One woman’s standard prompts walk for climate change

Michael Weaver 2 October 2019 11
Adrienne Carpenter and Phoebe walking the highway

Collector resident Adrienne Carpenter is walking from Goulburn to Parliament House to raise awareness of climate change. Photos: Michelle Kroll, Region Media.

Collector resident Adrienne Carpenter believes the standard you walk past is the one you accept.

She’s sick of having to walk past the vast amounts of rubbish strewn on the side of the Hume and Federal highways.

And she’s sick of Australian governments’ responses to environmental issues – especially climate change.

That’s why she is walking the 100 km from Goulburn to Parliament House in Canberra to raise awareness of what she says are unacceptable changes to the world’s climate.

With some basic supplies and her pink-tailed moodle Phoebe by her side, Ms Carpenter, 77, says she is driven by her passion for raising awareness of environmental issues and social injustice.

Talking with Region Media at the Braised Pork Café at Eaglehawk just outside Canberra, after three days on the road, Ms Carpenter says she has picked up what rubbish she can, but is walking with the message that humans can no longer live in a throw-away society.

“There’s rubbish everywhere and I’m ashamed to be part of a world that thinks this is okay,” Ms Carpenter said.

Having been around for generations, Ms Carpenter is siding with the 95 per cent of scientists who say that the earth is in the midst of potentially irreversible climate change.

“Never have we seen the frequency of bushfires like we are seeing now,” said Ms Carpenter.

“When I was growing up, you could go outside and you could lie in the sun and it was quite pleasant.

“You go out in the sun now and it burns your skin almost straight away, and that’s because the ozone layer is disappearing over Australia.”

Ms Carpenter says that Canberra had a normal amount of rainfall last year, but it all fell in dense amounts so that we had flooding instead of the soaking rain we used to get.

“I have lived at Tarago and we used to see Lake Bathurst full of water and Lake George would lap the highway. These are the things that really concern me.

“There are dust storms coming in from western NSW. We didn’t have that happening before.”

Adrienne Carpenter and Phoebe

Adrienne Carpenter has plenty to say about the in-action of politicians to meaningfully address climate change.

Ms Carpenter describes herself as a ‘child of the earth’ and says her heroes are 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg and environmentalist Sir David Attenborough.

She also has plenty to say about what she calls the inaction of politicians to meaningfully address climate change.

“The NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has changed the mapping of old-growth forests that have been protected for 20 years so that they can be logged,” Ms Carpenter says.

“Trees are what keep us alive and I can’t live with that in all my conscience.

“Things are hard, but I think governments have to find a way to operate without relying on gross domestic product figures as the benchmark of our posterity.”

She is also quick to shoot down the notion that changes to our climate are cyclical and that one person can’t change the minds of many.

“We have to do things for us,” she says. “We can’t say that because others are doing nothing, any changes that we make are meaningless.

“I don’t have children but I’m doing this for other people’s children. How can you bet on the lives of generations to come that climate change is not true when 95 per cent of scientists say it is true and it is happening?”

A month ago, Ms Carpenter also walked 77 km from Collector to Parliament House to raise awareness of freedom of the press and is now stepping it up to tackle climate change on step at a time.

“All I can do is to try to draw attention to what we’re not doing, and I can’t do more than that. I hope I don’t have to walk from Campbelltown next time,” she says with a laugh.

Ms Carpenter will finish her walk at 11 am in the Parliament House forecourt in Canberra on Thursday, 3 October. You can track her progress via Adrienne’s walk from Goulburn to Canberra for Climate Change Facebook page.

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11 Responses to One woman’s standard prompts walk for climate change
Charles Nott Charles Nott 5:44 pm 09 Oct 19

I don't know where Ms Carpenter has lived through many droughts that i've lived through as an 80 year old Farmer, and even New Zealand gets fertilized with our dust. Man made climate change will go down as the greatest hoax this Century, there is no exact climate science, climate is cyclical and as a farmer i've seen many cycles. The Earth revolves around the sun moon and stars every 24 hours with a slightly different weather pattern every day. What was the cause of the ice age?. Having said all that I'm rather pleased about renewables as I have a 40kw solar systems on my roofs all subsidised by you the tax payer to the tune of 45%, I get my electricity free from the sun plus credits, the only place a solar panel should be is on a roof not in a fertile paddock.

Monica Tiffen Monica Tiffen 10:40 pm 03 Oct 19

Wonder what she wants done about it? What really can we do? Tell me, so I can begin!

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 12:28 pm 04 Oct 19

    There are only small ways the individual can assist, but lots of smalls ways add up. Smaller things, without going to extremes. Walk and cycle where you can, then catch public transport next when the distance is too great. Don't make lots of little trips in the car to buy a few groceries, etc at a time. If going shopping do a bigger shop to reduce the trips. (Unless you can walk or cycle to the shops of course. :) ) Don't overheat the house in winter, or over cool it in summer. Use a fan rather then air-conditioning where possible. (Now someone might butt in - as some do - and say they have health issues, etc and need to cool or heat more. Yes, there are always exceptions, but what I am suggesting are general things.) Wash in cold water. Try not to use a clothes drier; hang the clothes outside, or on clotheshorses. Turn off all electrical things not in use. Microwaves, TVs, etc. Plant out your garden if you have one, with naturally, consideration to your neighbour regarding plant choice, ie, don't rob them of winter sun. Practice: Reduce, reuse, recycle in the correct order. Just a few to begin with.

    Frances Jane Frances Jane 6:22 pm 06 Oct 19

    Lobby the government, join a group which does just that.

    Natalie Grey Natalie Grey 3:45 pm 08 Oct 19

    Ask the sun to stop flaring. Solar flares are the single greatest influence on the Earth's temperature. Then ask volcanoes to stop erupting. Volcanic eruptions emit more carbon dioxide in a couple of minutes than the entire human population.

    Heather Grant Heather Grant 4:37 pm 08 Oct 19

    Natalie Grey or not.

    Patricia Georgee Patricia Georgee 4:44 pm 08 Oct 19

    Heather Grant thank you

    Stuart Walker Stuart Walker 1:11 pm 09 Oct 19

    Daniel Evans as opposed to your climate propaganda?

    In my books NASA has more street cred than most....

    Monica Tiffen Monica Tiffen 8:36 pm 10 Oct 19

    I still cannot see what one can do about changes and growing older!

Sarah Jane Walden Sarah Jane Walden 10:25 pm 03 Oct 19

When is Jan walking? I’d love to join her 🙂

Dianna Nixon Dianna Nixon 9:04 pm 02 Oct 19

Passed her today on Federal Hway coming in to Canberra.

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