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Life is looking up


By Blamemonkey - 26 April 2006 21

People may remember this post Link

I am organising a paintball session this Saturday (29/04/2006) at adventure consultants in Tuggeranong, located on the Monaro Hwy just before the round a bout for Richardson/Cawell.

We are looking at arriving at 10:00am (arrgh) to start at 10:30 and to go for about 3 hours

cost is 60 bucks for 3 hours and you get 200 balls extra balls are 100 for $15 or 2000 for $200
if we get twenty people we get Pizza (yay)

come one, come all any questions post them here and if you want to come along put a shout out here too

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
schmerica 2:22 pm 28 Apr 06

Tell me – what’s the average age of the posters on the site ?

bart 1:22 pm 28 Apr 06

My shooting is as innacurate as my math, luckily for everyone. But you could see from my intent I make up for my innacuracy with volume.

In that case I’ll prob do 3 hours for $60, shout “RiotACT” for 300 paintball, and pay another $15 to get to $85 for 400 ball. 133 balls per hour sounds good enough…

Blamemonkey 12:22 pm 28 Apr 06

Bart there is a problem with your math
700 balls is right if you and three others get 2000 balls
but it would be $50 each not $25 so it would work out $110.00 for 3 hours
$85.00 would be if we went for 2 hours

bart 12:15 pm 28 Apr 06

I will be looking for three Amigo’s to help me get a $200 2000 ball pack. 700 balls for three hours sounds about right for attack mayhem, makes the event $85 in total.

RandomGit 1:45 pm 27 Apr 06

All we need is another night at Toast for that BM.

Blamemonkey 10:53 am 27 Apr 06

what about the promise of a game of shoot the monkey??
Everyone verses me until either i kill everyone, everyone runs out of balls or i need to be carted away is an ambulance??

johnboy 10:48 am 27 Apr 06

Sadly minding my pennies these days (or trying to)

Blamemonkey 10:45 am 27 Apr 06

So even with the possible promise of Pizza and double balls, damn pubic(sic) servant payday!!

JB will you be there??

Thumper 10:02 am 27 Apr 06

I’d be there, but I’m living on credit for this pay period!

johnboy 9:57 am 27 Apr 06

RiotACT – We give you more balls!

che 9:47 am 27 Apr 06

Mr Adventure Consultant, Kieran says he’ll give anyone who mentions RiotACT an extra 100 balls free as well

I suggested they had to say it at the top of their lungs but I’m not sure he went for that idea

Have fun

Maelinar 9:37 am 27 Apr 06

Sorry BM, normally I’d jump at the chance but I’m poorer than Oliver Twist at the moment.

RandomGit 8:32 am 27 Apr 06

Ultrasound that morning. next time.

schmerica 10:14 pm 26 Apr 06

Still costs too much for poor little me.

Jey 8:32 pm 26 Apr 06

Oh the bruises and the whinging. I was however slightly amused when my partner was limping like House yesterday.
Have fun whoever attends.

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