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New police intel tactics?

By scottie_517 - 27 April 2008 48

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but I was out with a couple of mates in civic the other night doing a photography assignment and saw something quite strange. Police vans doing were laps around the main venue block of civic (i.e. the phoenix, ICBM, mooseheads – the latter two I’m more than glad to see cleaned up! Well, at least the drunk trashbags that mill around outside and cause trouble). After taking a closer look at the vans which were doing about 10k’s an hour, the side panel door was slightly opened, and darkened inside (I think I saw a lens at some stage). The interesting thing, is that every time whoever was looking out the door saw us watching them, the side panel slammed shut quickly – and several vans were performing exactly the same operation. They’d drive round the main block with the side door panel open, park out the front of where impact records used to be for about 5 minutes, and then a different van would do exactly the same thing. Anyone else noticed this? Might have something to do with the new crackdown on binge drinking?

What’s Your opinion?

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48 Responses to
New police intel tactics?
Thumper 8:12 pm 27 Apr 08

One word…


Scott 7:48 pm 27 Apr 08

It’s a load of bullshit isn’t it? I don’t think anyone is going to change their patterns either! It’s just gonna be – “double vodka and oj thanks” instead of “smirnoff black thanks”

Thumper 7:39 pm 27 Apr 08


I seem to recall getting hammered every weekend about 20 years ago.

Nothing new here folks, move along….

Thumper 7:38 pm 27 Apr 08

Faaaark, I could have written that, except i don’t work for health.

However, it’s all okay.

Chairman Rudd will see that we are saved.

Forget the fact that a tax on lolly water will simply mean the kids will just drink goon…..

RuffnReady 7:37 pm 27 Apr 08

I’d just like to say that Civic is not overly dangerous. Sure, there are lots of fcukwits about, and I wouldn’t walk down the alleys by yourself, but just follow two simple rules: keep your wits about you, and don’t make extended eye contact with anyone. No-one will even notice you’re there.

As for teenage binge drinking, I wonder if it is worse today than it was 10 or 15 years ago?

Scott 7:04 pm 27 Apr 08

el said :

What crackdown on binge drinking?

Um, the nationwide attempt to help monitor and prevent binge drinking?

The Rudd Government has announced a new national strategy to address the binge drinking epidemic among young Australians.

This national strategy will begin with three new practical measures to help reduce alcohol misuse and binge drinking among young Australians: $14.4 million to invest in community level initiatives to confront the culture of binge drinking, particularly in sporting organisations; and $19.1 million to intervene earlier to assist young people and ensure that they assume personal responsibility for their binge drinking; $20 million to fund advertising that confronts young people with the costs and consequences of binge drinking.

Binge drinking among young people is a community wide problem that demands a community wide response, including a new emphasis on young people taking greater personal responsibility for their behaviour.

The three new practical measures announced today will be funded by reprioritising existing government spending.

The binge drinking problem
Binge Drinking imposes a huge toll on our community. The 2005 Australian Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug (ASSAD) Survey found that in any given week, approximately one in ten – that is 168,000 – 12 to 17 year olds reported binge drinking or drinking at risky levels (defined in this report as seven or more drinks for males and five or more for females). For 16 and 17 year olds, one in five drank at risky levels.

A study of community football clubs in 2000 carried out by the Centre for Youth Drug Studies showed that:
13% of 18-20 year olds drank 13 or more standard drinks each time they visited the club;
83% left the club as the driver of a vehicle; and
70% of males (30% of females) believe drinking is an important tradition at their club.

In addition to the objective evidence on the costs of binge drinking, there is the untold impact on families and communities around the country.

The Government is determined to work with communities, parents and young people to implement a National Strategy on Binge Drinking that includes a new focus on personal responsibility.

While the Australian Government has a number of initiatives aimed at targeting alcohol misuse in the wider community, there has to date been no coherent national approach to tackling binge drinking among young people.

These announcements are only a first step. The Rudd Government will continue to engage with stakeholders on how the community can effectively confront this social problem.

These measures will dovetail with the Government’s wider commitment to establish a National Preventative Health Taskforce, which will examine ways to reduce the health problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

The Department of Health and Ageing will also be asked to consolidate relevant data to assist in understanding the scale of this problem, and to assess the effectiveness of these initiatives by mid-2009. Source:

Here’s some other stories on said “crackdown”,21985,23603720-24218,00.html,25197,23547129-23289,00.html,22049,23495233-5006009,00.html

Scott 6:28 pm 27 Apr 08

Anal probes you say hmmm? Hehe. Na, don’t think it’s a conspiracy – just interested as to what’s going on. The assignment was “documenting social interaction in a space” (if you can count stumbling outside mooseheads as social interaction) – took photos of the same spots – day and night.

Thumper 5:37 pm 27 Apr 08

They are taking photos of people to develop Civic facial recognition software

I’m safe. My face can break a lens at 200 metres…

A mirror at 2000 metres…

Deadmandrinking 4:09 pm 27 Apr 08

On the odd few occasions I’ve ended up at mooseheads at 3-5am (Yes, yes, I know, but alcohol is one hell of a drug), I’ve noticed them going slow. I thought that was just so they’d be there when the fights broke out. No conspiracy really.

smack 1:47 pm 27 Apr 08

I’m going looking for them right now!!!!

Special G 1:08 pm 27 Apr 08

It’s a conspiracy. They are taking photos of people to develop Civic facial recognition software. Careful if you notice them they will snavel you into the back and conduct Government experiments on you involving anal probes.

TAD 1:07 pm 27 Apr 08

News flash – “Police look at stuff and take photos”

kevn 11:14 am 27 Apr 08

“Going out in Civic is like playing Russian roulette in my eyes.”

That’s a little dramatic. Yes, there are rare incidents out of leftfield, but no more than elsewhere. More often than not the problems only come to those that seek them.

I avoid places like Moose and ICBM like the plague, but sometimes have to walk past them alone, and its really not that bad. You just have to avoid the temptation to laugh at the clowns.

Lenses? It would be hard to imagine they’d be filming to do with the binge drinking thing. One would think it would be more to track violent people or drug dealers.

el 9:22 am 27 Apr 08

What crackdown on binge drinking?

Timberwolf65 8:44 am 27 Apr 08

No sorry, I no longer go out in Civic, I value my life to much!!
Going out in Civic is like playing Russian roulette in my eyes.

Perhaps they were training for something big, who knows.

What was the photography assignment you were doing about….?

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