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New laws to protect our environment

By S4anta 29 November 2005 11

The sale of pest plants and animals is now officially banned under the Pest Plants and Animals Act 2005, Chief Minister and Environment Minister Jon Stanhope said in a press release you can find here.

You can find the full bill here

As sensible as all this sounds, and as great it will be for the ACT environment that many noxious pests will essentially have a noose around their figurative heads, the one that perplexes me somewhat is this line at the bottom of said press release;

“The laws do not apply to residential areas.”

You monkeys.

So does that mean that I am allowed to breed Vulpes vulpes in my backyard, and have the hutch under a grove of Pinus radiata that I have cleverly pulled out from what was Stromlo Forest (which I am legally allowed to do under the new legislation)?

What’s Your opinion?

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New laws to protect our environment
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bonfire 1:25 pm 30 Nov 05

is that sung to the beastie boys ‘brass monkey’ ?

Blamemonkey 1:18 pm 30 Nov 05

Won’t someone think about us monkeys…..
Stupid yet sexy monkeys…

bonfire 1:07 pm 30 Nov 05

cats are a feral pest in this country.

when captain cook arrived he wasnt greeted by a cat carrying koori!

they are destructive deceitful creatures.

they should be banned, hunted down and exterminated. one by one.

the csiro should begin investigating biological control measures.

on their owners as well – who excuse their animals behaviour cos they are cute.

cats have killed more wildlife than guns in this country.

ssanta 12:54 pm 30 Nov 05

For the record, cats have been domesticated since pre-bronze age civilisations. And they taste good wrapped in pastry with a bit of parsely.

Maelinar 11:19 am 30 Nov 05

bonfire, what part of pest animal… oh you read pet animal didn’t you ?

jeesus sometimes you can be a dork.

Cats have been a domestic pet since at least Egypt, I’m not going to bother googling any precise information for you.

Given that Cats are listed under the category of acceptable pets (as are camels), the short answer is no.

A longer answer is no, you dork.
An even longer answer is no, and shutup you clown, you’re not impressing anybody.

bonfire 10:34 am 30 Nov 05

are cats banned under this legislation ?

JJJmonkey 6:21 am 30 Nov 05

stupid yet sexy… really? 😉

Blamemonkey 2:16 pm 29 Nov 05

Please don’t Blame Monkey’s, it’s not my fault that i’m stupid yet sexy

ssanta 12:40 pm 29 Nov 05

He is may favourite too. Along with my neighbour who went off after I zero’d the pattinsons curse on my front lawny bit.

Thumper 12:39 pm 29 Nov 05

Um, sorry, but i don’t really get the point of this.

From my humble understanding a weed becomes a weed when it escapes the urban environment where they then become a problem. This doesn’t really seem to address this.

What about Patterson’s Curse? maybe they should start clearing that rather than having laws that don’t make any sense.

Maelinar 12:23 pm 29 Nov 05

They can start with the guy who sells Privet at the Jameison Markets.

Till he’s gone, I’ll still regard it as a claytons law.

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