nostalgia isn’t what it used to be; what was it again?

astrojax 14 June 2010 11

astress has unearthed the final electric shadows poster from the end of 2006 and i realise that, while i knew it then but now can’t recall (though didn’t get to the screening for some reason now forgotten) can anyone recall the ‘surprise’ final film they showed..?

and so while i’m on topic, how do people rate the dendy in its stead? and what favourite memories do you miss of the red and blue walls..? and what would have been <i>your</i> pick for last screening?

mine? mebbe ‘santa sangre’, but i’m sure that’s way too dark for the finale!

[ED – send us a photo of the poster Astro?]

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11 Responses to nostalgia isn’t what it used to be; what was it again?
Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:37 am 16 Jun 10

The old Electric Shadows posters were pretty cool. I remember going to a flick in their last week and IIRC it was the Rocky Horror Picture show. Or maybe I’m making that up?

I miss the sound of the air pushing out of the seats as you sat down. Those cinemas had a unique charm about them which no new building will ever replace. I understand you can’t stand in the way of progress and all that, but Electric Shadows will always be missed. Centre Cinema, too.

Marvellous Melvin Marvellous Melvin 4:41 pm 15 Jun 10

Dendy is much better than Hoyts/Greater Union or that digital one in Tuggeranong whose name escapes me. But alas it is no Lecky Shads. The beauty of Lecky Shads was the unusual movies it brought to Canberra. Dendy is great at showing award winning international and indie films, but doesn’t bring much else.

The cinemas themselves are great and I will go and see mainstream movies there rather than at Hoyts because at least I know they’ll show it in focus.


Grail Grail 3:07 pm 15 Jun 10

Yup, these days “independent cinema” is pronounced “YouTube” 😉

S4anta S4anta 2:48 pm 15 Jun 10

Buzz2600 said :

Where do you go for true independent cimena?

The internets!

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 1:24 pm 15 Jun 10

Electric Shadows final movie screening in 2006 was Volver. I’m still missing Electric Shadows even after all these years… it was one of the only places in Canberra that had some soul. ES posters were a staple wall adornment in our house for many, many years, loved ’em!

Dendy started out as an upmarket alternative and continues to screen a decent selection of international movies but seems to have gone the way of the rest now heavily reliant on a diet of hollywood action blockbusters to get by … ho hum. Where do you go for true independent cimena?

preacher preacher 12:41 pm 15 Jun 10

Best (only?) independant cinema in Canberra is ANU film group –

Very cheap, and you can nominate films and vote on them.

I’m only a member, but I’ve seen many great films there that I would have never have normally seen.

Pity the seats are crap. Everything else is exceptional.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 10:30 am 15 Jun 10

I know it wasn’t the very last film shown at the ES, but I saw Dr Strangelove/How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb not too long before their sad demise.

I miss small independant cinemas. Hoyts/Greater Union have no soul and are frequented by annoying teenagers and feral bogans. The dendy is marginally better but again has moved towards mainstream films & banal Hollywood blockbusters instead of the quirky range that Dendy used to be known for.

Brisbane has a few independant cinemas still going and I try to get along when I’m back in brisneyland. They still draw a good following, especially to the occasional “trash film” showing.

emd emd 9:15 pm 14 Jun 10

Would love to see a pic of the poster! Like all good share houses, I used to wallpaper the kitchen with Electric Shadows posters and movie flyers.

I really enjoyed seeing Casablanca at Electric Shadows. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I already seemed to know the script off by heart, even though I’d never seen the movie before. It was particularly nice to see such an integral movie in Western popular culture on a big screen, the way it was meant to be seen. It was the last movie I ever saw at Electric Shadows.

The first movie I ever saw there was Reservoir Dogs. Loved it. And now I have a small child whose favourite bedtime teddy is Mr Pink. Maybe that’s why she is so unsettled at nights.

astrojax astrojax 7:38 pm 14 Jun 10

will try for poster pic, ed, but have to battle technology demons and lack of dig. camera – shall seek astress’s able assistance once again! (and me a photographer!)

nbee nbee 4:28 pm 14 Jun 10

The last film they showed was Volver, which according to Wiki, suitably means ‘to return to a place’. It’s Spanish film by Almodóvar.(

At the end of the showing, there was a standing ovation for the Electric Shadows staff who all went up on stage.

Waiting For Godot Waiting For Godot 4:11 pm 14 Jun 10

If it was a Friday it might have been The Gods Must Be Crazy. I recall they went thru a period of several years where they showed that movie every Friday night.

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