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Pathetic polluting cyclist

By troll-sniffer - 24 January 2010 27

Northbourne Debris

Spotted this from my bicycle on the nature strip of Northbourne Ave a bit up from Space if I recall correctly.  This kind of unthinking rubbishing of the landscape is typical of a small number of the lycra brigade who cannot be bothered to take their detritus with them but no doubt would scoff and point and anyone doing the same with a Maccas bag.

The valve is a Presta style, normally used by the lycra warriors, rather than the ordinary car type of valve used by the casual cyclist.

Pathetic really, cyclists normally pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious, but obviously not this self-absorbed specimen.

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27 Responses to
Pathetic polluting cyclist
jasere 12:23 pm 25 Jan 10

well did you pick it up and bin it?? or leave it for your type of specimen stare and point then take a photo and keep walking and then start one of the most pathetic threads I have ever seen

Deckard 12:21 pm 25 Jan 10

There’s a plastic bag on the side of the road near me.

tillyard 11:05 am 25 Jan 10

I think you should have put a filter over the camera lens to make the photograph look cool and grungy. Problem solved!

niftydog 9:53 am 25 Jan 10

I wonder how many cigarette butts are visible in the full resolution version of that image.

lotus 12:33 am 25 Jan 10

On making our exit from the roundabout that has the road works onto the bridge. We had to dodge a cardboard box that had what looked like bike tyre tubes on the road.

Clown Killer 10:23 pm 24 Jan 10

I think this would be even slightly relevant if it wasn’t possible to walk to a major road anywhere in the country, randomly point a camera at it and find that the resulting image didn’t have some bit of crap in it that fell off (or out of) a car or truck. Close but no cigar.

Mike Bessenger 9:53 pm 24 Jan 10

I use old inner tubes as tie downs in the back of my ute. I lost one today along northborne. Oops sorry.

eucy 9:43 pm 24 Jan 10

Ooh let me have a go too.

Every time I cycle to work I have to dodge broken glass bottles smashed along the side of the road. “This kind of unthinking rubbishing of the landscape is typical of a small number of the car drivers brigade who cannot be bothered to take their detritus with them”.

shiny flu 9:28 pm 24 Jan 10

imarty said :

Here we go again…

Except it’s now the ‘casual cyclist’ vs. the ‘more than casual cyclist’

Did anyone care to consider the ‘less than casual cyclist’ or the ‘more than the ‘more than casual cyclist’?!?

This abomination can not be permitted without a cow, some unpasteurised and 10 beef burgers.

Alternatively, what Troll Sniffer is mandating, is that he will buy every lyrca brigade cyclist (it’s like the fire brigade, but lycra brigade members simply pee or squirt water from water bottles onto spot fires) a set tubeless wheels and tyres to match.

It’s like Rudd’s free $900, but more than $900.

sexynotsmart 9:26 pm 24 Jan 10

Someone seems to know an awful lot about valves… hang on, you’re one of them!

bd84 9:04 pm 24 Jan 10

As much fun as it would be to lynch a cyclist over this, there are a lot of humans out there who just dump their garbage wherever they want.

Snarky 8:53 pm 24 Jan 10

A presta valve you say? Well, I’ve certainly heard enough. Come on boys! Let’s have a lynchin”!

toriness 8:51 pm 24 Jan 10

definitely terrible. as any littering is. but doesn’t really stack up against all the exhaust fumes polluting northbourne and surrounds though, does it?

TheDJPea 8:32 pm 24 Jan 10

So did you see a cyclist ditch it or may have it come loose from a bin?

Maybe somebody used it to choke someone for smack, after all, that area is plagued with junkies.

imarty 8:02 pm 24 Jan 10

Here we go again…

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