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Petrol prices soar

By johnboy - 17 January 2009 35

The ABC is concerned about skyrocketing petrol prices in Canberra for no obvious reason.

    The NRMA says Canberra is the only capital city to have experienced a 20-cent per litre price rise at the petrol pump.

    Prices at the bowser in the capital jumped to around $1.15 per litre on Thursday.”

Petrol companies being arseholes is nothing new, but why pick on just us?

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35 Responses to
Petrol prices soar
A Noisy Noise Annoys 9:59 am 18 Jan 09

Let’s hope the price comes back down as soon as Oz Day is over.

harvyk1 8:29 am 18 Jan 09

It was about $1.15 in Perth last Wednesday \ Thursday as well, and $1.15 in Melbourne on Friday. I should know, I drove past servos in both Perth and Melbourne on those days.

farnarkler 1:38 am 18 Jan 09
farnarkler 1:22 am 18 Jan 09

If people are that up in arms about fuel prices why not form a private equity company and buy an independent petrol station so then you, the owners, can set a decent price.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:11 pm 17 Jan 09

FFS, this has been done to death. Petrol companies discount petrol early in the week to get people into servos so they can make their profit (which is on chips, drinks and other overpriced crap sold by the servo shop). The prices return to level later in the week. Most of the time, servos themselves make 1-2 cents per litre, so your small suburban servo that sells 3000 litres on a good day only makes $30-60 on their petrol sold!

I used to work in a servo many years ago, but the cycle was the same. Two things never ceased to amaze me:
1) Thursday evening was busy as hell, every week, even though that was when prices were definitely up; and
2) Every second or third person who bought petrol also bought items in store. It wasn’t uncommon for those items to add up to $15 (or more if a packet of smokes was included).

FWIW, I paid 92.9cpl to fill the small car this week. I only juice the V8 every 3-4 weeks, and always on a Tuesday night.

lemaChet 9:00 pm 17 Jan 09

the ABC are wankers then. Here in Melbourne, it went from 97.5cpl near me, to 117.5

Jazz 6:56 pm 17 Jan 09

Having just driven to tamworth I can say that the price is pretty consistently $1.15 at every petrol station between Canberra and tamworth.

bubzie 6:11 pm 17 Jan 09

Ok..Monday 19th, normal day.
Monday 26th, public holiday.

there, sorted! 🙂

A Tadpole Drinking 5:42 pm 17 Jan 09

No, next Monday we will be going to work, however, on Monday week we will be having the Australia Day holiday.

Madman 5:18 pm 17 Jan 09

Jivrashia said :

Is there a long weekend coming up!

No, but this Thursday was pay day. During AM price was 95c/l or less. By PM it had shot up to 115c/l. That’s hyper inflation at its best.

I don’t know what planet you guys are living on but there is a public holiday next Monday for Australia Day.

Jivrashia 5:15 pm 17 Jan 09

Is there a long weekend coming up!

No, but this Thursday was pay day. During AM price was 95c/l or less. By PM it had shot up to 115c/l. That’s hyper inflation at its best.

“There is absolutely no justification for a rise like that, in fact, crude oil is still going down and we should have seen price declines not price rises.”

Of course there is (justification). It’s capitalism at its best, or in the more common word “greed”. But I wish they’d stop pretending that it follows the Singaporean oil price. Just charge as much as you want. The Australian Government will probably make some noise in order to appear to be doing something, and the Australian people will grin, bleed, and bear it as usual.

Now, off to buy more shares in oil companies…

Pandy 4:45 pm 17 Jan 09

Still 94cents around these parts.

Tempestas 3:40 pm 17 Jan 09

Is there a long weekend coming up!

Maybe with the return of public servants they can be a bit more opportunistic.

toriness 3:38 pm 17 Jan 09

why can’t the ACCC do something about this?? collusion if they’re all doing it? anyone know what the prices are at queanbeyan?

Pesty 3:16 pm 17 Jan 09

Tell me about it, an extra $5 to fill up is just a joke, this too when oil prices are dropping!

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