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P Plate hoons

By MartyMcFly - 11 February 2010 59

What is it with these P Plate hoons these days??? do they just want to kill themselves and those around them???

Look at this gem, the guy has just gotten onto his P’s and decides the best way to celebrate is to go flying down the highway at 240km/h!!!!

I really wish the government would do something about this reckless behavior… they should change the age limit to obtain a licence to 21…

If I ever meet that guy i’d call him a jerk right to his face!!
I’m also considering sending this to A Current Affair, they seem to have the resources to find this person!

[Ed- young Bevan Leigh on the way to Sydney from Canberra by the tale of the youtube related videos]

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
P Plate hoons
MsCheeky 9:52 am 12 Feb 10

Well, young Bevan must be loaded, as the fine for over 45kmh over the limit is $1744, or $2200 if it goes to Court. Also, instantaneous roadside loss of licence for six months. I can think of better things to do with my money.

Also seems from the video that the driver was doing the recording himself. Hmmm, just a hint, might be better to have hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at that speed, Bevan.

fnaah 9:47 am 12 Feb 10

I’m with wishuwell, looks like he might have fudged his speedo.

Blaringmike, an IP address is not a unique identifier, he could have easily uploaded that from a net cafe, a public library or even the carpark of his local McDonalds. If he was at home, he could have been using TOR or a secure VPN or any number of other methods of IP address/location masking. (Not that someone dumb enough to do 240km/h while using one hand to operate a camera would take such precautions. He seems dumb enough to have put his name to his other videos.)

I’d suggest that Bevan Leigh may actually be Bevan-Leigh Hussey, judging by his facebook profile pic.

harvyk1 9:37 am 12 Feb 10

Meh, they’ll slip up and be caught, they always are…

You can tell they are not too bright, they break the law and then post up the evidence online for the police to see…

noplacelike 9:34 am 12 Feb 10

“I really wish the government would do something about this reckless behavior… they should change the age limit to obtain a licence to 21…”

OR the parent’s can take responsibility for their children. I remember my first car (I had no choice in what car I was to get) was lucky to get to 100km/h on the highway going downhill with the wind behind me! The gov can’t be expected to raise kids just because parents are too lazy to enforce their own vehicle restrictions and/or curfews. Anyone else getting sick of everyone expecting the gov to do everything for us? Last time I checked we were a ‘free country’ full of ‘free thinking individuals’ or am I behind the times yet again?

“I’m also considering sending this to A Current Affair, they seem to have the resources to find this person!”

Ah yes, why not use such an honest and non emotive journalistic gem as ACA (et al). This kind of story will fit in nicely with their usual schedule – ‘why does my bread cost 15c more than it did forty years ago.’

Rawhide Kid No 2 9:28 am 12 Feb 10

wishuwell said :

Very low oil pressure, very low water temp for that type of speed doesn’t seem to be going as fast as speedo shows.

I tend to agree with the oil pressure and water statement. Unless he’s already blown the engine. But there’s no sign of that.

Could be a “tampered speedo” But then again if it it was just a short burst of speed the water and oil would not show much difference. I also note that the taco is at what should be “red lined” But then I could be wrong.

You gota be a “deefa” to go at that speed and video it at the same time. A lot can happen in a second doing 240kmh.

sloppery 9:07 am 12 Feb 10

Clown Killer said :


The only difference between today and 10 years ago is that kids back then couldn’t afford a video camera, and YouTube didn’t exist.

Young guys(and the occasional girl), have been trying out their cars since the day they were invented. And almost all of us lived to tell the tale.

motleychick 8:56 am 12 Feb 10

A Current Affair? Hahahahaha… Useles post.

Mike Bessenger 8:52 am 12 Feb 10

Yawn x2

lobster 8:47 am 12 Feb 10

Hope the police throw the book at him.

imhotep 8:41 am 12 Feb 10

wishuwell said :

Very low oil pressure, very low water temp…

And given the mechanical condition of the average P plater’s ride, I’d be a bit concerned about the whole vehicle hanging together at 240 kn/h.

Those SupaCheap rear spoilers aren’t made to handle that kind of speed, much less the cheapo alloys and tyres.

blaringmike 8:28 am 12 Feb 10

Dont youtube record the IP of ppl making uploads? Surely the ACT police can request this information and find this fool before its too late. His obviously a young kid who needs a kick up the butt before he kills someone with his sports (turbo) car.

wishuwell 8:10 am 12 Feb 10

Very low oil pressure, very low water temp for that type of speed doesn’t seem to be going as fast as speedo shows.

mtrax 7:26 am 12 Feb 10

I wonder if Google routinely supply details of Utube account holders to police? but perhaps they have other means to track end users.

Sgt.Bungers 1:12 am 12 Feb 10

According to the bloke’s youtube profile, he’s 26.

Shifting the driving age to 21 will do very little to prevent idiots like this.

Why? Over confidence. Simple.

The majority of us grow up with parents who, from the day we’re born, have already been driving for several years. The majority of surveys taken regarding driver confidence show, the vast majority of drivers believe they are above average to excellent drivers.


The vast majority of children/teenagers/young adults, grow up being a passenger in a car with a driver who cannot be questioned. This parental driver is to be looked up to, always pointing out the flaws of other road users, whilst his/her similar/identical/worse flaws go unchecked.

I don’t think I’ve said majority enough 🙂

According to our parents, there are two types of drivers on the road. There are the morons we catch up to. These people are driving to slowly and must be overtaken ASAP. There are the idiots who catch up to us. These people are driving too fast and for some reason always want to overtake us ASAP.

Then there are the police. Despite the fact that almost every driver is likely to severely bend, or blatantly break at least one rule every day, we’re all incredibly lucky not to get caught most days. But that one sneaky police officer, once every few years, hiding at the bottom of a hill, hiding in an unmarked car… he’s an unreasonable bastard. How dare he pull over and criticize such a perfect driver for what seems a minor issue when there are so many morons and idiots on the road? He must be trying to make quota.

Bottom line, most young drivers have been a passenger in a car for many years, where very little negative feedback is given to their idol driver. Sure one parent will always be a better driver than the other (for me it was my mother who drummed into us that dad was a horrendous driver because he let his speed wander… meanwhile she had, and still has, no issue with sitting <10 metres from the back of another car at 100km/h+). In our minds, though, subconsciously, we take after the better parent.

We can educate new drivers all we like, for many it will do good. For the rest though, after watching their confident and perfect parent(s) drive for the better part of 17 years, no amount of education, scare campaigning, restrictions, nothing, will prepare them for the most dangerous task they're likely to ever undertake. They will go in headfirst, comfortable in the knowledge they've watched and learnt from the best driver in the business… their opinionated parent. They are comfortable that they, like Dad/Mum, know better than all the idiots and morons out there. Only experience will teach these particular drivers otherwise, and we can only hope such drivers don't kill themselves, or any of us in the process.

Clown Killer 12:27 am 12 Feb 10


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