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Petrol Pricing In Canberra – AGAIN!

By Manny - 1 February 2007 38

Why is it that Petrol has gone up again, I was travelling around Fyshwick on Tuesday and noticed it to be 105.9, then on my way home from work at Mobil Erindale it was 105.9, however, today on my way to work Mobil Erindale is 117.9, whats the story, I thought it was getting cheaper, and its not even Public Service Payday!!!

Petrol pricing is shocking and I think it should be stopped this putting the price down on Tuesday’s and then ripping us off a further 10cents on Thursday through to Sunday. Its wrong!!

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Petrol Pricing In Canberra – AGAIN!
Ralph 2:19 pm 01 Feb 07

Regulate the price, if you don’t mind the odd fuel shortage here and there.

Mr_Shab 2:04 pm 01 Feb 07

“dodgy oligopolies are hardly a free market.”


“weekly price setting probably would lead to slightly higher prices in the long term, but mostly the upset over the prices is psychological.”

So why muck with it for the sake of righteous indignation? People will still be appalled that they are paying $1.20 a litre this week when they were only paying $1.05 last week (and demand that the ACCC do something about it).

Manny – fair enough; but there are ways of paying less for petrol, the simplest of which is to fill up on Tuesday or Wednesday.

As dragging the stuff out of the ground gets more expensive prices are going to continue to rise faster than the CPI. No amount of regulation (no matter how canny) is going to stop that.

Manny 1:56 pm 01 Feb 07

I have to use a car, as I have children that are too young to use a bus, I need to drop them off in the morning, and the bus service in canberra is crap anyway!

johnboy 1:49 pm 01 Feb 07

dodgy oligopolies are hardly a free market.

weekly price setting probably would lead to slightly higher prices in the long term, but mostly the upset over the prices is psychological.

Mr_Shab 1:43 pm 01 Feb 07

Golly johnboy – government regulation? Bit pinko, init 😉

All you economists out there can poo-poo this idea; but I reckon regulating a single weekly price setting point for petrol would have the oil companies speculating the prices up (to mitigate risk), leading to everyone pay more overall.

Regardless – Mutley & S4anta are right. Fill up on a Tuesday, and you’ll do better. Either that, or respond to the market like I and an increasing number of people seem to be doing, and sell your car.

terubo 1:27 pm 01 Feb 07

S**t! Tuesday is the one day they don’t let me out of the lunatic asylum.

Ralph 1:23 pm 01 Feb 07


Ozhair 1:21 pm 01 Feb 07

Oil prices actually took a jump in the last couple of days, up several dollars a barrel. As usual, the oil companies pass the price rises on to us the instant they happen. Pity they don’t do the same when the oil price goes down.

S4anta 1:21 pm 01 Feb 07

Porblem is that oil is dictated by global demand, via the futures market. That puppy will never be stable

johnboy 1:20 pm 01 Feb 07

I dunno, in most other retail businesses you expect some price stability.

If someone advertises a price one day I reasonably expect that price to be maintained two days later.

Nothing drastic but if they were forced to set prices weekly I don’t think you’d banjo the market, but I do think we’d have happier people.

Mr_Shab 1:15 pm 01 Feb 07

We live in a free market economy, so as such petrol prices are controlled by what the market is prepared to pay for… *snore*

Go whinge on Today Tonight or get over it.

Mr Evil 1:13 pm 01 Feb 07

Catch a bus or ride a bike.

S4anta 12:55 pm 01 Feb 07

buy petrol monday to wednesday. problem solved.

mutley 12:55 pm 01 Feb 07

So fill up on Tuesdays. Not rocket science, is it?

VYBerlinaV8_now with 12:52 pm 01 Feb 07

I paid 99.9 (with voucher) at the Jerrabomberra Woolies servo on Tuesday evening. The pricing cycle is obvious. Use it where you can.

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