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Parking what the??

By Velveteen Rabbit 3 March 2006 12

Ok so what’s with the gobbling up of all the decent parking in this town?

Is it sponsored by INACTION to make us get back on the crappy bus networks? Or is it more evil than that?

[ED – ACTION are taking up parking?]

What’s Your opinion?

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12 Responses to
Parking what the??
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silver_ice 8:45 pm 06 Mar 06

bonfire – Similar to my thoughts. The geography of Canberra is such that it seems some sort of light rail would suit nicely.

However, I imaging the risk of it not taking off and the implementation cost of such as system is what is stopping it from happening.

That said, I wonder if Mr Snow would considering building something like that out to the Brindabela Business Park 🙂

bonfire 10:40 am 06 Mar 06

Of course if we had a light rail system one could easily use it to get right into and out of civic without the need for a car or a carpark.

morto1980 10:25 pm 03 Mar 06

And all you pricks parking in our apartment complex visitor parking and walking in to work REALLY SUCK.

That is all 🙂

seepi 5:08 pm 03 Mar 06

Try driving to Civic at lunchtime to have lunch with someone, or to grab a birthday gift, or go to the rates office etc. The multi storey car parks fill up totally at lunchtime. Sometimes you can get one at the very back of the carpark opposite the old YMCA, but by the time you walk to the shops/restaurants, you may as well have driven the extra distance to Woden or Belconnen. Most people are on limited time at lunch so bussing, or walking all those extra blocks (from where exactly – Braddon fills up too) isn’t practical.

the sheriff 4:21 pm 03 Mar 06

personally, i haven’t found it to be a big problem. i catch the bus to work and when i do drive have always managed to find a park. another multi-storey carpark would be nice though.

Mr_Shab 3:55 pm 03 Mar 06

Government cares…about it’s delusions of adequacy. Simon is so caught up in his grand vision of turning Civic into a vast glittering contrivence that he’s screwed pretty much every business owner in Civic.

RichRick 3:47 pm 03 Mar 06

I used to go to Civic once a week or so (even though I now live out of town), shopping and just enjoying the place and people, . Last time I finally found a spot but it was so hard to get to and from that I decided sadly not to try again. I say sadly, because
I’ve been going there for 50 years, since I was a young kid. Does anyone in Govt care???

Mr_Shab 3:35 pm 03 Mar 06

Neither have I simto, but then, I am also prepared to walk (and ride a motorbike).

It doesn’t matter. Lack of parking = lack of punters buying stuff.

There only needs to be a perception that going to Civic isn’t worth the hassle, and people won’t go there.

If Seven-Storey had stuck to his original plan of doing the s87 development in two stages, rather than caving in to the QIC like a little bitch, maybe Civic’s retailers wouldn’t be quite so badly boned.

As you may have guessed, I take issue with this matter.

simto 3:25 pm 03 Mar 06

I’ll repeat – I’ve never found it all that difficult to find somewhere to park in Civic. Possibly it’s to do with the fact that I’m prepared to walk one or two extra blocks, and that I don’t work in Civic or visit it during working hours.

Mr_Shab 3:04 pm 03 Mar 06

Slowly but surely?

Two things – retailers in Civic know precisely why numbers have dwindled; but in the face of Seven-Storey Simon’s utter disregard for their concerns prior to the whacking great development that took out half the parking in Civic, they didn’t get much say.

And the numbers of customers crashed when no-one could park in Civic anymore, they didn’t dwindle. Just ask any of the businesses that hit the wall in the months following the debacle.

Vader 2:56 pm 03 Mar 06

And meanwhile all the retail outlets in Civic wonder why the number of customers they have is slowly but surely dwindling….

Ari 2:34 pm 03 Mar 06

The anit-car zealots among the ACT Government’s urban planners have made no secret about it.

They just dress it up as “integrated transport strategies”.

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