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Passion of the Caff

By Blamemonkey 21 April 2005 18

Not being a Coffee connoisseur I don’t really care where I get my cup of caff but to one of my mates where he gets his brew matters.

After relocating our office across civic he decided to taste what the local greasy spoon had to offer he was disgusted and disappointed personally my biggest concern was what sort of cup I was getting (Styrofoam, corrugated paper or just plain paper I have delicate hands so it hurts :P).

After tasting the local offerings he decided that it was his personal mission to improve it, he went to the trouble of printing preparation instructions of the net (the net is never wrong) putting them in an unmarked envelope and slipped in under the doors of the Cafes. Result Marked improvement from one of the Cafés I think the others ignored the creepy letter.

Now he walks over to Milk and honey (a pretty large hike for coffee) to get his coffee I would think walking all that way why not go to Essen or failing that Gus’s…..

Am I Strange not feeling so Passionate about the drink from far away lands or is my mate a freak….

P.s what is the BEST Caff in Canberra???

What’s Your opinion?

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Passion of the Caff
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Handmademarket 10:12 pm 15 Oct 08

I am looking for a coffee vendor for the new Handmade market.

Sat 22 Nov 10-6pm

Can anyone help?


knightrider 9:19 am 09 Jun 05

OK Ok So this thread is about me…
Well a fifth coffee shop opened up this morning across the road at Moore St. Finally a decent brew. It is their first day, but definetly worth it. For my money, Milk and Honey, Babars, Republic and cafe essen are good places for coffee in Civic. The milk can’t be too hot nor the coffee to bitter.

For the Best coffee in Canberra track down a guy called Andrew Donaldson from Epresso Mobile. He has one of those coffee vans. His coffee is out of this world. A true barista, thank the lord…

RandomGit 10:08 am 22 Apr 05

Speaking of Greater Union, Stockmans cafe just next to it. Nice peice of work.

Marco 9:59 am 22 Apr 05

McCafe coffee is actually halfway reasonable – it’s better than the coffee served up at a regular Maccas that doesn’t have a cafe. It’s not brilliant, but it’s acceptable.

In Civic, I have found Bardeli’s to be ahead of most other comers. I’ve stopped going to Gus’ Cafe because the coffee is ordinary and the service even more so.

Bad, bad, bad coffee can be found at Lunch Bunch, across the road from the Greater Union.

LurkerGal 8:41 am 22 Apr 05

K, I’m definitely a coffee girl. But at night, I like my white hot choc.

andy 8:48 pm 21 Apr 05

im a bit of a coffee fan, but i found i was spending entirely too much money on coffee, so i make my own at work now.. with a plunger.

I’ve tried coffee from most of the places in garema at some point or another, and have no real complaints.

guys i work with get coffee from all over…
the comms team live down at gus’s.. thats the reason we had a wireless network installed.. so they don’t have to come into the office at all..
some of the guys i work with, i see walkin around with mccafe coffee (Ffs!)
and another will go to bardelis.
theres also some who go just downstairs, because its easy.

when we make our great trek out to the airport, apparently we will be getting proper coffee machines, as compensation for our suffering….

Kerces 5:19 pm 21 Apr 05

Tea or coffee LG? (me, I’m a hot chocolate kind of girl)

LurkerGal 4:54 pm 21 Apr 05

I found it funny…..

Kerces 4:47 pm 21 Apr 05

Ok I know it’s only vaguely related but I thought you coffee drinkers (and those who don’t) might find it funny:

LurkerGal 4:34 pm 21 Apr 05

BM: It has its place. For me, its place is NOT early in the morning. But of a cold evening, it is an acceptable beverage.

Blamemonkey 4:30 pm 21 Apr 05

I have No idea what would possesses someone (probably a role player in a dark room with no dice) to make a coffee cup out of paper with no friggin handles!!!!

I no Styrofoam is bad for the environment but it keeps the heat in the cup not on my hand and the corrugated paper cups don’t transfer the heat like normal paper cups…..

I just seems ridiculous to me why they would sell Take away coffee in cups you can take away with out melting your hand!

New question White hot Chocolate: Taste Sensation or SOFT Drink

bonfire 4:08 pm 21 Apr 05

i quite like hansels and gretels next to the comic shop in lathlain st.

RandomGit 3:57 pm 21 Apr 05

I have delicate hands so it hurts

You realise I’m never letting you live that down, don’t you BM?

Apocalypse 3:08 pm 21 Apr 05

the best coffee i have ever been served was at an outdoor cafe in bungendore, they’re more famous for their woodfired pizza’s but the coffee i was served was un-repeatable.. evne making my own, with as much time and patience as possible, i have been unable to recreate it!

it drove me nuts for a lil while there, and im not even a coffee freak

RandomGit 2:51 pm 21 Apr 05

Bolero as well, nice stuff. Republic are upmarket and overcharge. Il Covo, now theres some fine fine coffee and Italian Pastries. Yumbo Scrumbo!!

I submit that I would even drink horribly bitter coffee rather than the flavourless warmed watery milk with brown grit in it that they vomit out of Starbucks. It never ceases to amaze me that that franchise EVER managed to take off serving shite like that.

Skylight Cafe… noted. Churches Centre has all the best secret businesses in Canberra anyway.

Blamemonkey 2:35 pm 21 Apr 05

No way random, Cafe 51 sucked, the staff are nice but republic coffee was better when I worked on Allara Street…

LurkerGal 2:29 pm 21 Apr 05

Your mate is not a freak. Life is too short to drink bad coffee or bad wine. I’m a complete coffee snob, even at home I grind my beans right before I use them. I am astounded by the number of staff here that embraced the new cafe that opened downstairs. The coffee is SHIT! I prefer to walk the few extra meters to “Skylight Cafe”, which is a dogdy looking place in the churches centre, but Cath makes FABULOUS coffee… (and the food is good too!) If you’re from Belconnen, I challenge to you try one of their lattes. Orgasmic.

RandomGit 2:24 pm 21 Apr 05

Cafe 51.

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