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Pangallo to bat for other side?

Crikey 21 May 2008 24

Can anyone confirm the strong rumour that Queanbeyan Mayor Frank Pangallo will annouce tomorrow that he is running in Molonglo as an Independent?

Perhaps a scoop for RiotACT!

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24 Responses to Pangallo to bat for other side?
Knows Best 10:45 pm 12 Jun 08

Pangallo has been under investigation by the NSW Government because the current City Council General Manager has told him to pull his head in, behave and comply with his proper roles and responsibiliites as Mayor. The NSW Government is watching very closely to make sure he does not step out of line otherwise they will step in. He's on the nose of the Labour Party, they don't want him, he ran against the Labour Party in the late 90's and they dumped him as a candidate in the last Federal election. In fact he got offered a cushy job with the NSW Local Government Grants Commission not to run. Pangallo is 68 he's over the hill. He is despised by council staff and large sections of the community because of his high handedness and ongoing practice of looking after his mates. I think Stanhope will give him a job before the election so he doesn't run in the ACT elections and Cranky Franky can spend his days funded by the ACT taxpayer, now wouldn't that be a hoot!!

Crikey 2:25 pm 27 May 08

What's the bet Pangallo has done a deal with Labor. They appoint him Speaker in return for his support. $160,000 plus and perks will go done well for cranky franky as he approaches his retirement years.

Interesting story in the Queanbeyan Age last Friday about some of Franks wrong-doings in Council. The NSW government is not too impressed.

QBNresident 8:26 pm 22 May 08

Well it would seem that he tried to join the Community Alliance Party a few weeks ago but they would not have him as he was a ‘professional politician’. Good on them as the last thing they would want as a new party would be to have the baggage that frank has built up in the past 10 years associated with them. I wonder if he tried to join the motorist party or Richard Mulcahy party ? I thought that he was under investigation at the moment by the NSW gov for all sorts of stuff?

Some people say that QBN has down well under the leadership of Frank but I know that many would disagree. If you look at the breakdown of services in the City as well as the lack of consultation you would have to see frank as QBN’s Stanhope. Just look at the guys record over the past 10 years, its appalling. I think that the real reason that frank is not standing for the local government election in QBN in September is the fact that he was very likely to get rolled by Tim overall and his team seeing that every one in the City wanted him to go. Besides he would want to stand as a an independent wit the new amendments that Stanhope has put through on the electoral act.

eh_steve 8:17 pm 22 May 08

It will be interesting to see what focus he places on Tralee and the airport.

Crikey 12:40 pm 22 May 08

So Ant believes Queanbeyan has "gone ahead in leaps and bounds”.

Really, well the facts are that under Pangallo, Queanbeyan has gone backwards. Most of the senior staff at the Council have resigned in frustration and disgust, chiefly because of Pangallo.

The main street and surrounds have tons of empty run-down shops. He and his cronies in Council have stifled a number of developers and investors who have attempted to develop properties in the CBD. They have all walked away from the city in disgust.

Instead of moving on and developing Googong, Pangallo has spent most of his and Queanbeyan’s money and resources fighting the Canberra Airport over Trailee. His actions here could eventually cause more air traffic over the ACT (where he now wishes to represent). If he is elected I am sure he will continue his vendetta against the Canberra Airport.

Talk to the local businessmen. They are crying out for more semi-industrial land and Pangallo has done nothing about planning for the future. Many have had to relocate out of Queanbeyan.

Many people around Queanbeyan also would like know why Pangallo quickly resigned from Council and moved away from Queanbeyan for a year or two after some ‘impropriety’ at a local club.

arsebandit22 12:34 pm 22 May 08


caf 12:18 pm 22 May 08

If he's a member of the Labor party then he's not allowed to run as an independent. Party members are committed to support the preselected party candidates.

Cavalier 12:13 pm 22 May 08

Just another Labor party stooge to get more voes for them. i mean to say he is a member of the labor party.

la mente torbida 12:09 pm 22 May 08


I would have thought it was more like rat jumping onto a sinking ship

Thumper 9:56 pm 21 May 08

This is a guy who constantly and often slammed Canberra.

And now he is running for office?

One would suggest rats leaving a sinking ship...

However, I still wish all the best in his attempts.

ant 9:23 pm 21 May 08

Maybe, yeah. possibly. Meanwhile, let's use his talents! We need them.

sepi 9:08 pm 21 May 08

Aha - and possibly an eventual step into the Feds - ala Garry Humphries.

It is all starting to make sense now!

ant 8:50 pm 21 May 08

I guess he's ambitious. He wants to do what he does in a bigger stadium, but without moving from where he likes to live. Maybe he wants to help fix up Canberra. A really good operator would see Canberra as a tempting challenge. A big Qbn with the fed gov't intervening.

sepi 8:26 pm 21 May 08

Wierd - would he get more money?

Why else would he go from mayor to one of the crowd?

He will put a scare into the rest of them anyway - good stuff.

ant 8:19 pm 21 May 08

Pangallo's a good operator. Qbn's gone ahead in leaps and bounds, and civic stuff has proceeded nicely and in a sense of pragmatism, rather than blind municipal rules being applied willy-nilly. In qbn, things get done. And crap doesn't get done.

and even if Pangallo is a labor sympathiser, well, that's what a grass-roots operator would lean to. But the thing is, he has experience running a growing small city, and runnign it well. My area would secede to Qbn right now, if they'd have us. Our rates would go down, for one thing.

bd84 8:17 pm 21 May 08

You don't even have to live in the electorate you stand in for the ACT Government elections, just have to live here.

Anyway, judging by what Pangello has been doing in Queanbeyan lately, I wouldn't vote for him.

The_Phantom 8:04 pm 21 May 08

Before you guys all start crowing about cranky Franky you should realise he was a long time member of the Labor Party and while Mayor of Queanbeyan always supported the ALP members like Jim Snow and Steve Whan while always undermining Liberal's such as Peter Cochran and Gary Nairn. If he is elected to the Assembly he'll be a defacto ALP member and what ever he says to the public he'll support Stanhope.

Pangallo did do an ok job in Queanbeyan but he destroyed anyone in the Council and city who dared to oppose him. Under Pangallo Queanbeyan has lost its city spirit.

Also, as Mayor Pangallo constantly slammed everything Canberra and now he wants the voters in the ACT to put him in the ACT Assembly.

He has never lived in Canberra!

ant 7:11 pm 21 May 08

ah ha. as they signed out the news, they said he was running as an independant, but intends to form his own party. There yer go.

ant 7:04 pm 21 May 08

Might be the way the current gov't has independants grouped into one spot on the ballot paper?

GregW 6:54 pm 21 May 08

Indeed. That means he will be in the Molonglo electorate and will receive my vote.

WIN news stated that he is will be standing as an independent, but then stated that he will be part of a new party? Could this be the long awaited party of prominent locals?

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