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Offally good tucker.

By bigfeet - 20 August 2008 76

This thread and this one have awaken in me a hunger for more delicious offal.

Any recommendations as to which café or restaurant in Canberra serves a nice dish of devilled kidneys, crumbed brains, tripe and onions, stuffed hearts, pigs liver or any other offalicious dish?

Where can I get a good black pudding or haggis?  How about some giblets? What about tongue or some jellied trotters?

I know there are other offal lovers out there, come-on, share your secrets!

What’s Your opinion?

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76 Responses to
Offally good tucker.
notdingers 10:50 am 21 Aug 08

Bite To Eat in Chifley had black pudding on the menu last time i went, admittedly that was a while ago, couldn’t tell you if it is good or not though 😉

Good luck on your offal quest

Mælinar - *spoiler 9:52 am 21 Aug 08

But when you throw up, do you really need to hit the post button ?

There are a number of other threads on this site, if you don’t like particular themes it is more than appropriate to avoid the ones you find distasteful.

Spitfire3 9:00 am 21 Aug 08

dammit, i just threw up all over my keyboard. that’s why no capital letters in this post. i’m not touching that shift key again.

glasscentralcanberra 8:24 am 21 Aug 08

The Green Herring used to do great offal, too. Not sure if they still do. Tom from Sage is now out at Grazing – should imagine he still whips it up on occasion.

bigfeet 6:39 am 21 Aug 08

Thanks Mael, I quite often source my own ingredients and am a regular shopper at Belco Markets. But it’s also nice to have someone else cook and clean up. I was hoping there would be a few restaurants around town that did some interesting ways.

Granny, Loved the link, and will be contacting that restaurant next time I am in Sydney. That’s the sort of thing I was looking for…how nice does that scallops on black pudding sound? And the lamb’s testicles? I have only ever had them grilled on an open fire, about ten minutes after they were removed from the lambs…, a bit of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice….mmmmmm making my mouth water just thinking about it.

needlenose 12:59 am 21 Aug 08

You can sometimes get pressed ox tongue at the smaller deli at the Fyshwick markets. They source it from a butcher somewhere because the larger commercial smallgoods producer who used to make it (can’t remember which one it was – KR?) stopped. So it comes in a squarish block rather than the big oval slices of my childhood, and is slightly less salty, but it’s still pretty good. Try early in the week because they often sell out. Delicious!

diprotodon 10:59 pm 20 Aug 08

Gunther and Christine Outsider Cafe and Gallery at Captain’s Flat does a fantastic chicken liver breakfast. Last time I was out there they were also working on their own brawn. Open Friday-Sunday.

Mælinar - *spoiler 10:50 pm 20 Aug 08

Unfortunately bigfoot the reason why you haven’t found a decent venue is because you won’t in Canberra.

Your hub for ingredients should involve a trip to Belconnen Markets, particularly the delicatessens, and the game butchery. Poachers Pantry might have some odds and ends, but as I’ve never felt the need to go out there I can’t vouch for them.

Granny 10:30 pm 20 Aug 08

You should enjoy this link, young bigfoot!

darkmilk 10:28 pm 20 Aug 08

The local butcher sells bags of this sort of stuff for a couple of dollars, that’s what my dog eats!

and slightly OT: WMC, Sage seems to have changed hands sometime in the last year or so. I wasn’t so impressed with it recently, used to go there often but didn’t for a while.

Whatsup 10:08 pm 20 Aug 08

I was dry retching just reading your post ! Hope you find somewhere and don’t be offended if I don’t take you up on your dinner invitation.

bigfeet 8:16 pm 20 Aug 08

Mmmmm. Sweetbreads……

sepi 8:15 pm 20 Aug 08

MArinettis used to do sweetbreads sometimes.

And the Austrian Club used to do brains occasionally.

I’m sure the top of red hill restaurant (forget it’s new name) does lots of game and offal.

astrojax 7:43 pm 20 Aug 08

the deli closest to the outside dance floor thing at belco markets has black puddings from esli’s butchery (swiss) in enfield, sydney and are simply divine. the deli at city markets also stocks a dandy one… mmmmm, black puddin’ sooooooo black, even’t white bits etc…

good thread. info, please!

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:49 pm 20 Aug 08

Hrm. Sage used to do decent brains, but not anymore it seems.

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