No safety on the busses

johnboy 24 April 2007 9

The ABC reports that ACTION doesn’t think there’s enough actual violence in our bus interchanges to warrant their putting any security guards into them.

I’m not sure if a dozen incidents a year warrants a response or an over reaction with regard to the implementation of security officers or police

There is, of course, a world of difference between recorded incidents and actual incidents.

In any event the solution is blindingly clear: All publicly minded citizens who want security guards in bus interchanges need to get down there and start swinging.

Preferably take a friend rather than belt someone who won’t see it coming. Then you can report each other and make it two incidents for the price of one.

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9 Responses to No safety on the busses
seepi seepi 10:40 am 28 Apr 07

plenty of well heeled oldies and private schoolies on the busses.

Delfichael Delfichael 2:51 am 28 Apr 07

My, just the other day as we were pulling away from woden interchange I witnessed an incident where several young hoodlums exchanged angry words with the Action employee behind the ticket-purchase window, then started ramming against the door trying to knock it in.
I seem to see police there all the time…

terry_wrist terry_wrist 4:26 am 25 Apr 07

Again, look at Sydney and Melbourne. Security guards are never where the crimes are being committed.

The drivers are there, on the buses and at the interchanges and should be given enough legal powers to be the security guards. Seriously, give them training, Nationally recognised accreditation, pepper spray and a taser and I bet the crime rate on public transport will suddenly plummet.

caf caf 2:34 am 25 Apr 07

Ever heard of downward envy?

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:35 pm 24 Apr 07

Cameras will never work.

Buses are for the lower class : – societal waste.

They are so stupid they don’t understand they are being filmed and can be held accountable.

The only choice is to prop up more of my tax dollars with actual security guards. Sigh. stanhopless and his cronies will probably do this, so the people that contribute nothing, gain even more.

terry_wrist terry_wrist 4:50 pm 24 Apr 07

Sorry shauno, but have you ever seen the news reports in Sydney. The cameras don’t seem to be much of a deterrent, whether there on the buses, the trains or at the interchange/station. All they do is provide kick ass footage for the media.

To really put an end to crime on public transport, a physical presence is required. I say bus drives should be able to carry taser-guns. No joke. In the US (in 48 of the states) and several European countries, tasers may be carried legally by anyone over 18. Ok, that may be overkill in Australia, but at least give them to the drivers.

mattress mattress 10:14 am 24 Apr 07

good risk management doesnt just look at the likelihood of an adverse event occuring, it should also look at the consequences of the incident.

Spectra Spectra 9:52 am 24 Apr 07

Shauno: The incidents are in interchanges, not so much on the busses. And most of them already have a fair few cameras.

I dunno – I can see his point, but if there were a dozen incidents of assault every year at my workplace, you can bet something pretty drastic would be getting done…

shauno shauno 9:49 am 24 Apr 07

Why don’t they just put cameras in them like they do with taxis?

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