New Year’s Fireworks

Homeless 28 December 2010 20

Forget posts offices, forget op shop opening hours, forget hiding from mum over Christmas. Forget Mullys and floods. We want to know the important stuff, the stuff that every Canberran, Queanbeyanite and Bungendoriack wants to know. When and where are the new years fire works?!!

Yes, I know I can Google that, but if I did that no one would have a chance to slag me and everyone else who posts a reply. Besides, I’m performing a community service by letting the other lazy readers of this thread know.

So, odds are on that they will be around the lake, about 8:30 for the ACTerritoriacs, 8:30 in the park for the Quangerites and down behind the sheds whenever for the Bunginthedoorians. Unless some one knows any better.

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20 Responses to New Year’s Fireworks
Holditz Holditz 10:28 pm 01 Jan 11

Chop71 wrote:

“I wish our government would save the $$$ and let people buy their own fireworks on Queens Birthday weekend.”

From Mount Taylor I saw a few rockets being fired last night around the Woden/Weston Creek area and they weren’t the official fireworks at City Walk.

Mr Gillespie Mr Gillespie 7:28 pm 01 Jan 11

We are GMT+11 hours actually, because of Gaylight Saving, but that doesn’t matter anyway. The point is, midnight here is the moment when the calendar here ticks over to the new day and the new year, and that is the whole point of celebrating!

thy_dungeonman thy_dungeonman 10:01 pm 31 Dec 10

Wait a minute we’re 10 hours ahead of GMT! were celebrating new years 10 hours too soon, someone stop everyone! oh my gosh I also just discovered that time is relative, guess it doesn’t matter then.

housebound housebound 11:17 pm 30 Dec 10

Two sets of fireworks are two times the fun, but we stay away from Civic for both.

Chop71 Chop71 11:03 pm 30 Dec 10

I wish our government would save the $$$ and let people buy their own fireworks on Queens Birthday weekend.

s-s-a s-s-a 9:26 pm 30 Dec 10

If the 9pm ones were on at a more convenient time for families with young kids, it would still be light and there would be no point.

On a related matter, I wish they would move Skyfire to after the end of daylight saving!!

Mr Gillespie Mr Gillespie 6:44 pm 30 Dec 10

Let’s celebrate the New Year when it actually arrives, which is at midnight when the calendar date actually rolls over from 31/12 to 1/1, instead of jumping the gun by 3 hours.

thy_dungeonman thy_dungeonman 5:56 pm 30 Dec 10

I think it’s entirely understandable people with children don’t want to be hanging around civic at 12am on new-years eve or 12am in civic on any other night for that matter.

Ema Chizit Ema Chizit 2:37 pm 30 Dec 10

here’s a poem to go with your ponderings.

The year is fading fast,the end is almost here,so celebrate it properly,with champagne maybe a little beer, watching fireworks, bursting over the lake, you realy have to love, the photographs you take, so enjoy the day, and party at night, have agood time, do it right. (Happy New Year everyone.)

gingermick gingermick 10:31 pm 29 Dec 10

I’ve been to Orange.But I came back.

buzz819 buzz819 7:46 pm 29 Dec 10

Mr Gillespie… Boo hoo hoo… Ohh do you want some tissues because there will be two set’s of fire works? Are you one of those people that get upset when people drive cars you don’t like?

If you don’t like that there are two sets of fire works go to Orange and don’t come back.

astrojax astrojax 6:55 pm 29 Dec 10

What’s with the 9pm fireworks? I didn’t know we welcomed in the New Year twice!??

the first one is for farewelling the old year at a time just after kiddies’ bed time, so parents can’t watch them either… obviously.

Mr Gillespie Mr Gillespie 4:20 pm 29 Dec 10

What a waste of money and good fireworks fuel that is. The only time the New Year begins is at midnight. 9pm is just pretend — the only thing real is the money being spent marking an occasion that does not occur for another 3 hours.

Mess Mess 4:06 pm 29 Dec 10

I’m guessing it’s meant for the families who would like to see fireworks, but don’t want their kids staying out that late.

Paul0075 Paul0075 3:39 pm 29 Dec 10

The Whitlams are part of the entertainment, prior to 9 pm and then there’s doof doof till Midnight. All in Garema Place apparently

Mr Gillespie Mr Gillespie 2:45 pm 29 Dec 10

What’s with the 9pm fireworks? I didn’t know we welcomed in the New Year twice!??

Mess Mess 11:25 am 29 Dec 10

First display at 9pm, second one is on at Midnight

H1NG0 H1NG0 11:17 am 29 Dec 10


Here is the real reply you were looking for:

deye deye 6:28 pm 28 Dec 10

What: New Year’s in the City

When 7pm until late, Friday 31st December

Where: Civic Square (London Circuit) and Garema Place, Canberra City

knuckles knuckles 6:07 pm 28 Dec 10

I’m not a hundred per cent certain, but I’m pretty sure they will be held on the evening of 31st December

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