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Owners Corporation Nightmare

By jill 26 February 2008 26

Does anyone have an owners corporation nightmare?

We are currently in the second year of trying to get basic essential work done on our apartment block in the inner south. We live in a small block and need the gutters cleaned and the down pipes cleared as they are blocked with tree roots and the water spurts from the 2nd story when it rains. Basically every quote gets knocked back due to the majority of old school owners not wanting to spend a cent regardless of the long term implications.

Our building now has water in the eves and is in worse shape than ever all because of simple work not being approved! I don’t think many blocks in Canberra would be in this situation as most blocks are new but I am at my wits end trying to achieve a basic level of work that most homes would address every year.

It is so bad my husband and I are thinking of selling so that we don’t have to put up with the ridiculous stalling techniques of other owners.

Anyone who has been through this or has any solid advise please post as 3 glasses of bubbbly post our AGM haven’t made anything clearer for me!

Yours in Strata Suffering 🙁

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Owners Corporation Nightmare
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jill 10:56 am 03 Mar 08

Your comments were good toriness! I have been thinking about the delay of work this week and realise that new owners can end up using funds for repairs that should have been addressed years ago – so basically they are ripped off as the money they contribute is used instead of either to improve other areas of the property or saved for future problems on neglected repairs (that often are more costly down the track due to more damage. Obviously I am not the only unhappy owner as someone signed to sell their property the day after the meeting – perfect example, the new owner will now have to fund the repairs that are outstanding!

toriness 9:38 pm 02 Mar 08

i really didn’t express myself very well in that last comment, please excuse me i had a very late night last night!

toriness 9:35 pm 02 Mar 08

it is a generalisation to say that investment owners refuse to spend money on BC issues, i am both an investment owner and an owner-occupier in 2 separate BC run complexes – and am constantly exasperated by other cheapskate owners (both of the investment and live-in variety) who block bloody any maintenance or improvement project because either they shortsightedly perceive that they do not receive any immediate benefit from it. this means that people who may be looking at selling at the time suffer because the complex starts looking run-down and drab. and the fact is you DO have to spend money to make money – irresponsible owners in the past in one of the complexes in particular (in the bad old days where there was no sinking fund regulations) kept BC fees obscenely low and then got out before, due to lack of ongoing basic maintenance, several very expensive projects and repairs all come round at once.

jill my advice would be to badger the BC administration company – highlighting safety and basic maintenance obligations, and threaten to seek legal advice if action is not happening within a reasonable timeframe.

BC issues can be a royal pain in the a*s but those who live in freestanding houses, please do not pretend that your residential life is perfect!

kris 1:17 pm 28 Feb 08

I had a similar issue a few years back with a strata group interstate. White ant problem that the rest of the owners didn’t want to fix or take proper future preventative measures over.

In the end the only way to sort out it was to resort to a lawyer and take legal action (kind of weird to be effectively suing yourself when you sue the body corporate though!)

Good call – I’ll get the 84 year old guy in the wheel chair to get up onto the the 4th story roof and clean the gutters, the lazy old fck.

To my mind, gutter cleaning falls under the same category as general building maintenance, which the body corp needs to arrange and/or carry out.

vtr1k 1:03 am 28 Feb 08

You can always buy my house and then not have any body corporate woes – that’s what we did!

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