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New late night urinals are for very short people

By Barcham 16 March 2013 63


Last night I went to investigate the new urinals that have been placed in Civic. Why? For you dear Rioters. I did it for you. As you can see from the above image they have placed them in quiet, private, out of the way areas. Areas such as one of the primary bus stops on Alinga St. Right next to a streetlamp. Because privacy.

Also you see they’ve placed rather large doors to increase the privacy available to the urine-ees.


Climbing into a urinal to examine the facilities I discovered three things.

1. The doors sit well below ‘business’ level, meaning they won’t actually provide privacy to anyone over 5 foot tall.
2. As soon as you step into a urinal you can expect a large group of people to approach you and ask what you are doing, and how you are finding it.
3. Despite points 1 and 2, people must still be using these toilets as they smelt horrible.

[Photos courtesy of Adam Thomas]

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New late night urinals are for very short people
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sj20 3:46 pm 25 Mar 13

Personally I think these are offensive, not for the fact that women can’t use them or don’t have a similar counterpart. But because I dont want to see THAT when I’m taking a stroll to another club, there are already many things I see in civic of a late night, that I wish I could unsee, but installing these in open, well lit public places? it’s basically advocating public indecency…To be perfectly honest I’d prefer they take their usual route down a quiet, unlit ally. I highly doubt the target market of these particular urinals are at their most steady part of the evening either, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few stumbles and slips, resulting in far more than I planned on seeing that night! And lastly, right next to the taxi rank line!? ‘cummon’ ACT.. Use your brains! If I want to end my evening watching a guy drunkenly taking a piss, I’ll have a sneak peek in the mens bathroom in Macdonald located 2 seconds away from these abominations!

rosscoact 6:30 am 19 Mar 13

wildturkeycanoe said :

As expensive as these “temporary” arrangements [we hope] are, they could have at least put up something like a curtain or tarpaulin around them for privacy. And what is wrong with Portaloos? Apart from the fact that this contraption services 4 people at a time, if it is catered for the driveway/alley cat, then the market is unlikely to go out in public like this, they will continue to go into hiding. If my taxes went towards this, I want a refund!!!
Let me say that again to make it noted for our pollies – I WANT A REFUND!!!
My taxes did not go towards these pitiful efforts, when in any suburban street you have no toilets to service you within a 2km radius after closing time for shopping centers. Does that mean that drunks get special privileges but ordinary suburbanites do not? What is so special about the deadbeats in Civic who can’t pee in the place that they bought drinks from? We are pandering to the type of people who shouldn’t be hanging around public places. What’s next, making a comfy padded tyre barrier for drunk driver’s so they don’t crash into other people? How about a free money stall to stop robbers mugging old people and teenage girls? Free gift vouchers to Fyshwick’s establishments for those who feel like raping women so that they leave innocents alone?
If you can’t go to the toilet where you filled your bladder, TOO BAD!! If you have to pee in an alleyway, prepare to be arrested for indecent exposure or urinating in a public place. These horrid orange things will be such a Youtube hit from cameras up on the roofs and windows of the surrounding buildings, not to mention the passers by with phones recording as they walk past. Will you be a worldwide hit?
Hate them, hate them, hate them.
That’s my spray for tonight.

Given that they are financed by Canberra CBD then I suggest you take it up with them but unless you are a member of that organisation I don’t think they’ll give you money.

You can try though.

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