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On why taxis cost so much

By johnboy 5 August 2009 24

In the recent discussion on taxi fares Stone made a comment that I considered worthy of greater prominence:

    #22 posted by Stone
    01:13, 5 Aug 2009


    If you think it is expensive, you think people who drives taxis are making good money, however, why don’t you drive it?

    You are not on the job, you know nothing about it. The ACT govenment wants too much out of a taxi, that’s why it is “expensive”. The taxi rego costs about $8,000 a year which only cost about $2000 in NSW. The taxi plate leasing costs around $20,000 a year, and the insurance costs another $10,000(for vechile & driver). And all this still not include the running cost. Taxi Opereator needs to pay taxi base bout $1,300 each month for the base radio fee as well. If you want to put a car on road to do the business, you need to pay $1600 to fit all the equipments in and all of that cost a lot. There is a camera rental fee cost $1,280 which is stupid, as the camera is useless & hopeless. PS. one of the driver had a fight with a crazy oz animal who was asking cash from the driver, when the police try to access the camera hard drive to get that man’s picture, it was nothing there. We pay $1,280 for nothing!!

    Now you still think it’s expensive? How much do you think the driver will get? Let me tell you that the driver only gets half of what you paid. And that is before GST and Tax. The driver has to pay GST and Income Tax to the govenment. If I pay you $25 ask you to drive me to somewhere around 20km, specially when I was drunk and crazy as a dog, would you like to take me for $20? I rather pay you more to drive me back to home safely!

    Everyone needs to pay their bills and live in this city. If you have so much to say about the taxi industry, why don’t you write something to the govenment with all of your question marks about why canberra taxis are so danm expensive?

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On why taxis cost so much
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I-filed 10:04 pm 15 Nov 09

random said :

Found this interesting PDF of Australian taxi industry benchmarks/averages which says that drivers get $76,950/year in fares on average. 50% of that pre-tax is not a good income.

That would include the many, many part-time taxi drivers though. It’s meaningless without knowing the number of hours involved … $40,000 could be an excellent earner – if it’s two nights a week on average …

Skyring 6:43 pm 15 Nov 09

eyeLikeCarrots said :

I’m happy to pay a fair fee for a taxi ride.

I’m also entitled to get into a cab and not be refused because the driver does not want to drive to the destination, it being too short a trip and him being pissy that he waited a whole 2 minutes in the rank while I waited 20 minutes freezing my bollocks off.

Taxi rates are set by the government, not by the taxi companies. In theory the government makes sure that drivers are trained and competent, cabs and drivers are well-turned out, properly equipped and so on. In practice, some drivers break the rules and get away with it.

I never complain if the fare is a short one. I take the position that the passenger’s need to get home is precisely that, regardless of whether they live in the next street or the other side of town. More troublesome to me are long fares that are going in an inconvenient direction for me if I’m close to the end of my shift or I’ve got a timed booking coming up.

Cabbies are entitled to refuse passengers under certain conditions, one of them being if the passenger is affected by alcohol or drugs. Late at night, that’s pretty well anybody. We’re also allowed to refuse passengers who are ill, or in soiled clothing, or are abusive. That’s a few more.

Ad yes, it’s aggravating to wait a long time for a cab in the queue on Alinga Street or the airport. But that’s when there are a lot of passengers waiting and the cabs are busy. It’s a peak demand for cabs, and choosing to travel at such a time virtually guarantees a delay. Check the cab rank an hour earlier and you’ll likely see a long line of cabs waiting, engines idling. In fact most of a cabbie’s shift is spent waiting. A good strategy about getting a cab is to stop drinking before you get drunk and there are cabs available.

Hells_Bells74 7:51 am 06 Aug 09

Yeh, well please don’t get mad at me when I don’t know the destination either (you couldn’t have ever looked at a map?). Had a run of taxis in Canberra and Sydney when I was relying on them, sometimes abuse me when I couldn’t tell them which ‘exact’ way to go. I bloody well cheered the first guy I saw with a GPS in his cab. Could’ve kissed him!

We don’t pay third world prices, I expect better standards all round.

Stone 1:38 am 06 Aug 09


I wasn’t expecting there are still people dicussing this.

Just finish the shift today which is a bad one again. As we know the fare price has been changed since July of this year. It is a little bit more expensive now. I don’t think that decision was made by a genius. We are in recession, people would not like to spend their money on luxery goods or services anymore, specially taking taxis.

My point is we are suppling too much, and because of the recession, the demand is reduced. Just simply more taxis getting less jobs. However, someone has just set a higher price that less people will use taxis in future unless they really need one. Taxis are not hire cars, not only for rich people. It is a convenience service for everyone. What they did just make this service like a bad circle, is killing this industry.

I still remember, when parliment was on that how busy the airport was. People were standing on the rank waiting taxis for long time. By that time, some say, we need to do something about it. The complaint has been made by senates or whoever was trying to catch important meeting. Then the govenment would more than happy to release more and more taxi plate to provide this service.

P.S. some say, “you are the taxi driver, you must know where are we going, don’t you?” Yes, yes, but we are human, not a machine or a computer. It is impossible to remember every single street for anyone, isn’t it? Please don’t say a driver not well trained because he doesn’t know where the Bird place in Flynn is. I think he knows a lot of areas in canberra better than you do.

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