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New Business Levy to clean up Civic

atnas 26 April 2005 47

The Electronic version of Channel Ray (NineMSN), is reporting here that Pirate Quinlan is planning to introduce a new levy on businesses to help pay for increasing clean-up costs of Civic.

Apparently, there was a levy imposed on civic parking spaces, but the clever darlings have decided that did not work, so they have decided to gouge ACT businesses to fund the clean up.

One hopes that this levy is only applied to businesses in the Civic area, or things may get ugly. Another option would be to stop outsourcing essential government functions (such as gargabe collection, and say THINKING) and get back to the good old days of actually thinking through policies before launching on a rape a pillage mission of ACT businesses.

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47 Responses to New Business Levy to clean up Civic
ans ans 2:42 pm 29 Apr 05

Just to go back to the original message for a sec, is it any surprise the parking levy didn’t work when they then removed all the parking? And as businesses are complaining that they are losing revenue because the there are less people coming to civic because of the parking situation, it does seem a bit rude to then levy them further.

johnboy johnboy 11:24 pm 28 Apr 05

Guru, in 97 the howard government was hacking back at that public service remember?

GuruJ GuruJ 2:34 pm 28 Apr 05

Sorry to comment so far back, but johnboy said:

In ‘97 when I came back to Canberra after being away for a few years it was a city transformed. Ihere was energy, There was fun, there was a cultural richness bubbling along.

Australia had also just been through a severe recession. As my partner always says, people always come to Canberra when there’s a recession because the Public Service provides a stable base of employment.

Since we’ve been in a period of growth for so long, people are more inclined to work in the private sector and so don’t come to Canberra.

Come the next recession we should be sitting pretty 😉

bonfire bonfire 1:11 pm 28 Apr 05

Lets look at the startling stanhope achievement list in making canberra vibrant and less staid:

Legalised abortion
When the electors put two bible thumpers in with the balance of power, dont think its easy to legalise abortion. the liberals managed to put realistic legislation in place, which did not make it illegal.

Brought in industrial manslaughter as a crime
well this is hardly an achievement. its four legs good, two legs better type stuff.

Raised the rate of pay for public servants to a competitive level
Really ? This makes canberra vibrant in what way ?

Started construction on the GDE
Thank the STR loony tunes NIMBYS for this. BTW its still dragging through the courts well into second term stanhope. Lets wait until im driving the stanley steamer along the GDE before we celebrate the socialist worker spirit.

Rebuilt from the bushfires
any half competent administration would have done the same thing. the bushfires prbably saved the act from a housing slump cycle though.

Introduced like the Celebrate Canberra concert,

after shit canning and merging several others.

the around town events and the NYE fireworks
ahh the fireworks – the ones they forgot all about ?

Increased the use of ACTION buses
The sustainable transport plan is a disgrace. all the research leads to TADA – more buses on busways!!! How avant garde, how revolutionary! Lets ignore efficient longhaul lightrail, no lets just buyt more and more buses and continue to offer an unappealing public transport solution that less than 10% will ever use.

So – where are the real achievements ?

Wheres the dragway ? Public Housing waiting lists ? Hospital beds ?

LurkerGal LurkerGal 12:07 pm 28 Apr 05

It doesn’t mean people have selective memories for fucks sake. I don’t have a selective memory, I remember all the issues. You can remember the issues and still think someone was ok!!!! Don’t assume that people have forgotten. It’s implying they are idiots. We don’t like that.

johnboy johnboy 8:32 pm 27 Apr 05

She never chose to go for a cup of coffee when the emergency services were screaming for a signature to let them start evacuating people.

Ralph Ralph 8:29 pm 27 Apr 05

Just noting there seems to be a bit of selective memory syndrome going around.

johnboy johnboy 8:20 pm 27 Apr 05

Well who hasn’t hired a cowboy tradesman or miscalculated?

Not saying she was perfect or even that resignation wasn’t required.

Ralph Ralph 8:18 pm 27 Apr 05

Remember that hospital implosion? Oh, and I think there was DUI as well (twice from memory).

johnboy johnboy 8:14 pm 27 Apr 05

So now we pay taxes and get bread and circuses in return?

Personally i preferred the old model when a lot of funky small businesses provided entertainments we chose to pay for.

vg vg 4:54 pm 27 Apr 05

brought in industrial manslaughter as a crime/ what a crowning achievement, now that virtually every oz jurisdiction other than us has either refused it or gotten rid of it, where it will go when the current ACT Govt goes. There is ample scope under normal manslaughter legislation (and I’d an ex-solicitor type such as Stanhope to realise that).

What did he rebuild after the fires that insurance companies didnt pay for?

NYE fireworks only re-introduced after public pressure from canning it last year.

And publically stood by someone who has committed a criminal offence who wanted to resign.

He’s a real corker!

Thumper Thumper 3:46 pm 27 Apr 05

And to sign off I still think rubbish collection is core business for local government so the traders shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Its a bit like pay parking. A tax that you have when you can’t call it a tax.


Thumper Thumper 3:40 pm 27 Apr 05


You were the first to raise the issue of people having short memories, not me. I simply reinforced the comment by suggesting that people have even shorter memories.

What I am saying is that Stanhope stood up and made sure that he was seen as the man in charge, that he took the kudos, that he was ultimately responsible, that the buck stopped with him.

As it transpired, it didn’t, and now nine of his people are being protected by being shielded from the coroner. Of course, it must also be noted that the coroner is only there to find out what happened, not to find out who was responsible.

You will also note that I was not actually very complimentary about Carnell either, although I do think she did more for Canberra at a time when it was needed, than the current government.

2:26 pm 27 Apr 05

bonfire, can you give some examples of how Canberra was vibrant and interesting (in a good way) under Carnell (V8 race not withstanding).

Along with the bill of rights, which I agree is a stupid wank and things like the Canberra plan (in which we obviously disagree on in that think it’s a good thing) the ALP government has:
Legalised abortion
Brought in industrial manslaughter as a crime
Raised the rate of pay for public servants to a competitive level
Started construction on the GDE
Rebuilt from the bushfires
Introduced like the Celebrate Canberra concert, the around town events and the NYE fireworks
Increased the use of ACTION buses

And that’s just off the top of my head, there is a bigger (and more full of political BS) list here:

Also guys Section 83 was sold by Carnell, so you can blame her for the parking stuff ups in Civic.

2:15 pm 27 Apr 05

Thumper, again you miss the point. The context is that that statement by Stanhope was actually saying “now is not the time for finger pointing” not “it’s all my fault”, which is what your quote made it look like. Now I don’t like the way the coroner has been treated much, but it is an independent inquiry in which the government feels like it’s being unfairly treated. You may disagree, but that’s why we have a legal system in place to work it out (which has actually stated that the corner has no power to conduct the inquiry in the first place, which the government isn’t happy with either as it wants an inquiry just not under the current coroner). Your issues with the coronial enquiry have nothing to do with your initial Stanhope quote.

Chris Chris 2:09 pm 27 Apr 05

Bonfire, you’re right (and apologies for hitting ‘Say It’ twice BTW)I ‘d prefer the ACT to be what it was before self-government -and particularly before Stanhope- but if it has to be a Labor government, then I’d prefer it to be headed by someone like John Button or Barry Cohen, who both at least liked the arts and understood that you don’t buckle to the artzmafia.

bonfire bonfire 1:48 pm 27 Apr 05

i think its amazing that any pro carnell statement is immediately seized upon by the softheaded labor good liberal bad cadres.

i miss teh old girl. canberra was vibrant and interesting. johnny had slashed and housing and job security was spiralling. through careful management carnell and crew did a very good job, despite softheaded independents.

ok she played hard and fast with some of teh details and came a cropper eventually, but i think that the booming cosmopolitan city of today is starkly different to the staid canberra which preceded carnell.

so what has stanhope and co achieved ?

lots of plans and consultations. ideological idiocy aka human rights act. reversed few of teh things it whinged about when in opposition. still sells off public assets etc.

when people (ie you the voter) lose the labor/liberal blinkers which help you ignore achievements by a dedicated leader with drive and the ability to inspire people, maybe you will be a bit more positive.

Thumper Thumper 1:44 pm 27 Apr 05


And the time came to pass for someone to be found responsibile and our brave CM immediately started legal action to stop an inquiry to find out what went wrong….

What context would that be?


LurkerGal LurkerGal 1:08 pm 27 Apr 05

This is funny and entertaining.

I like Stanhope. I also liked Kate Carnell. Is that ok?

LG Enjoying everyone’s comments immensely…

12:35 pm 27 Apr 05

That should be: it went something along the lines of it not being the time to blame and if people needed to hold anyone responsible then hold him responsible

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