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New police intel tactics?

By Octogen 27 April 2008 48

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but I was out with a couple of mates in civic the other night doing a photography assignment and saw something quite strange. Police vans doing were laps around the main venue block of civic (i.e. the phoenix, ICBM, mooseheads – the latter two I’m more than glad to see cleaned up! Well, at least the drunk trashbags that mill around outside and cause trouble). After taking a closer look at the vans which were doing about 10k’s an hour, the side panel door was slightly opened, and darkened inside (I think I saw a lens at some stage). The interesting thing, is that every time whoever was looking out the door saw us watching them, the side panel slammed shut quickly – and several vans were performing exactly the same operation. They’d drive round the main block with the side door panel open, park out the front of where impact records used to be for about 5 minutes, and then a different van would do exactly the same thing. Anyone else noticed this? Might have something to do with the new crackdown on binge drinking?

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New police intel tactics?
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ant 9:05 pm 28 Apr 08

Well, this has been most educational! In yankland, you can get really cheap spirits (the larger bottles, several litres, are often plastic). Fleischmanns is one widely available el cheapo distilleries. You can get a large bottle of fairly tasteless gin for about $12. Now THAT’S goon! Trust the yanks, talk prohibition and you can buy beer at every servo and spirits are cheap as chips. Funny how they haven’t got an epidemic of teenage binge drinking necessitating huge taxes.

Thumper 6:53 pm 28 Apr 08

At night I don’t leave the safety of the Kambah Tavern.

That is one of the funniest things I have read for yonks

martin75 6:33 pm 28 Apr 08

At night I don’t leave the safety of the Kambah Tavern.

Skidbladnir 4:59 pm 28 Apr 08

Sadly, Thumper is correct for once.

But the frozen, eaten with a spoon\highly alcoholic slurpee was always Froon (frozen goon) in our end of town.

Joe Canberran 4:50 pm 28 Apr 08

Surely everyone played goon of fortune when they were young? (i might even bring it out again for old times sake this weekend)

And i’d be a bit worried if a time came when our police didn’t drive around looking at stuff. don’t exactly want them looking to start trouble but looking for it (and the places listed sound like good places to start to me) in order to prevent or stop it is fine by me.

Thumper 4:34 pm 28 Apr 08

I always thought it came from;

Flagon, Flagoon, Goon…

Skidbladnir 4:24 pm 28 Apr 08

Goon is not simply ‘cask wine’.
It is the cheapest cask wine available at the time, and only once the cardboard is removed does it becomes Goon, Nectar of the Gods.

And you get this neat blow-up silver pillow for sleeping off any after-effects of too much wine.

Other variants of Goon-related madness involve either taking a shotglass of goon every minute for as long as the goon lasts, or just freezing the bag and drinking the remaining liquid, which should be even more alcoholic, or just eating it with a spoon.
I recall this being called “Froon”.

Good times…

ant 4:16 pm 28 Apr 08

That’s brilliant! So “goon” is cask wine? I’d never heard of this, people really do it?

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