Pete & Biggzy for Breakfast replaces Cam and Lisa on Mix 106

johnboy 15 June 2011 83

While most of you cool cats are listening to podcasts and your carefully tailored playlists as you undertake the morning commute it appears some rioters persist with the quaint early 1900s tradition of listening to the radio.

But a lot of people were interested when we broke the news that Mix 106’s Cam and Lisa were being bundled out of the building.

Today the station has sent in this statement on a replacement:

Radio listeners in the ACT will wake up to a fresh start in the morning from Monday July 4th with the newly formed breakfast show ‘Pete & Biggzy for Breakfast’ on-air from 6am to 9am.

Pete Curulli is already well known by Canberra radio audiences since his on-air debut on MIX 106.3 in mid-2010 in the Drive-time slot, and more recently covering the vacant Breakfast shift. Carla ‘Biggzy’ Bignasca will be familiar to some listeners from her time co-hosting the Hot 30 Countdown and on the screen as a regular contributor to Channel 7’s Morning Show, Channel Nine’s Morning’s with Kerri-Anne Kennerley and 20-to-1. More recently Biggzy has been working behind the scenes producing both radio and television.

Canberra FM Radio Program Director, Drew Chapman says, “It’s always very exciting bringing a new on-air partnership to life but this time it’s all the more thrilling as we get to welcome back to the airwaves such a vibrant and switched-on personality as Biggzy.”

Eoghan O’Byrne, Canberra FM Radio General Manager adds, “Longtime and loyal listeners to MIX 106.3 will be pleased to know that the station will retain its live and local focus through the new Breakfast Show and will continue to appeal to families and carry on to act for the grass roots of the wider ACT community.” O’Byrne also says, “We will continue to serve Canberra as we are already famous for doing, but with a newly reinvigorated and fresh approach.”

‘Pete & Biggzy for Breakfast’ will air weekdays between 6am and 9am from Monday July 4th on MIX 106.3 Canberra.

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83 Responses to Pete & Biggzy for Breakfast replaces Cam and Lisa on Mix 106
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dibs dibs 8:19 pm 15 Nov 11

In my 4 years living in Canberra I ahve despaired of ever finding a breakfast radio program that I could really enjoy
Scotty and Nige = 2 norty boys playing in the sanbox
Cam and Lisa = boring and banal
Pete and Bigsy = droll and fake and boring

Mix 106 could take a leaf out of NX FM’s Steve and Kim – these 2 had me roaring with laughter most mornings – seriously good fun and not at all pretentious….

LSWCHP LSWCHP 8:35 pm 08 Nov 11

I’m one of the old time radio listening brigade, and my car radio hasn’t moved from ABC News Radio since I discovered it a couple of years ago. Marius, Glen et al provide the most intelligent and occasionally dryly ironic news commentary that there is to be had.

And listening to Penny Wong calmly (always calmly) slice wotsername Nash, deputy leader of the Country party…excuse me…the National party… into tiny strips of bleeding meat recently was a true delight.

Off topic I know, but if there weren’t a few minor barriers (I’m a bloke, she’s a lesbian, I’m married, so’s she etc) I reckon I’d propose to Penny Wong.

creative_canberran creative_canberran 7:12 pm 08 Nov 11

Best part of 5 years, different hosts, and yet mornings are still taken up with the secret sound. It’s literally the headline attraction of their show. Bigzy’s endless boring chatter sure hasn’t done anything to improve things. Not sure changing co-hosts will either, they seem to just be picking blokes of increasing dishevelment. They’re not the worst, and I’m not expecting some NPR style discussion on Wittgenstein but “Joe & Bigzy: an even more inbred way to start your day” isn’t going to make me tune in either.

fabforty fabforty 7:00 pm 08 Nov 11

JessP said :

So Pete and Biggzy are no more….now its (drum roll please……)


That didnt last long? Saying that I like Joe….

I think they got rid of the wrong half. I gave them a go, but after suffering through one too many stories about her boyfriend, I turned off.

matt31221 matt31221 6:16 pm 08 Nov 11

Jeez, Pete & Bitgzy have GOT to be better than anything played on 1206 2cc radio. I stopped listening to them after they kept going on about the carbon tax and how it is the end of Australia, 5 months ago. Gave them another chance today – Blah blah blah carbon tax, blah blah blah Juliar Gillard carbon tax, blah blah drink Illy coffee blah blah carbon tax, Abott save us etc. Shut the FU about the carbon tax already – how do 2cc even stay affloat, do they actually have any listeners left?? Maybe it is the Sunday gardening show that sustains them (no politics and right wing BS just gardening tips).

JessP JessP 5:37 pm 08 Nov 11

So Pete and Biggzy are no more….now its (drum roll please……)


That didnt last long? Saying that I like Joe….

Peewee Slasher Peewee Slasher 2:23 pm 15 Jul 11

You could bloody grind steel with Bigsy’s voice. What was she said on her promo “I’m opininated”
No s*** Sherlock! Pete’s good, but she has to go.

Classified Classified 10:33 am 15 Jul 11

Mr Gillespie said :

Biggzy looks sooooooo hot in that pic though! *mwah!*

Yep, she’s not bad for an old duck.

Mr Gillespie Mr Gillespie 10:20 am 15 Jul 11

All breakfast radio (apart perhaps from the ABC) sux.

Biggzy looks sooooooo hot in that pic though! *mwah!*

BigDave BigDave 9:16 am 15 Jul 11

Well, had a listen and wasn’t impressed. More of the same childish banter and stupid gimmicks that I can’t believe anyone would appreciate first thing in the morning. Might aswell have the other two back and that’s saying something. Won’t be bothering again.

Reprobate Reprobate 4:31 pm 06 Jul 11

Thanks for the new lineup MIX, after waking up with 106 for the past 10+ years and giving the new lineup a try, I have now found the justification to relace by bedside clock radio with a digital Radio so I can wake up to My Canberra Digital instead.

The program now sounds more like 104 than 104 does (probably fair enough given these two are younger than Scotty and Nige) – even down to the new traffic report and news intro themes. Dumb comments, pointless stings, retarded playlist, and worst of all the Biggsy Files – in fairness I shouldn’t comment about that segment as I’ve been switching over in the car for good as soon as I hear that drivel about celebrity nobodies.

Way to alienate your core audience guys!

EvanJames EvanJames 3:41 pm 06 Jul 11

I caught a bit of this this morning before switching over. The bloke exclaimed “RIDICULOUS!” at everything. Fair dinkum, he said it at least 5 times in about 2 minutes. So I went back to Scotty and Nige being rude about something.

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 2:17 pm 06 Jul 11

It’s no ABC News Radio Breakfast With Glen Bartholomew, Debbie Spillane & Marius Benson.

And that traffic guy that gives the traffic report for all capital cities, even though some of them have never needed it. Yeah, Canberra’s okay again at 6:30. Canberra’s always okay at 6:30.

JessP JessP 2:03 pm 06 Jul 11

6matt9 said:

And I’m not sure what was happening but there seemed to be a lot of echo or reverb on her voice. They were speaking with the Chief Minister this morning and every time Biggzy spoke it sounded like she was in an empty room and her voice was bouncing all over the place. It was very off putting.

I am hearing the same reverb-y thing. Sounds like she is in a tin can or something. Interesting question….is she even in Canberra yet or is she in another studio in Sydney, Melbourne or such and just phoning it in? Could explain why its a bit clunky at times.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:57 am 06 Jul 11

pierce said :

Serious question – how much of the music is chosen by you guys and how much is on a playlist from head office?

Are you able to play Canberra artists?

That would be a good way to combat global warming, because – as we all know – commercial radio will support original local music when hell freezes over.

damien haas damien haas 11:21 am 06 Jul 11

The person who reads out the traffic speaks so quickly i suspect its prerecorded and artifically sped up. if thats the case please modify the software to ‘legibly spoken’.

blowers blowers 11:05 am 06 Jul 11

Sorry Pete, I listened every morning this week and the show is a big Yawn from me.

Nothing new and exciting. Same old format that has proven to have no entertainment value.

I did give it a try and had expectations that you both would liven up the airways but so far no good.

I’m happy to give it another go if I knew things had changed. ie you both need to lighten up and sound like you are enjoying your mornings. Tell a few jokes, take the mickey out of someone, be daring and bold..

Back to the MP3 player for a bit i guess. hmmmm

pierce pierce 4:03 pm 04 Jul 11

Serious question – how much of the music is chosen by you guys and how much is on a playlist from head office?

Are you able to play Canberra artists?

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 3:50 pm 04 Jul 11

…and someone with good photoshop skilz could easily take that pic and make it worthy of You Porn or Red Tube…

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 3:47 pm 04 Jul 11

Meh, I don’t listen to breakfast radio. My days start much better by driving to work with Children of Bodom at ear splitting levels.
However, I was at the local IGA getting some breakfast this morning and heard the $1000 give-away and I was impressed that they used some judgement and gave it away anyway because the caller did such a good job and only got an answer a little bit wrong. So good on em, I say.
And I agree that is a big pain in the arse when announcers constantly remind you who you are listening too although I imagine that is a directive from above.
I used to listen to Triple J although their new morning announcers are woeful. And, since the new work car has the delightfully retro 6 stacker CD I am rediscovering old classics…

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