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New Directory

By jbchild - 2 June 2012 23

Just received my new phone directory today – how bad can it get? It’s half-size now, with print so small you need a magnifier to read. What a waste; what a load of ****! The cover contains an article on environmental impact, etc, etc and how much paper they saved. I would like to ask this –

how environmentally friendly is a product which is UNUSABLE ???

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
New Directory
ImagineThat 9:09 pm 02 Jun 12

Deckard said :

You can ask not to have one delivered if that’s your choice…

Thanks for the link Deckard. I have just filled out the webform. I think I’ll pop this link on my facebook page and help spread the word!

I notice you can only cancel it for three years….. (and of course it’s too late for this year).

‘Your book delivery cancellation will remain in place for three years for the books you have selected.

As a quality check and to alert your household that a cancellation is in place, you’ll receive a postcard during each book delivery period to your area.

When the end of your three year cancellation is approaching, we’ll contact you to remind you to renew your cancellation if you wish.

Please note that your cancellation is connected to the address you give us, so if you move house or change addresses you’ll need to complete this process again for your new address.’

pink little birdie 6:30 pm 02 Jun 12

I guess I’m one of the few people who use it…
I find it’s easier and faster to find a local business that I want particularly if I have only an idea of the service I want but no names of companies.
Scouts and community groups make money by delivering the book.
my house has only has one computer so If I want to look a phone number while someone is on the computer it’s way easier to use the phone book.
If you need a emergency number that isn’t triple 0 they are in the front of the book which means they can be found even if the power is out or I don’t need to wait 5 minutes for the computer to load (old computer) to get the number

Gungahlin_Bob 6:01 pm 02 Jun 12

This has been a topic of conversation with several people over the last week or so.

I am one for killing it off, and I would bet that it is on its last legs…..

The print is so small, it is painful to read, even with reading glasses, and to be honest, on the whole, the most likely ones to use it are the ones that are not computer literate, which are the more senior members of the community.

What was funny was that my daughters actually asked what they were for… their 10-12 years they had not even seen them, and were amazed when we showed them that our phone number was listed in there.

The sooner we stop chopping trees down for these books, the better. We are never going to be a paperless society, but these books are a definite environmental waste.

As some one said, it should be opt in, not opt out….when they find that they are only printing for small number, they might realise that they are waste….



Deckard 5:07 pm 02 Jun 12

You can ask not to have one delivered if that’s your choice…

Innovation 4:34 pm 02 Jun 12

The Yellow Pages is probably still a profitable venture (although I would have thought businesses could find more effective advertising – such as RA). I think that the White Pages is now combined in the same book as the Yellow Pages to keep costs down although I agree that both parts are probably a waste.

I remember reading somewhere recently that most people would choose not to list their personal phone numbers at all if it was free – which would make the White Pages even more obsolete.

I like the idea of printing and delivering phone books only to those people who ask for it (but the cost of printing and delivering these books is probably still less paper than a year’s supply of something like the Chronicle – which most people don’t want either).

dungfungus 3:35 pm 02 Jun 12

how environmentally friendly is a product which is UNUSABLE ???

Wind turbines on calm days and solar panels at night fit into this category.

Loxmyf 3:29 pm 02 Jun 12

I thought they had stopped them. The last one I received was 2010. Then I find the little one sitting on my doorstep last night. It looked so cute that I’ll hug him and clean him and name him George.

gertel 3:27 pm 02 Jun 12

+1 for making it opt in

Chip 2:57 pm 02 Jun 12

Agree re new phone book. Now it is hard to find the tiny book by feel under the seat of the truck as I’m driving and squinting to find number whilst trying to keep eye on road as well is pretty dangerous. But I pull over to make call cos I’m law abiding.

ImagineThat 2:42 pm 02 Jun 12

I haven’t looked inside a phone book in years, thanks to the internet. I’d be willing to bet a large percentage of Canberrans only look in the book once a year – and that is within 5 minutes of delivery – to check their own listing. In my opinion it is a huge waste of resources and money to deliver paper books to each residence across Australia, as well as multiple copies to businesses.

Perhaps Canberrans can lead the way by proactively starting up the ‘Please don’t deliver the phone book here’ Register. It could initially be an opt out service similar to the ‘Do not call’ Register. If enough people let it be known they really don’t need it or want it, perhaps someone will listen and over time we could change to an opt in service (as suggested above).

Anyone want to take up the challenge of organising such a movement?

c_c 2:12 pm 02 Jun 12

SnapperJack said :

I have no problem with that but elderly people who are computer illiterate will be effectively denied access to a telephone directory.

No, they’ll just need to get used to remembering one number – 1234.

SnapperJack 1:26 pm 02 Jun 12

The public complained about the combining of the White and Yellow pages in one book last year, specifically the inclusion of the White Pages at the back of the book hard to access unlike years ago when you turned the book around and upside down and the White Pages were at the front with a second cover page. Sensis responded by ignoring those complaints and creating a new source of angst with the small print this year.

I really believe this is the first step towards abolishing the book altogether and forcing us all onto the web sites. I have no problem with that but elderly people who are computer illiterate will be effectively denied access to a telephone directory.

Let’s hope next year when Tony becomes PM and politically correct environmentalism is kicked out the back door we can get our good old reliable, easy to read phone book back.

trevar 12:47 pm 02 Jun 12

I completely agree jbchild; it’s about time they stopped wasting paper printing these things. They’re completely useless and production should have ceased five years ago.

At the very least they could be opt-in to save me having to pick it up and transfer it to the recycling bin!

bd84 12:29 pm 02 Jun 12

The yellow and white pages have served no purpose for many years, other than for putting under my monitor at work to make it the right height and for holding things down. I do not know anyone who actually uses it, even the oldies use the Internet these days. I accept there may be a demand for them from some groups such as the elderly, but there’s no point producing tens of millions of copies when most people don’t want one. They should make it an opt in service where people can ring a number and they can be delivered.

c_c 11:59 am 02 Jun 12

Well you see there’s this great invention called the internet where one can find any phone number, and phone number you can ring to get any phone number should internet be unavailable.
Unfortunately to appease the grey vote, phone books remain.

Luckily the concerns about font size have been heard and in 2013/14, they’ll be making the fonts bigger – and therefore using more paper and ink.

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