Nightmare on Lake Burley Griffin: Get ready to run for your life

Lachlan Roberts 4 September 2019 179

Does a run around Lake Burley Griffin with killer clowns chasing you with knives sound fun? Images supplied by Running Scared.

A horde of 20 clowns jump out from behind trees and start chasing you around Lake Burley Griffin, as your blood-curdling screams fill the night air.

While this might be a premise for a terrible nightmare for most, some believe this heart-racing experience is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween.

So for the first time ever, a section of Lake Burley Griffin will transform for one night into a terror course with dangers and jump scares lurking at every turn.

The “horror fun run”, aptly called Running Scared, will start at Stirling Park in Yarralumla and finish in Rond Terrace, with thousands of people donned in Halloween costumes hoping to be scared by chilling characters.

Paul Kind, the main man behind the event, said participants can take as long as they need to run the five-kilometre, dimly lit track but the adrenaline rush from being scared might put wings on their feet.

“While there will be activities along the whole five kilometres, there will be around a dozen hubs that will have particular themes,” he detailed. “The hubs will be focused on a particular genre of horror, like a section dedicated to clowns, a section of chainsaws and other things that people associate with the horror genre and Halloween.”

Killer clowns

Clowns will feature in one of a dozen hubs at the run.

The course will be littered with an array of human and animatronic props, with drama students dressed up to send a shiver down the spine while moving props as large as six feet will scare your socks off.

Mr Kind said having the participants also dressed up in horrifying outfits will only add to the spectacle.

“Thousands of people running together in Halloween costumes will create its own atmosphere,” he said. “The people who are participating are part of the theatre of it and that is what we would like to see.”

Mr Kind said that they decided to stage the first event in Canberra, believing the nation’s capital was the “right market” for the run.

“There is a growing appetite for celebrating Halloween in Australia and I am fascinated by the rise in interest,” he shared. “As a young Aussie myself, I really had no interest in Halloween but now I have three teenage daughters who are really engaging in dressing up and celebrating Halloween.


A quirky way to celebrate Halloween!

“There is also a global trend around fun runs and theme runs so we decided to combine Halloween with a theme run.”

Mr Kind was adamant that the run is not just a Halloween gimmick and their intention is to send you and your nerves home in a frazzled mess.

“We are really going to scare you!”

If you make it through the run alive, join in the Monster Dance party featuring DJs, Halloween bar and food trucks at Rond Terrace.

Will you survive the night? Buy your tickets here, grab a team of friends, don your best costume and get ready to run for your life!

Running Scared – Canberra 2019
7 pm, 12 October
Stirling Park, Yarralumla

The map of the run.

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179 Responses to Nightmare on Lake Burley Griffin: Get ready to run for your life
Casey Carne Casey Carne 6:16 pm 10 Sep 19

Jake Nelson we should go

Nicky State Nicky State 6:06 pm 10 Sep 19

Alexander State Fancy it?! 🧟‍♀️😱

Danica Scepanovic Danica Scepanovic 8:42 am 10 Sep 19

Omg Daniela ScepanovicDaniela Jelena Scepanovic

Tracey Mateer Tracey Mateer 3:52 pm 08 Sep 19

Kate Mateer I bought us tickets to this instead of the theatre. Thought it was more up your ally. Would you agree Tom Mateer 🤡👻👹🤡

    Kate Mateer Kate Mateer 4:56 pm 08 Sep 19

    Tracey Mateer you’re hilarious. Too bad you wasted your money 😅

Frances Zorzi Frances Zorzi 8:53 am 08 Sep 19

Teena Zorzi Josh Strehar Jana Hatzis Jasmin Cerni Vanessa Hatzis James Savoulidis my absolute nightmare

Jessica Anne O'brien Jessica Anne O'brien 9:49 pm 07 Sep 19

Sarah Cullen let’s do it 😂

Cliff Dorian Cliff Dorian 9:41 pm 07 Sep 19

I'm coming

Tanya Graham Tanya Graham 8:37 pm 07 Sep 19

Karen Cowan here is something for Naomi Cowan thought u would like this naomi

Kylie Killiby Kylie Killiby 8:08 pm 07 Sep 19

Kyle Van Den Berg you in???

    Kyle Van Den Berg Kyle Van Den Berg 8:10 pm 07 Sep 19

    Kylie Killiby hahaha mate not a chance😂

    Kylie Killiby Kylie Killiby 8:11 pm 07 Sep 19

    We will go next year hahaha Blake Edgar surety you’ll be in!

    Blake Edgar Blake Edgar 8:14 pm 07 Sep 19

    Kylie Killiby absolutely

    Dwayne Tosen Dwayne Tosen 11:30 pm 07 Sep 19

    Kyle Van Den Berg I'm sure I can dig up a VR video of not so long ago.

Steph Brown Steph Brown 2:31 pm 07 Sep 19

Sharne Kate stay away gf

Katja Myburgh Katja Myburgh 12:31 pm 07 Sep 19

Emma Beauman Kristen Downes omg please can we??

    Emma Beauman Emma Beauman 12:31 pm 07 Sep 19

    Katja Myburgh if you want me to die then sure

    Katja Myburgh Katja Myburgh 12:32 pm 07 Sep 19

    we will die together

    Katja Myburgh Katja Myburgh 12:32 pm 07 Sep 19

    Cmonnnn you said you wanted an adventure 😉

    Emma Beauman Emma Beauman 12:32 pm 07 Sep 19

    Kristen Downes you up for this?

    Emma Beauman Emma Beauman 12:33 pm 07 Sep 19

    Katja Myburgh fine I am there, only because I am the rebellious one 😉

    Kristen Downes Kristen Downes 12:34 pm 07 Sep 19

    i am in let’s face it I am the rebellious one Katja Myburgh Emma Beauman

    Katja Myburgh Katja Myburgh 12:35 pm 07 Sep 19


    Emma Beauman Emma Beauman 12:36 pm 07 Sep 19

    Kristen Downes pfft please 😂 *won’t go to Bali with us 😂

Madi Willett Madi Willett 12:17 pm 07 Sep 19

Daniel Clink I reckon I could do it...

Jake McCall Jake McCall 11:50 am 07 Sep 19

Locklyn this screams you

Taylar Jane Taylar Jane 9:58 am 07 Sep 19

Kayla Riley scare cam??

    Kayla Riley Kayla Riley 9:59 am 07 Sep 19

    Taylar Jane get tf outta here

    Taylar Jane Taylar Jane 9:59 am 07 Sep 19

    Kayla Riley I’m half tempted! Would be kinda fun? 😂😂 we would just scare ourself!

Robyn Eml Robyn Eml 9:36 am 07 Sep 19

Imogen it’s that exercise video

    Martine Guesdon Martine Guesdon 11:40 am 07 Sep 19

    Robyn Lewis It is! My heart rate is up already reading this from bed. That'll do.

Justin Luu Justin Luu 8:52 am 07 Sep 19

Petar Milanovic Jnr lol! Don’t you love scary stuff

Rebecca Colclough Rebecca Colclough 12:20 am 07 Sep 19

Pamela Cindy for you and Yani?

Michelle Cholsimathaya-Sayasane Michelle Cholsimathaya-Sayasane 11:26 pm 06 Sep 19

Ann Leonora your dreams have come true

    Ann Lon Ann Lon 8:15 am 07 Sep 19


    Michelle Cholsimathaya-Sayasane Michelle Cholsimathaya-Sayasane 4:29 pm 08 Sep 19

    My heart is already racing 🤭

    Michelle Cholsimathaya-Sayasane Michelle Cholsimathaya-Sayasane 9:55 pm 08 Sep 19

    Leonora hahahaha that clown in the pic just imagine it chasing you hahha

    Ann Lon Ann Lon 8:39 am 09 Sep 19

    We'll dress up and run! Lol that seems kinda fun

    Ann Lon Ann Lon 5:39 pm 09 Sep 19

    Leonora lucky for you i have no scary costumes :(

    Michelle Cholsimathaya-Sayasane Michelle Cholsimathaya-Sayasane 10:11 pm 09 Sep 19

    Leonora I freaked out the other day coz I saw a girl with long black hair walking in the dark 😵 Ann you could be a scary Alice in wonderland

Emma Moore Emma Moore 8:39 pm 06 Sep 19

Indira Devkota have you seen this?

    Indira Devkota Indira Devkota 8:44 pm 06 Sep 19

    Emma Moore i have now! I got chills just imagining myself being chased by clowns!

Tennille Graham Tennille Graham 8:24 pm 06 Sep 19

Sasha Lee Brad Murphy Michael Murphy Mat AG Beth New Allanah Murphy could be interesting! 👻

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