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P&C nixes school uniforms – will Katy move without them?

By johnboy - 5 April 2006 37

In February we had an excited discussion on the subject of compulsory school uniforms following the issue being put out to consultation.

Yesterday the ABC reported that the P&C association has nixed the idea.

This raises three question.

1) Given that no issue ever went out for community consultation without the minister being already on board will Katy Gallagher push on without them.

3) Do we actually want our young men to stop dressing like idiots and the young women like whores? Or would we prefer the continuing entertainment?

UPDATED: The Canberra Times take on the issue is oushing this as a “leave it to the schools” line. Which is fine except it represents the status quo.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
P&C nixes school uniforms – will Katy move without them?
Mr_Shab 11:49 am 06 Apr 06

Oh ferchrissakes AD – the kiddies won’t turn into zombies or (gasp!) Liberal voters cause they have to wear the same damn t-shirt.

And you seem to assume conformity is always a bad thing. You strike me as a bit of a socialist at heard. You should be the first to admit that sometimes you’ve gotta conform for the greater good 😉

Absent Diane 11:17 am 06 Apr 06

school uniforms encourage conformity… in my view that is a bad thing….

LurkerGal 10:27 am 06 Apr 06

Me too. Less midriffs and boxer shorts and more looking like they are ready to have an education. And anyone can afford blue tracksuit pants and a white top. It’s cheaper than designer jeans.

vg 9:59 am 06 Apr 06

Lookout Nyssa, I agree with you

Chalker 9:23 am 06 Apr 06

Curious anecdote that was revealed to me the other week (I haven’t checked its validity): Low-rider or hipster jeans have the effect on guys of pinching certain nerve clusters that lead into the groin region, resulting in erectile disfunction.

nyssa76 8:21 am 06 Apr 06

Now working in a school where the uniform is compulsory, I say bring it in.

Kids can still be individuals.

After working at schools without even a “dress code”, I am sick of seeing muffin tops, g-strings riding up, boxers over the top of pants, sleeveless shirts and low cleavage t-shirts.

Uniforms can be cheap and be made at home with a pattern and material for less than actually buying a new one.

Don’t use the argument that parents can’t afford it. That’s what the student equity budget is for.

schmerica 7:47 pm 05 Apr 06

Put them in uniforms. Im sick of seeing 16 year old females’ ass cracks and the boxers of males who insist on wearing their pants around their ankles.

Thumper 2:00 pm 05 Apr 06


and the way it is today? They were clothes to school, come home, throw them on the floor, get changed into another set…

justbands 1:28 pm 05 Apr 06

“the parents save money because they only need two sets of unforms all year”

Always the arugment for uniforms….always completely wrong. Those kids stay in uniform after school when they hang out with their friends do they? No, of course not. They put on the trendiest garb they have at their disposal as soon as they walk in the door. All uniforms do in this case is create more washing!

& two sets of uniforms? I know my 8yo needs a LOT more than that to get through the year.

bonfire 1:06 pm 05 Apr 06

they already dress like their pop idols in either hip or hop attire.

Thumper 12:41 pm 05 Apr 06

Put them in bloody uniforms. That way they don’t look like scum of the earth, the parents save money because they only need two sets of unforms all year, and everyone knows where the students come from.

Sssanta 12:33 pm 05 Apr 06

Agreed. really is an issue that is best dealth with on a school to school basis. that way the P&C still have a bit of tug, and can really have a say as to what affects their very local community.

Swaggie 11:03 am 05 Apr 06

Hmmm got carried away with my ‘anyways’ above – delete any one as you see fit…

Swaggie 10:59 am 05 Apr 06

Dunno that they’ve nixed it JB – just left it to each school to decide for themselves and if Katy goes ahead she’ll be getting total support from 80% of the parents at our kid’s school, The remaining 20% of parents are feral anyway and take no interest in what their kids do at school anyway.

che 10:29 am 05 Apr 06

lots of scratchy wool, thats what they need to be wearing
good for them, good for the country

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