouldn’t need a PC running. If you have a plain old vanilla touchphone plugged into a combined ADSL modem / VOIP box then you wouldn’t need much juice.

peterh 11:29 am 14 May 09

BTW, i am a telstra user for my home phone, my mobiles, my internet. I have never had major outages on my internet, no power fails at the datacentre, and i use engin for my national / international calls.

I sell Telstra business offerings through my clients. The differences between consumer grade and business grade is immense.

oh, and the comment about voting labor in, I didn’t. I didn’t vote for the greens, either. without the democrats, the greens looked like they would side with labor, and i didn’t want to vote for stanhope by proxy.

costs like line rental can be avoided by using a wireless broadband solution, with a voip provider like engin or skype. the latest speeds in wireless are currently at 14mb/s on nextg – i mention nextg because i know it, and signal is very good on a voip connect to the US. The new devices are 21mb/s, but we won’t see that high grade quality from consumer connections as yet.

peterh 11:12 am 14 May 09

caf said :

Even a small UPS would run an ADSL modem for quite a while, if that’s important to you.

only as long as you weren’t running other devices off it caf. 650va would be a better 1/2 hour uptime solution to run the PC, monitor and modem.If you are crunching numbers, the amount of power draw will increase.

I keep getting calls at home from people at the Telstra business recovery unit, who say they are going to do me a great deal to get me back with Telstra. The problem, I keep telling them, is not the cost, but rather the fact that Telstra is difficult to deal with anytime EXCEPT when dealing with business recovery staff. Frankly, I don’t care if Telstra is a few bucks cheaper. I’ve finally got all my services with providers who do what I tell them, and I have no plans to go near Telstra in the forseeable future.

deezagood 10:27 am 14 May 09

Agreed… I thought you were extremely polite BTW 🙂

Very Busy 10:14 am 14 May 09

And so was mine deezagood, point is he/she went off half cocked and aimed the comment at the wrong poster.

deezagood 10:05 am 14 May 09

Very Busy said :

trickster said :

Very Busy… Stanhopeless! Pure comic genius, you took his name and put less on the end!? Witty political satire at its best.

trickster, Thanks for the compliment but as much as I’d like to take the credit, if you look really closely you might see quotes at the beginning and end of that line. If you look closer still, and read the original post, you might even see where I got the quote from.

I strongly suspect that Trickster’s comment was dripping in sarcasm (exclamation marks give the game away).

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