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Parking restrictions

By Shercom - 11 February 2014 18

We live in a narrow street in Crace – 6 m of asphalt – with no parking restrictions, no parking bays and, except for one house, no driveways. 

Fine at the moment, but a development has been approved – yes we put in a representation – for across the road that will see twelve new front doors (to townhouses)on the street.  It doesn’t seem right that there are no plans to change the parking restrictions.  Yes, the development will have internal parking compliant with the Territory Plan, but you and I both know that casual visitors (if not rsidents) will park at the front doors. 

The closest situation I can find elsewhere – RZ1 on one side, RZ3 or higher on the other – so far is a 6.5 m street at Forde with driveways. 

Anybody know of a precedent for what we are facing?

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Parking restrictions
Snarky 5:52 pm 12 Feb 14

voytek3 said :

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are. Serves you right for choosing to live in such a hole

I can’t think why more people don’t join in the discussion here when incisive, wittily expressed gems like this apparently pass “moderation” as adding to the site’s and the discussion’s value. Two thumbs up, RA!

watto23 1:58 pm 12 Feb 14

You didn’t answer my question. Currently you say “We live in a narrow street in Crace – 6 m of asphalt – with no parking restrictions, no parking bays and, except for one house, no driveways.”

So I’m guessing people park on the vacant land. And they are going to build across the street with similarly bad planning with regards to car parking. Is that the problem?

I doubt you have much chance to get it changed or fixed to be honest, especially when moving there the information would have been available. Is it not unreasonable to think that if one side of the street was built with no driveways that the other side would be almost the same.

Solidarity 1:44 pm 12 Feb 14

The Cadillac won’t fit down most Gunghalin streets.

voytek3 10:01 am 12 Feb 14

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are. Serves you right for choosing to live in such a hole

gentoopenguin 8:43 am 12 Feb 14

The Fair in Watson is a pretty dismal example of such parking. The houses have single garages so people park all over the shop. It’s like walking through a used car lot.

screaming banshee 6:29 am 12 Feb 14

I recall the pissing and moaning when 50kph suburban speed limits were introduced about how much longer it was going to take everyone to get anywhere and blah blah blah. In reality the drop from 60 to 50kph accounted for around 5% of most journeys….the very start and very finish, because all major interconnecting roads remained at 60kph and they are the roads we should be using to get from A to B.

If you fear people are going to pelt down your street with disregard for parked or oncoming vehicles…the problem is not the parking arrangement. If you have to give way to someone for 10 secs of your 30 minute drive to work because of a parked car, should people be made to not park out the front of their house to save you that 10 seconds every now and then.

Crace will change all that indeed.

Aeek 11:47 pm 11 Feb 14

Memories of living on the front of Caswell. If cars parked both sides, as legal, without riding up over the curb – there would have been no way for a single lane to pass through. This is considered reasonable ?

And one of the failed Aranda Shops developments claimed that parking wouldn’t be a problem because it was a 40k zone; um, no, its a school zone.

Shercom 11:13 pm 11 Feb 14

#1: Thank you. Confirms my expectations.
#2: I can see why you chose that user name.
#3: Good question. The garage are at the back via a laneway.
#4: After speaking with Roads ACT I think the chances for change, if problems do arise, is reasonable. And I’m glad you don’t want to be a smart arse, because we don’t mind narrow streets, just narrow streets with inappropriate parking arrangements, and as for exclusive use, no we are quite happy to share (community was one of the reasons we moved to Crace).
#5: Sorry, I should have been clearer. Side to side the road is 7 m or less. They allow 2.4 m for a car park. That doesn’t, in our opinion leave enough room in a two-way street for smooth and safe traffic flow.

Mordd 9:46 pm 11 Feb 14

Won’t somebody please think of the cars!!!

Sandman 9:46 pm 11 Feb 14

What do you currently do if you have more than one visitor at a time? Send one of them to park out on the Barton Hwy?

Shouldn’t be too long now and we’ll be getting the “I bought a house in Tralee and there are planes flying overhead. How can I get the flight path moved?” threads

annus_horribilis 5:53 pm 11 Feb 14

And the problem is?

JC 5:30 pm 11 Feb 14

Why would they change the parking? I am willing to bet that the land across the road from you always planned to have those townhouses (and the DA is for the development itself and not the zoning) and as such the road and parking would have been designed with that in mind. Whether that road/parking capacity is sufficient is another matter of course.

So don’t like your chances, and if I wanted to be a smart arse I could ask what did you expect buying in the new suburbs in a street that by your own admission would have already been narrow? Did you expect it for your exclusive use?

watto23 4:16 pm 11 Feb 14

Where do residents currently park? in their garage as no one has a driveway?

Antagonist 4:07 pm 11 Feb 14

“We live in a narrow street in Crace …”

Lost interest at this point here. You deserve everything you get for buying out there 🙂

pptvb 10:27 am 11 Feb 14

We have a similar development near us, with plenty of internal parking. But most residents are lazy pricks & park on the nature strips & footpaths near their doors. Coppers logs have been put up to deter this, but it hasn’t.
Lazy will always find a way.

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