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Noise Abatement? Where do we stand?

By WonsWorld 10 June 2008 137

The recent discussion in regards to fireworks got me thinking.  Where rights do private landholders have in regards to noise from a neighbour? A guy who is a member of a “professional” (his words) thrash metal band has moved into the house next door in a quiet residential suburban neighbourhood. The band now rehearses from 10 AM to 4 PM every second Sunday and the music from next door can be heard in the living room, kitchen etc. Basically all over the house and it is not definitely not possible to sit outside on a Sunday afternoon and garden etc or simply sit and have a coffee. I am not suggesting that what can be heard is the typical bump and thud of the bass, you can actually hear the music as good as if it was being played on your own stereo. The neighbour has been spoken to and asked to turn it down (not off). The neighbour has used some form of padding to attempt to quieten the music but at this level it does little.

The neighbour was spoken to again (and again) asked to turn the level down but at this point he has suggested that the have to rehearse as they are a professional band and it’s a like it of lump it situation. His words were, “you will have to just live with it”. I might add that there has never been any harsh words said either way and its all been very polite but as you can see, achieves nothing.

Any comments as to what the next step would be? What would you do?

What to do with a noisy neighbour?

  • Rat them out (46%, 121 Votes)
  • Suck it up (30%, 78 Votes)
  • Retaliate! (24%, 62 Votes)

Total Voters: 261

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137 Responses to
Noise Abatement? Where do we stand?
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needlenose 11:26 am 15 Jun 08

Absent Diane said :

Why are the people that want quiet more important than those who want noise?

For pretty much the same reason that the rights of people who like torturing small animals are less important than the small animals. Or the rights of people who enjoy setting fire to things are less important than those of the people whose things are being burned. Your right to extend your arm ends where the other person’s nose begins.

On your rationale, it’s perfectly OK for you to go to a movie and hold a loud conversation throughout the whole thing. Because, hey, you paid for your ticket too, right, and why should your right to have a loud conversation be infringed upon by the rights of the 200 other people there who want to see the movie in peace?

ant 10:45 am 15 Jun 08

Because inflicting noise on everyone around you is a low act. That’s why there’s laws about it. That’s why you can’t open up an industrial facility or racetrack or other noise-generating facility in residential areas. It destroys normal amenity, causes misery, and is pretty-well indefensible.

Absent Diane 10:18 am 15 Jun 08

Why are the people that want quiet more important than those who want noise?

needlenose 8:57 pm 14 Jun 08

AD – that’s just rubbish. Why does *anyone* have to play music so loudly that other people can’t enjoy their own homes? No one’s saying “stamp out all music” or even “all music I don’t like”, especially not the OP, who, for god’s sake, just put the world’s premiere production of “The Wall” on here in Canberra.

Absent Diane 3:50 pm 14 Jun 08

here is my suggestion to all the fools against the music and going on like deadshits about reporting it etc – never listen to any piece of music ever again because by acting like that you are destroying the roots of music. put up or shutup

DeanStokes 2:39 pm 14 Jun 08

Its often hard for musicians to find a place to rehearse but if they really annoy you I think THE GREEN ROOM offer cheap rates to use there facilities to rehears perhaps suggest that.:-)

minime2 3:51 am 14 Jun 08

To Canberra resident … you have the nerve to mention “status on this site”.

Why are you still here?

Are you not the who chucked that bile-ridden girly hissy fit a month ago about something pointless as censorship on Riot and said “goodbye” to us.

For the third time: just do it. And us a favour.

ant 9:07 pm 13 Jun 08

Smithja’s got it right. People work to pay for their homes, to have somewhere quiet to retire to. People who think they can subject neighbours in a residential areas to sustained amplified noise are breaking the law. Everyone likes music, but almost always, the music of other people is unwelcome and sounds pretty awful. No one has teh right to inflict their noise on other people in their own homes.

Kris209 5:36 pm 13 Jun 08

Yeh nice. Probably wont be out for a while yet though.
Something for next generation of muso’s maybe.

Absent Diane 5:03 pm 13 Jun 08

yeah i tend to agree.. but nice to know there are developments in this area.

niftydog 5:00 pm 13 Jun 08

Absent Diane said :

this may just be the answer.

Fascinating… but just like any good quality sound insulation technology, it’ll be ridiculously expensive. In fact, this could make the old technology look relatively cheap!

Loose Brown 3:39 pm 13 Jun 08

Boy this brings back memories! My brother used to practice, practice, practice and drive people crazy. Now his band is so good they never seem to practice – just turn up for gigs and play. They got a video production student to knock up a video clip and got played on Rage a few times (at 3am in the morn). Not a bad start for a few lads from Canberra.

He’s a hero in my eyes!

Absent Diane 3:20 pm 13 Jun 08
Kris209 5:43 pm 12 Jun 08

I avoid the news cos it always has flashy headlines of disgusting violent crimes for us to shake our heads at in non-violent, non-active disagreement. Stories that make me want to go vigilante more than i can explain (exactly why I avoid it). That is not a ‘tough guy’ thing as you interpreted, its a ‘enough is enough’ thing. Its a protective thing. If this – criminal, in my opinion – Law system is not going to protect people, then we need to protect ourselves. Then this same criminal system mocks us by blantently showing that violence and cruelty are not strongly dis-encouraged. That’s why people are ‘like that’ I think. Lack of strong enough incentive to not do what we read of.

Surely children in shopping centres are well above that dB limit. (no offense intended smithja, just noticed your mention).
They are the one thing im scared of. My partner wants 2 in the coming years. I think i will possibly change to want the same, just as i changed away from it, but currently i cant stand them.
It is good however, that there are some places for people to practice music without “turning it down” (you cant turn down a drum kit).

smithja 3:46 pm 12 Jun 08

Regardless, people aren’t they way they used to be… which was my point. I hate it but, everyday I read the paper and make comparisons to what the states are like. In Sydney you wouldn’t get away with playing loud music.. for 8 hours… I’ve personally never touched a gun nor reverted to violence, but people are like that… even in Canberra.

I have no problems with music, I love it…. and I don’t care if families in my street have parties and I’m far from being middle aged, but people really push the limits… Just not so loud for 8 hours or late at night….and I wouldn’t be a useless whinger or a prude… I have a very full life, with kids, full-time work, meetings, shopping, soccer, swimming lessons, music lessons etc…., and i crave(look forward to) for peace and quiet.

Kris209 3:32 pm 12 Jun 08

niftydog – the band SystemAddict i think will be needing a bass player.
Sorry i dont have contact details, but they probably got a website/myspace thingo

Kris209 3:12 pm 12 Jun 08

Thanks heaps AD/Justbands. will definitely look at the site.


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