Patients “surgical gowns and caps” need no more to rush to parking meters

Kerces 24 October 2006 19

The ACT Government has apparently come to some sort of backdown on hospital pay parking after reports of people rushing out to top up the parking meters mid-appointment.

Some kind of new system will be put in by the end of this week which will exempt patients who are genuinely delayed from having to pay fines. That said, I can’t tell from the Canberra Times’ article what this new system might entail. It seems there will be some kind of excess fee.

Opposition spokesman for people in uniform Steve Pratt said the Government had been warned about people being forced into topping up meters before the system was put in place. He wants them to go further than the current measure and “tidy up the dog’s breakfast that is the Government’s current parking policy”.

I think meter maids in saucy nurse uniforms is the obvious solution.

In related news, half a dozen parking inspectors have been working on weekends for three years, and last Sunday they got Simon Corbell. He has been gracious about it, telling The Canberra Times. “At the end of the day you just have to make sure you are parked legally and pay for the amount of time you are going to need.”

The six weekend inspectors work in pairs around Jamison, Kingston, Woden markets and sporting events as well as looking for heavy vehicles parked in residential areas and cars for sale on roundabouts.

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19 Responses to Patients “surgical gowns and caps” need no more to rush to parking meters
vancouver vancouver 8:15 pm 07 Nov 06

Simto – your comment about Simon Corbell’s mental state was incredibly appalling – I’d like to see how you cope with clinical depression, make this public, then continue to work long hours. It’s easy to criticise mental illness – it’s much harder to take the time to understand it and give people credit for working through it and continuing to work. I have little time for the throw away lines and put downs by people who have no understanding of mental illness.

ant ant 10:23 pm 25 Oct 06

It’s ridiculous. I was at calvary last week, seeing a surgeon who is based there. I didn’t realise how expensive the parking was, and didn’t have many coins. Appointment was for 2.30, and I finally got seen at 4.10pm. Yep! In that time, I had to duck out 3 times, and buy a bottle of coke to get change, and feed the machine.

andy andy 7:55 am 25 Oct 06

who wants to bet the price of corbell’s ticket, that he won’t end up paying it.
it’ll go on his tax payer funded starcard, or whatever he has.

Meconium Meconium 10:42 pm 24 Oct 06

It’s not just parking around the hospital they’re cracking down on (though I live in Garran and now have cars on the street outside my house every day). Did the same thing as you fnaah… took a cab home to do the right thing, and got a ticket the next morning. Even worse, I got another one within a week, parked in Kingston for just one Belgian ale! I’ve never had a ticket before… they are getting vicious. But what can you do I suppose, it’s Canberra…

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:15 pm 24 Oct 06

Anyone who votes for a labor govmint again needs to have their head read.

I mean, labor – the party of the people. Introduces paid parking at fugn hospitals for crying out loud. Talk about slugging people when they are at their lowest.

Please tell me if there is something in the water that these labor politicians are drinking??????

Mr Evil Mr Evil 6:28 pm 24 Oct 06

“Stanhope, Gallagher, Corbell – You are slime!”

Cranky, you take that back – that’s an absolute insult to slime!

cranky cranky 6:05 pm 24 Oct 06


The whole system has been designed to maximise revenue. Any sensible modifications to the system would result in lower income for the avaricious incompetents in power.

Why would you change it – pay too much and we make a greater profit, pay too little and we get to fine you. Win, win.

Stanhope, Gallagher, Corbell – You are slime!

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 5:52 pm 24 Oct 06

Get rid of the pay’n’display system. Use a voucher validation thingy like at the airport or Canberra Centre. If you’re a patient at the hospital, the staff can validate your ticket at no charge. Worst case is that you don’t have to guesstimate how long you’ll be there and just pay for the time spent at the end.

Better yet, get rid of pay parking. Genius!

seepi seepi 3:14 pm 24 Oct 06

Do you have to pay at the bloodbank? Could be why donations are down.

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 3:09 pm 24 Oct 06


$1 for 6 hours. Cool, then all of the public servants in Woden can park there cheaply…

No, for it to be effective, there has to be a reasonable charge.

What the system does need though, is a way of submitting a legit claim if you are unfairly pinged.

My daughter spent a week in a couple of weeks age, and I have a high regard for the nurses. The pay parking sucked though – Wish we could get ticketed, then supply a copy of the discharge paperwork to the gestapo head quarters. keeps it simple. You wouldn’t expect the average grey coat to be able to read.

Swaggie Swaggie 11:09 am 24 Oct 06

Why not just make it a dollar for 6 hours? Plenty of time for all but the most advanced day treatment. Surely much simpler than the shambles I heard about on 666 yesterday afternoon.

KandyA KandyA 10:37 am 24 Oct 06

the pay parking at the hospital is a vicious uncaring disgrace. The onus was put basically on the patients to pay for the amount they would need to if their treatment was delayed or it took longer than expected. So everyone pays excessive amounts (nice revenue raiser!) And what was the answer? a whole bureaucracy to sort out who is entitled to claim they were overly delayed, from those that should have known how long their treatment would take, (nice revenue waster!) the people responsible should have their vital organs forcibly donated immediately

Chris S Chris S 10:03 am 24 Oct 06

The Garran Community Association worked hard to try and reduce the adverse impacts of pay parking at TCH, particularly the way in which it was implemented.

TCH simply ignored what was said to them and went their own merry way.

We’ve been told through contacts that the cost of installation has blown out, that maintenance costs will be high, and that so far revenue has fallen well below targets.

As a result, it may well be that the revenue is so small, and the inconvenience so high, that the whole exercise has been a complete waste of time.

I’ve asked Deb Foskey to put some questions on notice to the Health Minister, so hopefully we will get some full disclosure of this debacle.

Big Al Big Al 9:47 am 24 Oct 06

In an interview on ABC 666 yesterday morning he revealed that it was for parking in a loading zone.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 9:42 am 24 Oct 06

Sorry to be Mr Moraliser, but if you hadn’t got shitfaced, you would have been able to move your car, which wouldn’t have left you illegally parked for Sat. morning.

Deal with the choices you make – don’t blame it on the system.

fnaah fnaah 9:27 am 24 Oct 06

Grrrrr, parking inspectors. 🙁 I once parked in Kingston before going out on a Friday night. My friends twisted my arm and I had a few drinks, then a few more, then a LOT more, but I did the right thing and caught a cab home. When I got back to the car at 11.30am on Saturday (still probably not safe to drive), there was a lovely present waiting on the windscreen. It’s like they were penalising me for not drink driving.

simto simto 9:18 am 24 Oct 06

Well, we all know Mr Corbell is a tad mentally fragile. So he was probably just getting in early before his next mental spasm.

Kerces Kerces 9:17 am 24 Oct 06

It didn’t actually say where he was parked, but I would have thought they would have linked it in more than just “the minister in charge of the hospital pay parking system” if he was parked at a hospital.

che che 9:06 am 24 Oct 06

so what was Simon doing when he got booked?
parking in a disabled spot? a doctors spot? at the hospital?

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