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Parking fines on a Saturday morning.

By cashman180 - 6 July 2010 51

So I was reading about a guy on here who has $16,000.00 in fines, which frankly, is INSANE.

But it got me thinking about the parking fines I have had in the past (thankfully, all paid)..

Every parking ticket I have gotten since I moved to Canberra about 5 years ago (from country NSW where there was no such thing as a parking fine) has been on a Saturday morning.

You see, I am a fairly social young lad who enjoys a few drinks on a Friday afternoon and more often than I care to admit I find myself meeting friends for one beer that ‘evolves’ into several. The result is that my parking that is perfectly legal when parking will not be legal should I decide to do the smart thing and Taxi my way home.

Probably about twice a year I will go back to my car at about 10AM the next morning to pick it up and find that I have an $80.00 ticket stuck on the window.

What I wanted to guage was how the other people of Canberra felt about this. By slapping parking tickets on cars in the City bright and early on Saturday morning aren’t you just punishing those who are atleast attempting to do the right thing. I think they should give you til Mid-day to have a snooze, have a meal and shower and go get your car when you are sober and safe.

Am I being unreasonable or does this seem like a good idea? Maybe I should be able to pop into the cop shop during the night and register my car as a ‘not driving home drunk’ car.

I can luckily (just) afford the parking tickets but a lot of people my age can’t and after a few tickets would probably decide it’s better just to drive home (or even just move their car while drunk).

What’s Your opinion?

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51 Responses to
Parking fines on a Saturday morning.
bd84 1:08 pm 06 Jul 10

The signs in the carparks all say pay parking applies on Friday nights and on Saturday mornings, if you don’t pay you get a ticket! As others have mentioned, you can purchase tickets for the subsequent day from the machine.

Either that or park in one of the carparks that don’t have the Saturday rates, you may have to walk a whole 200m more though..

chewy14 12:35 pm 06 Jul 10

I wouldn’t worry about a few parking tickets.

Last time I left my car in Civic and went on the drink it took me two days to find it.

Those memory blackouts can be a bitch.

luther_bendross 12:30 pm 06 Jul 10

I came here now with the intention of sprouting off “deal with it, you drank, you parked where you knew you might get in trouble” etc. However, there’s some fairly positive and constructive ideas here. I have been in this position twice before, and it sucks ass. The best ideas I reckon are:
1. Be able to purchase parking for Saturday morning on a Friday night from the meter
2. Be able to purchase some sort of parking card from pubs etc (jeez, even a Police Station) to stick on your dash. Even if it costs you $20, it’s cheaper than a parking ticket and you’re not DD’ing home.

cegee 12:29 pm 06 Jul 10

if you feed money into the machine at the end of the day the money ticks over to the next morning – a simple & effective way of avoiding saturday morning parking tickets. i’ve done it heaps of times.
but props to you for being smart enough not to drive home drunk.

vandam 12:29 pm 06 Jul 10

Maybe they can change the ticket machines so you have the ability to purchase tickets one day in advance.

However, unlike your responsible self, most people who drive into the city and end up having a few, choose to get in their car and drive it home rather than leaving it in the city. Further most people would rather not leaving their car in the city for fear it may get stolen or damaged.

The best idea would be to improve public transport or lower taxi costs so people having the odd drink can afford to catch a taxi and leave their car at home.

Postalgeek 12:16 pm 06 Jul 10

Park a bicycle
Park a motorcycle
Catch a bus
Catch a cab
Catch a lift with a friend
Meet somewhere local and walk
Park further away and walk
Sleep in the car
Get pissed at home

But you wanna use and leave the car because it’s the only conceivable way of doing things. Suck it up and pay for it.

switch 11:57 am 06 Jul 10

urchin said :

seriously, “I was too drunk to drive so let me park for free”–doesn’t that sound a bit childish and immature–asking for special treatment because you drank?

“I was depressed so I made some letterbombs. Now I want compensation for the depression…”

Seems to work for some.

urchin 11:08 am 06 Jul 10

maybe if you know you are going to go out drinking you take the bus into work that day? carpool? or do as thatsnotme says and buy saturday’s ticket before you go home (assuming such a thing is possible). seriously, “I was too drunk to drive so let me park for free”–doesn’t that sound a bit childish and immature–asking for special treatment because you drank? you’re an adult, dealing with these things should not present too much of a challenge to a responsible adult.

Gerry-Built 10:56 am 06 Jul 10

I would certainly try to dispute the ticket, claiming that your chosen option was in the interest of public safety (though if you are successful, you are not likely to be successful more than once).

There certainly is scope here for the ACT Government to bring in some form of exemption from parking costs on a Saturday if you were to take a taxi – encouraging responsible drinking (it would actually be a damned cheap strategy). Perhaps a card that a bar/club (or even taxi) could pass out that you could put on your dashboard in place of a parking ticket letting the parking inspectors know the driver has been responsible by not drink-driving. Perhaps even a free bus ticket to collect the car the morning-after?

I would be looking for a better place to leave your car so it will not be affected by Saturday parking though.

rb 10:48 am 06 Jul 10

Parking tickets suck!

But, if you know you are likely to get a parking fine, why don’t you just taxi it into the city. Surely the taxi fare into the city is cheaper than the parking fine.

sepi 10:24 am 06 Jul 10

i totally agree with this. there is nothing more depressing than dragging your hangover into town to pick up the car only to find a parking ticket. people need more incentives to taxi home, not less.

Chupachup 9:40 am 06 Jul 10

I saw a parking inspector last Saturday morning dishing out fines in the Magistrates car park. I didn’t really think about it at the time but I guess there would be a stack of cars from the night before and people thinking it’ll be right, it must be a harsh way to start the weekend, particularly if you’re hung over.

I like the idea of registering your vehicle as driving home safe but I guess for the effort that would take you could of course just as easily purchase a parking ticket that covers you for Saturday morning and therefore all Saturday

What would be good is if you could just purchase a ticket straight up for Saturday morning when you park on Friday night and not have to interrupt your night and make an extra trip to the meter. It’s not so much the effort it’s more the remembering to do it, particularly if your judgement is being affected by beverages.

Another option is I think there are people you can pay to drive you and your car home, there are in other cities, not sure about Canberra. For the cost of that you’ll save yourself paying for parking, they’ll drive you home so you save the cost of a taxi and the cost of getting back in in the morning.

BenMac 9:33 am 06 Jul 10

Park at the old Beaurepaires on Lonsdale st. It free all the time. I used to park there when I worked in the city, as long as I started before 7am, but it’s usually clear around 3pm.

sirocco 8:59 am 06 Jul 10

If you came here from Sydney you might scoff that the fine period on Saturday only goes until midday (I got a fine once at 10pm on a Saturday night in Sydney’s CBD)

And $80 is still cheaper than a drink driving charge (or cost of an accident)

On a practical note – if you drink on a Friday try parking in a “8am-6pm Mon-Fri” Loading Zone – these exist on the Wig&Pen side of the city….

thatsnotme 8:57 am 06 Jul 10

If you go back to your car after Friday’s paid time has finished, and pay for more parking, you’ll get a ticket that’s valid for Saturday morning, and can give yourself as long as you’d like to come and get your car the next day, ticket free. Problem solved.

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