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Parliament House was designed by Freemasons to resemble sacred geometry

By Barcham - 16 September 2013 30

Time to drop some knowledge bombs on you Canberra.

Bombs like:

The number 13.
The occult.
The Freemasons.
The $5 note.

The pyramids.

The pyramids for real.

Scottish Truth Files News Media is uncovering Canberra’s dirty secrets, and it’s time you recognise what’s going on here.

Freemasonry has a long history in Australia. Learn something about it, as Freemasons are secreted into most power positions.



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30 Responses to
Parliament House was designed by Freemasons to resemble sacred geometry
curmudgery 11:23 am 17 Sep 13

I just love ‘Nights templar’.

Am I to assume that investigative writing / journalism can also be taught by telepathy?

beejay76 6:10 am 17 Sep 13

Goodness me! The maker got a bit carried away and just started kitchen-sinking it, didn’t he (or she, I suppose)? Freemasons, Knights Templar, Illuminati, the zodiac, EGYPTIANS!!!!. I reckon satanists and Mayans should have got a look-in, too. The poor bastards might be feeling a bit left out.

rbw 5:07 am 17 Sep 13

Firstly, I wish to declare I have no affiliation with the author of these videos.
Secondly, I wish to declare that I am an investigative writer/journalist and not a conspiracy theorist.

Now I wish to highlight that the responses towards this topic are somewhat immature and highlight a growing tendency for conditioned mass ridicule towards anyone who suggests that there may be behind the scenes agendas in the world we live in. Perhaps it is out of fear that people make such responses, because if they give into the thought that their happy cocooned view of the way their life may not be what they thought it is, they cannot handle it…so they ridicule. Where is the openness for more detailed investigation ? Perhaps its human nature to act this way, and I caution that it does open us up to be easily controlled when we give away our power …and our greatest power is the freedom to question authorities choices for us. Please DON’T EVER forget that.

So if we ridicule people who present alternative ideas and simply ask questions, is this the society we want to live in? If every person who did this was ridiculed then we are simply losing opportunities to advance society for the well being of its people. In fact it is the population censoring itself, policing itself…. It is in my opinion a sad state of affairs.

So as an investigative journalist I did come across this topic many years ago. I came to it because I also had my own questions.

So in order to appease the people in this topic who wish to ridicule conspiracy theorists, then I will deal in largely facts only. What I will raise will certainly be uncomfortable to some here and the conditioned response will again want to attack the messenger. And I urge those people who are uncomfortable to do your own research and rebuttal with evidence the facts I supply, because as an investigator myself I am happy to be proved wrong, in fact I welcome it, because I simply wish to find truth myself.

So lets start.

In the 1830’s King Ludwig I of Bavaria commissioned Austrian John Lhotsky to explore the “New World” of Australia.

Bavaria is the alleged home of the Bavarian Illuminati, said to be home of the powerful Rothschilds banking family. Allegedly the Bavarian Illuminati had be founded on May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt on order of the Rothschilds to advance their agenda of control of “new world” lands.

First question I asked is why would the King of Bavaria be interested about Australia?

Lhotsky spent a considerable amount of time searching the south-eastern tablelands looking for the Limestone plains. He found them both in the Yass-Canberra region and also on the Dalgety Monaro Plains. He found both sites suitable for future cities. In 1834 Lhotsky predicted that on the Kembery Plains (now Canberra) that “at no distant date a fine town will exist” at the location.

Rather presumptuous of him to suggest such a thing so accurately far in advance. But I am willing to give a benefit of the doubt that he simply found the land suitable for future settlement. Taking a more cynical viewpoint you could suggest that perhaps a city on the limestone plains of Kambery had been suggested for as early as the 1830’s within political circles.

Lhotsky was a botanist the same as the Joseph Banks who as luck would have it was the one who suggested the expedition down South to the Pacific to study and observe the 1769 transit of Venus. As the scientist, Banks (also a chief adviser to King George III) was taken on the trip by one Captain Cook. It was on this voyage that they haphazardly discovered Australia.

Banks is a confirmed Freemason have been initiated into the Inverness Lodge, No. 4367. He later became President of the Freemasonic Royal Society of London, this was the society that financed the said scientific expedition that discovered Australia.

On a side note, the Transit of Venus is important to occultists because during an eight-year trek, Venus passes in front of the Sun in same monthly pattern five times and traces a five-pointed star pattern around the ecliptic. A five pointed star is the pentagram – the symbol revered by occultists. On another side note, Sydney is considered by some as the occult capital of the world.

This transit is also highly important to many cultures, for example, Mayan prophecy states that the world of a new consciousness will be born [perhaps reborn] on the occasion of the Venus passage across the Sun.

The 1769 Transit was even more important because during the transit, there was a total solar eclipse five hours later. I guess many would have considered that an omen of sorts. Putting on my tin foil hat, I would certainly believe that the fact that Australia was directly discovered after these two significant astrological events, to those that believe in importance in such things, would consider it a “significant sign”. Perhaps this explains for the occultists fascination with Australia as being a significant planetary location for occult activities.

In 1810, the British sent their first British military Governor, Major General Lachlan Macquarie. Macquarie is regarded by many as the real founder of Australia as a country. Macquarie became a Freemason in January 1793 at Bombay, in Lodge No. 1 (No. 139 on the register of the English “Moderns” Grand Lodge).

On the 2nd March 1845 the first non-residence building was built on the Limestone Plains – the St Johns Church — which today lies adjacent to Anzac Parade. This is a Church of England Church. The Church of England church is allegedly the Church of the United Grand Lodge of Freemasonry.

In 1887 To mark the centenerary Britain sent its most senior metropolitan politician and also most senior officer of the Freemasonic United Grand Lodge of England, Lord Carnarvon, on four-month visit to Australia. Lord Carnarvon’s name was Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert the 4th Earl of Carnarvon.

Lord Carnarvon served as Colonial Secretary in two administrations and was the man responsible for federating Britain’s remaining North American colonies into the country of Canada. He was also responsible for and kept close personal contacts with colonial administrators in the white settlement colonies of North America (Canada), Australia and South Africa.

The official capacity of his trip was to set the stage for Australian Federation, but he spent most of his trip trying to federate the Freemason societies of each state in Australia, several of which had gone “rogue” to the wishes of the United Grand Lodge in England.

When Carnarvon told the Prince of Wales of his decision to go to Australia it was the Prince who definitely gave him a specific imperial commission and who probably asked him to look into and suggest a solution to the Masonic problems of New South Wales and of Victoria as well.

During his engagement’s Carnarvon acknowledged that the magic word “federation” had been talked about in England. But, he did not give away the plans for the colonies publically. In defining federation, Carnarvon said it must be based on loyalty to the sovereign to foster the mutual advantages and common interests on the other.

Therefore Australia would not be granted Federation until all the Freemason state lodges were loyal to the Crown.

Carnarvon’s visit succeeded in the creation of The United Grand Lodge of Victoria with the Prince of Wales as its Grand Patron. The only rogue lodge left was in NSW, and on December 29 1887, Carnarvon met with John Williams, the Grand Master of the rogue lodge in NSW, whom after the interview was persuaded to turn over control to the Prince of Wales.

I guess Carnarvon made a compelling offer too good to refuse. I would suggest there was more of a threat made.

The UGLE [United Grand Lodge of England] met on 5 December that year 1888 it unanimously approved Carnarvons proposal that it should immediately recognise the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales that had been inaugurated in August and of which Carrington had been installed as the first Grand Master on 18 September.

Lord Carnarvon’s visit succeeded in bringing all Masonic lodges in Australia under control of the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, and the Federation of Australian colonies was then allowed to proceed.

Carnarvon decided that self-governing colonies linked with Britain by loyalty was the strongest template to ensure their control of the country would not disintegrate over time as had occurred in other great historical empires, so a single United Grand Lodge of Australia was never created.

Why is this important? In my research I discovered that the King’s Governor-Generals or State Governors in Australia often automatically became leaders of the lodges in their states.

Sir Henry Parkes, our famous Federation Father, had been loyal to the English Monarchy and the UGL of England. Parkes was Knighted by the English Monarchy awarding him the highest possible honors of Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George in 1877 and Knight Grand Cross of the same order in 1888.

Parkes was never officially recognised as a Mason, but he worked hand in hand with Carnarvon in staging Australia’s federation.

So after Federation, the first Australian parliament was dominated by Freemasons.
In our first House of Representatives, 30 of its 75 members were confirmed Freemasons. They included the future Prime Ministiers, George Reid, Edmund Barton and Joseph Cook. Sir Edmund Barton was initiated into Freemasonry at the Australian Lodge of Harmony No. 556 on March 13 1878 and in 1901 became Australia’s first prime minister. He was knighted in 1902.

Anyway, the point to all this is that the political parties running our Governments were created by the Freemason societies to serve as the public front to their hidden organisations. The political party served to give the public perception of freedom only. We never hear who really decides the policies created by political parties, so its highly conceivable that men behind the scenes calling the shots were and still are.

The sad reality and proveable fact (if you do the research) is Australia was never going to be granted Federation unless those running the entire system were loyal to the power groups in England. That fact is Federation was symbolic where the control of Australia remained under Britain. All that changed is that control went from overt to covert. In the minds of people, though, we were “free”. Free to choose the candidates suggested by the political parties created by these controlling groups. And of course, not free to choose the policy created by either.

Anyway what does this have to do with Canberra?

In 1893, one Walter Burley Griffin was filled with wonder as he attended the Chicago Worlds Fair, a trip that motivated him to become an architect. the world’s fair transitioned a new era in architecture, led by prominent architect Daniel Burnham. Burnham was a member of the Swedenborgian Church, his father a minister in it. This was a movement created by Emmanual Swedenborg, following the Protestant breakaway in Rome. Without going into detail, you can research it yourself, Swedenborg’s movement was a precursor to the creation of the Freemason movements in later years. If you research more you find Freemasonry is a continuation of ancient Rosicrucianism, before that the Templar Knights, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Ancient Kaballah, Mithraism and so forth…

Burnham was the architect for the worlds first steel framed skyscraper the 22 storey Grand Masonic Temple in Chicago. (Yes the worlds first skyscraper was a Masonic temple!).

Burnham and Olmsted are accredited with ushering in the City Beautiful movement that influenced modern city planning. Burnham later went on revitalising Washington DC’s city layout and now famous memorial parks. All of which is well established by many researchers contains a lot of sacred geometry and perhaps occult significance.

Despite all that, Burnham was a huge influence to Griffin. The other prominent architect peer of Burnham was one Louis Sullivan, famous for the saying “Form follows Function”.

After leaving school Griffin, was hired as new draftsman for the Prairie school, a group of architects, inspired by Louis Sullivan and led by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Sullivan was a frequent visitor to the Chicago Architectural Club and it was there that Griffin met Sullivan in 1900 and formed a friendship with him.

Griffin wholeheartedly embraced the principles of Louis Sullivan, as did many of his colleagues of the Prairie School.

Sullivan was considered one of the great proponents of usage of geometry in architecture. Sullivan used geometry for the control of pattern and texture in detail and for the control of the organic integration of his ornament with the building form.

Sullivan was the first influential American architect to reject the Beaux Arts due to its cultural inappropriateness to America. When Sullivan broke away from the old traditions he became the leader of the profession of an American based democratic architecture and therefore he led the rise of the “Chicago Progressives”. Dominating their mindset was ushing in a new form of democracy (simply a veiled system of public freedom, controlled covertly by the freemason societies).

Louis Sullivan is a confirmed Freemason, and was the mentor to Griffin. Griffin is not a confirmed Freemason, but he associated with his mentors in the architectural clubs in Chicago who all were. It leaves no doubt he was part of the same groups, but as far as the public record goes, Griffin has been made to seem “on his own” and unattached to any specific group/agenda, when he was anything but.

From Sullivan, Griffin learnt how the principles of symbolism and geometry could begin to meet those of nature, something the Beaux Arts could not really achieve. Sullivan taught Griffin the understanding of how to use rational thought processes in a commitment to organic unity and the practice of architecture as an individual’s creative art.

Griffin had what could be considered an obsessive fascination with the “atmosphere” created by architecture. His interest deviated from architecture, towards Landscape Architecture, and using Sullivan’s principles in city design. Instead of creating a temple in a building as his mentors had done, he wanted to create a city as a temple.

The leading men of the Architectural Club of Chicago were all heavily integrated into the Freemasonic societies of America. Burnham and Sullivan changed the landscape in America.

Griffin’s last major commission and his greatest architectural development prior to winning the competition to design Canberra, was the contribution to the development of the prairie houses in Mason City in Iowa. To date, Mason City contains the most prairie style houses ever constructed in America and is home to a largest freemasonic community (hence the name of the town).

Both Walter and Marion Griffin were Theosophists. The spiritual beliefs of Theosophy are heavily aligned with those of Freemasonry, primarily the belief in Lucifer as the true God, and that they need to path the way for the return of the great world teacher, the next Christ type person.

Griffin’s wife Marion is also credited with huge contribution to the design for Canberra. Marion had great admiration for Annie Besant, she established the first overseas Lodge of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry a Freemasonry lodge that allowed Women to become members. Besant also took over leadership of Theosophy following the death of its original leader Helena Blavatsky.

Helena Blavatsky’s teachings inspired Adolf Hitler, who as it turns out was financed by the Rothschilds to create the second world war. The swatstika was simply the ancient symbol of Theosophy.

A dear friend of Besant was Patrick Geddes, another close mentor of Walter Burley Griffin who he be-friended Griffin well before the design of Canberra.

Officially the Griffins are not considered to have been thesophists until the 1930’s when they moved to Sydney to create a Theosophy community suburb up there. But it is really well clear they were dealing in circles of the Theosophists as early as the early 1900’s.

On a side note, the co-founder of Theosophy was Charles Leadbeater who had an obsession with Sydney, moving his whole life there on the belief that: “the re-emergence of a divine church with a divine leader which would in turn lead the world to illumination.” Leadbeater was a priest of the Church of England (The Freemason church)

Theosophy was discredited when their forecast World Teacher failed to emerge through their prepared vessel – the body of Jiddu Krishnamurti – when he failed to allow his consciousness to be pushed out so the “world leader” could come into his body. Instead Theosophy re-packaged itself in other forms. The freemasons (were talking the upper echelons, not your typical Rotary, Lions club freemason stooges) continued to forge their preparations…

Leadbeater moved to Sydney and his interest in Australia was based on his esoteric beliefs where he proclaimed Australia to be the place where the new Aryan “sub-race” would evolve: In a series of lectures delivered in Sydney in August 1915, Bishop Leadbeater proclaimed “Australia and New Zealand as the home of a new sub-race.” He had detected in Australia “children and young people of a distinctly new type.” A new antipodean human type characterised by intuition and the powers of synthesis.

Whatever that means…

Secret groups were created within secret groups to prepare adepts for the Coming – the Order of the Star of the East, the Universal Co-Masonic Order. This was particularly the case in Sydney where Leadbeater settled in 1914. A clairvoyant and occultist of peculiar genius, Leadbeater was an Anglican curate when he joined the Theosophical Society in 1883 and never lost his enthusiasm for the priesthood and High Church ritual. In 1917 he was instrumental in establishing the Liberal Catholic Church as a parallel organisation to the Theosophical Society with himself consecrated to the episcopate as Regionary Bishop of Australasia through an appropriately authenticated form of Apostolic succession.

Leadbeater explained that Australia needed to prepare itself for the World Leader:
He held that, despite distance and a small population, the Antipodes provided a favourable site for inauguration of a new era of brotherhood and cooperation, being neither decadent like Britain nor overblown by capitalist pride like America, and not yet delivered into unworkably democratic systems by ‘too young souls’. There was crudity, and reverse class legislation, but the wholesome environment held promise.
In Leadbeater’s view, “It would be important to purify child-rearing practices, by abstinence from alcohol, meat and tobacco, and to educate the next generation correctly…. The reward would be the coincidence of a new sub-race and the World Teacher in fifteen or twenty years’ time.”

By embracing techniques of physical and mental purification, Leadbeater believed in a couple of generations the whole of Australia would be controlled by a new people, who would constitute “what in Europe we should call the aristocracy of the country; that is to say, the best types”.

During this period the Theosophical society’s leaders called for Australia to build itself towards:
…purified patriotism, the promotion of a noble type of Australian citizenship, vitally Australian, eagerly conscious of Australia’s specific place and part in the building of the future, no less eagerly conscious of the wider and equally vital citizenship involved in Australia’s membership of the British Commonwealth, and recognising too… there is a World citizenship, the obligations of which may no longer be ignored.

Anyway, the point is the Theosophists earmarked Australia as the home for a future New race, and therefore as the capital of the New World. Canberra was seen to be the spiritual home for this.

It is confirmed that all Griffins research and interests were of Theosophist authors such as Patrick Geddes, and people like Sir Norman Lockyer who were world leaders in understanding ancient axiality and symbolism, the two most prominent features of Griffins plan for Canberra.

Central to Griffins belief system can be best summarized as:
Griffin understood that the greatest ampitheatres in old ancient cities and sites were organizing principles directly related to astrology and axial alignments towards this. By organizing buildings with not only natural landscapes but also with the heavens, this is how ancient man had linked themselves with the Gods of the heavens.

Griffin was a transcendental idealist and it was his desire to forge a new form of democratic environment, where man could work in conjunction with nature in order to maximise spirituality. Griffin’s conclusion was that a truly democratic architecture was achievable only through the laws of nature.

So the competition to design Canberra was launched. Due to some unknown agenda King O’Malley wanted to select the winning entry himself and this upset the local and british architecture societies as they forbid their architects from entering the competition. This completely decimated any quality entries, leaving Griffin’s design to essentially stand alone. I’m not going into too much detail on this suffice to say, it seems apparent that this was all contrived, to give a public perception of a fair competition and unbiased selection, but they got the design that was always conceived for the city. Doing it this way has people ask a lot less questions.

Primarily because Griffin’s design was horrendously expensive, and didn’t make sense on a lot of levels. Despite years of protests by those dealt with building the thing, eventually the Government (or more to the point, the hidden controlling groups) got their way.

In studying this I found, that a lot of changes were allowed to be made to Griffin’s design, but the Governement was steadfast on retaining the geometry in the plan, even where it was not practical to do so.

Griffin’s design required (at the time) major earthworks that were literally impossible with technology of the time. it did not make economical sense. After WWI hit, a lot of compromises were made to the plan (largely the more desireable aspects such as the high density community based stuff along the central axis and constitution ave), but never really to the main geometrical aspects of the plan. All they did was strip out the good stuff, and left a giant void of a city with no soul. I guess that was the point to begin with.

Instead of the community centric aspects, the governement instead installed the war memorial at the centre of the plan, adding a symbolic and sad aspect to the centerpiece of the plan. It makes more sense that this symbolises a ritual sacrifice. In fact the War Memorial has been designed as a occult ritual edifice (a longer story for another day).

In the early 1920’s the geometry of the Canberra plan was Gazetted into Australian law, protected from ever being tampered with or modified, even if a serving Government wished to do so. For that to happen it would require permission from the Governer-General and the power-brokers in Britain. Truely a remarkable thing to do, and no one has really explained what is the point of the geometry and why it is so important?

In order to protect the geometry, the central national authority was created who quickly designated the entire aspect of griffins geometries under the auspices of the Central National Zone, whereby no change could ever be made without their say so. In a 2004 report, the NCA had over 74 references to symbolism of the Canberra design.

The question I began to ask myself was why was this geometry so important, what purpose did it serve and how does all this tie in with Theosophy, the Freemasons and what not.

Theosophy is considered an occult movement, and was the precursor to the modern day New Age movement. It deals heavily in nature based spirituality and worship of Lucifer as the true god. Their beliefs are inherited from the ancient Kabbalah type esoteric and hermitic movements.

These movements practice ritual heavily, and they believe they derived their practises from the mystery religions of Sumeria, Babylon, Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

They use sacred geometric principles in their ritual ceremonies in order to invoke and evoke spiritual entities. Central to their rituals are the use of the four primary elements, the pentagram and astrological alignments.

Going back to why John Lhotsky needed to find Limestone Plains for a city? Its simple, Limestone is Crystalline Quartz. Crystals are used to amplify energy in ritual. So building a city over a giant outpouring of crystalline rock assists this energy creation.

Geometry is central to ritual energy work, because it creates energetic forms that allow them to connect with certain entities. Therefore they like to use the Vesica Piscis and the Pentagram as their two major components. Suffice to say these are the two symbols most prominent in Griffin’s design.

The design of Canberra has been created as giant ritual edifice. It is their belief that this city serves as giant platform for administering their spiritual energies. This was the inherit desire guiding Griffins spiritual philosophy. His entire context was creating an environment that emphasises energy. Some would consider it to be dark and negative.

I have studied the rituals of Freemasonry deeply, and they do the same thing. They use geometry, astrology and invoke entities in their rituals.

THe point of the esoteric ritual is to create a platform where by spirits can enter our dimension and communicate or influence us.

Now here is my point. I am not suggesting I agree with what has been attempted here. But it is obvious that many people throughout history have been adopting this spiritual belief system. It is of my opinion they believe something to be true about it. The people who control our country (secretly) believe this to be true. They inherited from their forefathers. They all practice these rituals (think Skull and Bones, and Bohemian Grove).

The merits of it and what it all means is open to discussion. I welcome it. I dont have all the answers. I have many questions.

So simply walking all over this and calling it a crazy idiot conspiracy theories and we’re all nutbags, completely discredits understanding something that is actually deeply affecting our lives despite our awareness of it.

Australian way of life has been completely contrived by these groups. There is true reason why people feel the energy of Canberra has no soul. That is because the energy created by this city is intentional and many are averted to it, and not sure why.

In my own personal conclusion, I believe that the people who designed this city deeply believe that point was to design a city that was to serve as an apparatus to connect our political machine to a supposed spiritual heirarchy of beings that are ruled/led by the Supreme grand Architect of the Universe (a freemason term) but in Theosophy they simply use the Lucifer. They also invoke Archangel Michael and other supposedly godly beings.

Why do this? Well in Theosophy their belief system is that we are supposed to join the so called “Ascended Masters” a.k.a Great White Brotherhood (headed by Lucifer a.k.a Sanat Kumara) – -perfected humans of which Jesus is one, whom are here to assist us so we can perfect ourselves. Theosophists believe the Kumara’s live on an etheric plane of Venus (hence why they worship the Transit of Venus).

As humans, we continually re-incarnate until we get it right – and their version of right is aligning ourselves with their energy, doing what they say, becoming like them. Sounds rather controlling and disturbed to me.

So in performing certain ritual type practicies we pull in their energies and we elevate our consciousness. By entering the ritual edifice of Canberra, we are affected by that.

The city of Canberra is supposedly designed as some spiritual platform for this group.

If our political system is anything to judge by, its failed miserably. And I guess it does explain our politicians. Or in fact it is succeeding brilliantly to make our lives more and more controlled and terrible by the day. So I guess they are all laughing at us.

The Catholics are diametrically opposed to the Freemasons, but they also run an even darker and more controlling religion, more subservience to externalized entities (invisible or real – depending on your belief system) and enjoy their paedophilia and other darker energies. In theosophic esoteric belief there is a battle going on in the heavens between the entities of darkness (catholic) and the entities of light (Great White Brotherhood). There are seemingly two counter opposing sides to this supposed worldwide Illumanti network (for those interested). Both sides use similar rituals, the only difference is the entities they worship.

In my opinion, if true, both sides suck. I would like to disclose that my only religious belief is that we stop worshipping externalized entities and that to run a spiritually enlightened country that the entire apparatus that runs it needs to be in the open.

What I do find interesting is that Tony Abbott, is one of the very few catholic PM’s this country has ever had. Rudd is a Protestant Church of England guy. But none of these stooges have good intentions for us. This is simply a polarity drama and a distraction to keep us feeling like we are free, but covertly controlled.

In my opinion, whatever supposed geometries are meant to serve in this process, it is a false belief system that is fundamentally built on controlling people. I do believe that people ruling this country (and basically the world) have a distorted belief system and spiritual philosophy that has been inherited for thousands of years and certain family lines simply do not want to lose control. Call them illuminati or what not.

But as I researched a lot of this, the name Rothschild came up again and again. As it happens that family seems to dominate the controlling boards of many organizations involved in the construction of Canberra. No doubt in my mind, they control the behind the scenes political apparatus calling the shots on policy on both sides of the fence.

Anyway rant over.. I could have said a lot more on this topic, but I am saving it for a book. Any one interested in contributing to my research, or wanting to know more…I am available email web at

James Macaron

RedDogInCan 12:05 am 17 Sep 13

Mind you, they have been quite successful in secreting themselves into most power positions:

Prime Ministers who were Freemasons:
Sir Edmund Barton
Sir George Reid
Sir Joseph Cook
Viscount Stanley Melbourne Bruce
Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page
Sir Robert Menzies
Sir Arthur William Fadden
Sir John McEwen
Sir John Grey Gorton
Sir William McMahon

Governors General who were Freemasons:
Lachlan Macquarie
Sir Isaac Alfred Isaacs
Major General Michael Jeffery

As well as numerous state premiers, senior judges, and military officers.

Masquara 8:50 pm 16 Sep 13

poetix said :

Fear the spelling. Falic symbol?

You know, if you drew every nail salon using shellac around Canberra onto a map, and drew lines between them, the Truth would certainly be revealed. Shellac, you see, is made from beetles. Like scarab beetles from Egypt. Coincidence?

The overblown music is just perfect, too.

Whoah …. and Freemason Charles Darwin is being replaced by Jane Austen on the 10-pound note in Britain. And she had cochineal in her kitchen! Also made out of insects!

watto23 8:29 pm 16 Sep 13

Quick send this to Today Tonight/A Current Affair oh and imagine if Rupert had this before the election!

OLydia 8:19 pm 16 Sep 13

1. Why should I care that there are supposed freemasonry symbols “hidden in plain site (sic)”?
2. Why should I care that “Freemasons are secreted into most power positions (sic)”?
3. Why can’t conspiracy theorists spell or structure sentences correctly?

poetix 4:15 pm 16 Sep 13

Fear the spelling. Falic symbol?

You know, if you drew every nail salon using shellac around Canberra onto a map, and drew lines between them, the Truth would certainly be revealed. Shellac, you see, is made from beetles. Like scarab beetles from Egypt. Coincidence?

The overblown music is just perfect, too.

Deref 4:11 pm 16 Sep 13

Your ideas are intriguing to me. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter and to purchase one of your hats.

thebrownstreak69 4:10 pm 16 Sep 13

If you select the correct roundabouts and streets around Parliament House, I understand you can draw quite a spectacular cock and balls.

wildturkeycanoe 4:04 pm 16 Sep 13

So, what are we supposed to do about this, tear down parliament house, stop using $5 notes, kill all eagles? Seriously, aren’t freemasons allowed to exist just like christians, muslims, jedi knights etc?
Also, if you were to get a class of year 3 students to design a building for our government, I’d bet you half would use some of these symbols in their designs, just because there are only so many things you can build without pillars, pyramids and triangles.

Matt_Watts 3:57 pm 16 Sep 13

Wow, Canberra’s founders built hills around the Capitol in the shape of a pentagram!

Thumper 3:40 pm 16 Sep 13

I am in awe of the sacred geometry.

However, Eric Von Daniken ancient astronauts are way cooler.

Seriously, did they film that using a potato?

RedDogInCan 3:32 pm 16 Sep 13

Funny how a supposed influential sect has so much trouble finding new members. You would think with the opportunity to be ‘secreted into most power positions’ they’d have interested members queuing up at the door.

johnboy 3:19 pm 16 Sep 13

I love it when they fill the video with text (and yellow text on yellow backgrounds even) because somewhere in their crazy little heads they know just how bonkers their voices sound.

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