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Parking fines on a Saturday morning.

By cashman180 6 July 2010 51

So I was reading about a guy on here who has $16,000.00 in fines, which frankly, is INSANE.

But it got me thinking about the parking fines I have had in the past (thankfully, all paid)..

Every parking ticket I have gotten since I moved to Canberra about 5 years ago (from country NSW where there was no such thing as a parking fine) has been on a Saturday morning.

You see, I am a fairly social young lad who enjoys a few drinks on a Friday afternoon and more often than I care to admit I find myself meeting friends for one beer that ‘evolves’ into several. The result is that my parking that is perfectly legal when parking will not be legal should I decide to do the smart thing and Taxi my way home.

Probably about twice a year I will go back to my car at about 10AM the next morning to pick it up and find that I have an $80.00 ticket stuck on the window.

What I wanted to guage was how the other people of Canberra felt about this. By slapping parking tickets on cars in the City bright and early on Saturday morning aren’t you just punishing those who are atleast attempting to do the right thing. I think they should give you til Mid-day to have a snooze, have a meal and shower and go get your car when you are sober and safe.

Am I being unreasonable or does this seem like a good idea? Maybe I should be able to pop into the cop shop during the night and register my car as a ‘not driving home drunk’ car.

I can luckily (just) afford the parking tickets but a lot of people my age can’t and after a few tickets would probably decide it’s better just to drive home (or even just move their car while drunk).

What’s Your opinion?

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Parking fines on a Saturday morning.
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westyonline 9:16 pm 20 Jul 10

why don’t you just have a big night out on the cocaine,and stay off the piss..the new road side drug tests cant test for that! that because alot of our highly paid public servants and the like would find it quite inconvenient for their social fares are way too high to be a real could always roll the parkie for his shoes and sell them to cashies to re-coup some of your hard earned!

Ian 10:53 am 10 Jul 10

I notice they’ve just introduced pay parking on weekends at Belconnen Mall.

PrinceOfAles 3:15 am 10 Jul 10

Pay parking on a saturday morning is a bit harsh in this town I think. It`s just not necessary.

Jivrashia 7:59 pm 08 Jul 10

Dear OP.

Sorry to hear about your parking fine, but kudos to you for your persistence in not drinking and driving. $80 may have saved an innocent life that could have tragically been ended by a drunk driver. Cheap, isn’t it? 🙂 You’ll thank yourself when you’re older and wiser…

sirocco 8:43 am 08 Jul 10

Check out Scooterman in the UK

Ceej1973 8:24 pm 07 Jul 10

I heard a year or two ago, about this guy who runs a service where you call him to come and pick up your car, and he delivers it to your doorstep. If it still exists, maybe you could even get a ride with him in your own car home when he is delivering it for you, and you would save the taxi and parking fine costs.

Genie 11:22 am 07 Jul 10

Diggety said :

Do what I do:

1. Take one of your old parking tickets in the envelope (if you don’t have one, one from a nearby car will do).
2. Leave said envelope on your windscreen.
3. Leave your car parked as long as you like.

buzz819 said :

There is one car in the Magistrates Court car park, no number plates, definitely looks to be dumped, but the Parking Inspectors still see fit to give it a ticket a day, maybe they have a quota to fill? Who knows.

I believe parking inspectors can issue a ticket every 24 hours. There was an oversized caravan parked down the street from me on “Government Property” (eg, covering the land between the footpath and road) at any given time it has 10-15 tickets, and saw a parking inspector there at least once a week.

sirocco 10:50 am 07 Jul 10

chewy14 said :

there’s a line up at Mooseheads by 9:00pm. Don’t want to have to leave your prime position upstairs and have to wait in line again.


Dirty! Dirty! Get away from me!


Alternatively, if you are that keen to join the filthy skanks and malodorous twats at Mooseheads, park alongside PJ O’Reilly’s where it’s no longer a loading zone after 6pm Friday and free all weekend

chewy14 10:27 am 07 Jul 10

buzz819 said :

You do realise that on a Friday night, the normal hours of operation is 9:00pm? Still early enough for you to walk over throw a few bucks in a continue to enjoy your night? Or are you that lazy and stupid?


there’s a line up at Mooseheads by 9:00pm. Don’t want to have to leave your prime position upstairs and have to wait in line again.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:13 am 07 Jul 10

You could always, oh, I don’t know, obey all the laws instead of claiming you were forced to break one so you didn’t break the other, or that it’s all ok because the offense was the lesser of two evils. Or is that too complicated? Other people seem to manage OK – what’s so special about you?

sepi 9:57 am 07 Jul 10

if you park at 5.00, and need to buy another voucher at 9.00, you may have moved away from the area by 9.oo. it may be 0 degrees or raining, you may be young, female and nervous, you may have high heels on, you probably have no jacket, as there is nowhere to leave it in the clubs, or you may just be too tanked to manage to organise the 6.00 of loose change you need. maybe you’ve spent all your money on drinks.

or maybe you intended to have 2 drinks and drive home, but end up having 10 and forget all about the car.

all the people saying ‘why not walk/get a lift with friends/simply taxi in to town’ have probably not been big friday night drinkers. but lots of people are.

the best tip on here is to park somewhere in braddon wot to ith no saturday fines.
but i still think fining people who choose not to drive home is

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